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Linen tips and guidelines from Linen Cellar Vintages ~ Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse~

• These guidelines have been collected from Linen Ladies who love their vintage linens.

• The best care for vintage linens is: Gently, gently, gently! More soaking less agitation.

• Linens should be washed in warm water and gentle detergent with a final cold rinse.

How to wash colored clothes in washing machine Delicate cycle.

• Antique linens and the embroidery may not be color fast. How to brighten white clothes Check first.

• Stain removal: Oxy Clean: in a cup 2 tbsp pour in boiling water to create foam. How to wash clothes at home without a washer The active foaming removes stains. How to wash tie dye shirts vinegar Pour on stain, wait a few minutes then soak in a small tub of water with 2 tbsp more of dissolved Oxy. How to wash dark colored clothes Soak one hour. How to whiten yellowed clothes without bleach Rinse twice. How to wash a silk dress by hand Stubborn stains may need soaking for longer.

• Stain removal: On whites- Lemon juice on spot for five to ten minutes. Should you wash baby clothes before wearing Rinse thoroughly.

• Lay linen on lawn on sunny day. What happens when you wash clothes in hot water Spots will sometimes completely fade away!

• Bleach may be used which brightens the linens. How to remove red wine stains from white carpet For antique linens: use sparingly then rinse well. Should i wash white clothes in hot or cold water Soaking Whites an hour in detergent & a bit of bleach will help remove stains and then a gentle wash. How to remove armpit stains from white t shirts Repeated gentle washing sometimes helps lighten stubborn stains with gentle agitation.

• The Clorox Bleach ‘Pen’ is great for bleaching small spots on whites. How to wash clothes with hands Rinse well.

• Careful! Stain removers and rubbing will destroy your vintage linens. How long does it take to wash and dry clothes Sheer & Antique fabrics such as lace should Not be washed. What water do you wash dark clothes in It will speed up deterioration. Do u wash white clothes in hot or cold water Soak, no agitation.

• A good rust remover is Whink. What happens if you wash white clothes in cold water Wonderful to remove tiny rust specks. How soon to wash baby clothes before birth Rinse well.

• There are several methods to remove odors: Try putting in the freezer for several hours. How to wash white cotton t shirts Or outside in winter. What soap do you use to hand wash clothes Baking soda to cloth, roll and wait several hours then wash. How to wash light up shirts Rinse in ? cup vinegar with water.

• Embroidered and crocheted linens need extra gentle care. Washing clothes in cold water kill germs Launder on gentle cycle only or hand wash. How to wash clothes without fading them Gentleness will maintain the delicate embroidery stitches. How to remove red wine stains from clothing when dry Iron by pressing or gently stretch the damp fabric for a smooth finish. Proper way to wash clothes Lace doilies; lay flat to dry. How to wash coloured clothes which are losing colour Gently stretch to block into shape. Black clothes laundry detergent No softener. How to wash clothes manually Iron damp, gently stretch to shape and press.

• Linens with Fringe or Tassels: Hand wash only and do not agitate. How important is it to wash new baby clothes Lay flat to avoid tangles.

• Fabric softeners are not recommended. How to clean sweaty gym clothes It decreases absorbency and makes the fabric limp. What do you need to wash clothes Your linens will be crisp without it. Can you wash warm clothes in cold water Linen fragrant sprays are available in some stores to add a delicate fresh scent.

• If you want crisp linens just use half the recommended amount of starch and no softeners. How to hand wash clothes in college Moths love starch so do not store starched linens away.

• Remove linens promptly from the wash and gently shake out to help minimize wrinkles before hanging or ironing. How to wash polo t shirts No time to iron? Fold them and put them in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator. How to whiten white clothes with bleach This prevents mold. How do you wash your clothes in space Don’t forget them or mold will appear after a day or so.

• Iron when damp to get a good crisp pressing. How to clean white clothes stained pink The dryer will set wrinkles and make it more difficult to get them out. How to wash and dry clothes without shrinking Avoid pulling to stretch it.

• When storing linens for a long period time, occasionally refold them different ways as to not break down the fibers on the folds or roll them around paper towel cylinders.

• The Woolite is great for brightening fabrics with a soak. How to wash clothes in hard water Also the website has very good guidelines.

Hand Crocheted doilies or Table Runners are made up of a multiple of stitches either thick and heavy or fine and delicate as in lace. How to dry dress pants The following tips refer mainly to medium to heavy thickness of thread or yarn. Are you supposed to wash white clothes in hot water Delicate crocheted & fine lace requires extra gentle care.

Ironing with no steam but have the doilies still a bit damp. How to wash colored clothes with bleach Gently run the iron over lightly while gently stretching to shape the doily. How long does it take to dry clean clothes Done properly you can maintain the original size or increase it a bit. How to wash white clothes by hand Press with the iron and only slow sliding movements with the iron so as to not catch or tear the stitches. What does washing clothes in hot water do When sliding the iron forward keep the nose up just a touch so as not to catch a stitch with the front tip. How to wash clothes after bed bugs Backward movement may catch on the back of the iron and pull the threads. Best way to wash white clothes without bleach Press down on the iron while gently stretching the doily. How to wash used baby clothes If still a bit damp just lay them out and let dry. How to wash clothes quickly Your doilies will be bright and crisp!

Repairs: Repair any broken stitches by using matching colored regular thread and a sewing needle. How to wash dress shirts Tie the yarn back together and the break will be barely noticeable. How to hand wash laundry Hide the loose end by weaving it through the original stitches.

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