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Washing your road or mountain bike after riding can be a pain. My cleaning lady It’s important to do it regularly though, to keep it in good working order, make components last longer and save you money. Cleaning maid cartoon Let’s look at how to clean your bike quickly.

Cleaning your bike regularly helps prevent build-up of dirt and grease that would otherwise chew through your moving mechanical parts – especially your drive train. How much should you tip your cleaning lady for christmas Washing your bike after riding in muddy or wet conditions is even more important. How to hire a cleaning lady Check out our step-by-step guide below, with video.

How to clean your bike quickly What you’ll need to wash your bike

If you’re in a real hurry following a wet ride, you can just spray your drivetrain with water-displacing lube to purge water from your chain and avoid rustiness before a thorough wash. How to prepare for a cleaning lady 1. How much to tip cleaning lady nyc Clean the chain

Clean the chain with a chain cleaning tool and degreaser to remove old oil:

Use a chain cleaning device along with degreaser to remove built up grime, mud and oil from the chain. Hotel cleaning lady crossword clue If you don’t have a chain cleaning tool, aerosol degreaser and a brush will work with a bit of extra effort.

If there’s loads of oily grime on the cassette and jockey wheels, use degreaser and scrub these before continuing. How much does a maid cost in canada 2. Another word for maid Clean the discs (if you have them)

Use aerosol degreaser with a paper towel to wipe down disc rotors:

If you have disc brakes, now’s a good time to spray some degreaser onto paper towels and give them a wipe down to remove any drivetrain grease. How much does a maid cost in dubai 3. Cleaning lady cartoon pictures Wet your bike and spray on some bike wash

Spray the whole bike with bike cleaning fluid as per product’s instructions:

Wet the bike with a hose or a bucket and sponge. Cleaning lady pictures clip art If you’re using a pressure washer, be sure to stay well back to avoid ruining your bearings. Cleaning lady meme Spray the whole bike with bike wash and leave it to settle according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Cleaning lady 4 4. Tip cleaning lady etiquette Brush it down

Agitate mud with a brush to loosen it from the frame and components:

Start at the top of your bike and agitate any remaining muck from the bike with brushes. Flylady cleaning supplies Pay special attention to moving parts such as gears and brakes. Do you tip the cleaning lady 5. How to clean like a cleaning lady Rinse it all off

Rinse the bike with fresh water, then check to make sure you’ve shifted all the grime off the bike, brushing again before rinsing where necessary. Cleaning lady cartoon images 6. How much to tip housekeeper at christmas Buff up your bike

Buff with ptfe spray or silicone bike polish to give a lustrous shine:

Use a leather chamois to soak up excess water then shine up the bike’s frame with PTFE spray or silicone bike polish, being sure to avoid braking surfaces like rims and disc brake rotors. Lady cleaning inside of car Buff your bike with a paper towel or soft cloth. Cartoon cleaning lady This will also help prevent mud sticking when next out riding. How much do you tip housekeeping at a hotel 7. How much to tip cleaning service at christmas Lube the chain

Finally lube the chain by holding the bottle and steadily dripping it onto the chain while turning the pedals backwards. Cleaning lady advertisement Wipe off any excess, and spray any steel components with PTFE lube, again avoiding braking surfaces.

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