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When we moved into our new house one of the things I was most excited about were the granite counter tops. When to start washing baby clothes Just like when the Hubs and I picked out the hardwood flooring, the granite was something we both immediately fell in love with; it was an easy decision. Wash white clothes in cold water If you have granite counter tops you know they can be “dirty” without even being able to see it. Wash baby clothes before first use I say dirty meaning little crumbs and sticky stuff everywhere.

How to remove red wine stains from carpet with salt So here’s how I keep my granite looking shiny and clean the easy way.

It’s a tip I a picked up from the project manager when we were building the house. How to wash cotton t shirts ArmorAll! Yes, ArmorAll! I know it’s for your car and sure there are plenty of granite cleaners, polishes, whatevers you can buy but they get expensive. Washing clothes that have gasoline on them And, I didn’t find them to be all that effective in keeping the sticky stuff under control the way I’d hoped for.

When I decided to try this outside-the-box trick I was very pleasantly surprised! And, it’s as wasy as 1,2,3.

1. Can you wash white clothes with bleach Start by cleaning them with a little warm soapy water and dry them off completely.

2. How to remove red wine stains from clothes Spray the ArmorAll on to a microfiber cloth (not directly on the granite) wiping a thin coat all over the entire counter.

3. How to wash greasy clothes Take a second microfiber cloth and wipe the ArmourAll off. Best way to wash white t shirts Wipe over again with the same clean cloth until there all shined up.

That’s it! Boom! 1,2 3. When should i wash baby clothes You’re done. Is it best to wash white clothes in hot water It’s super easy and cost effective but most importantly, it works! It keeps them shiny and slick. Soft cotton yarn for baby washcloths ?? I do this once a week and it works like a charm. How to clean dry clean clothes at home It makes it so much easier to keep them clean on a daily basis. How to hand wash wool pants Try it, you’ll like it. How to wash towels with baking soda and vinegar Do you have any go-to cleaning tips for granite or anything else for that matter? I’d love to hear.

As an experienced house and office cleaner of over 30 years – DON’T!!!!

To keep your granite pristine, all you need to do is use a CLEAN cloth which has been wet with hot water, dribbled with dish liquid and rinsed until it’s no longer super soapy, then wrung out well. How to wash white clothes with baking soda Wash, wipe, or scrub your countertops with this. How to hand wash clothes in the sink One step process, no need to rinse or dry. How to wash clothes with liquid detergent Then, 2 times a year, you should seal your countertops using a sealer recommended by a granite place (NOT Home Depot or Lowe’s). Do you wash white clothes in cold water That’s it Easy and the best way to take care of your countertops. How to wash wool dress pants I have clients who have had granite for 25 years and this simple method has kept their counters like new.

I make my own granite cleaner. What do you wash baby clothes in In a 32 ounce spray bottle I put 1/4 cup of isopropyl alcohol, add water to fill and then add a few drops of blue Dawn dish washing detergent. How to whiten white shirts without bleach Shake. How do you wash black clothes Spray and wipe. Do you have to wash new baby clothes I use it on a daily basis to clean debris left from food prep and to sanitize granite countertops.

The very best thing to use is Dawn Dish Soap. Can you wash clothes without laundry detergent It is PH neutral which is good for granite and almost every area of the home. Do you wash baby clothes before use All other cleaners may etch stone or granite.

Here’s how you do it, First dilute Dawn soap in a glass of water. How do i wash white clothes with bleach Use a “blue” non scratching Scotch- Brite sponge. How to wash white clothes and keep them white Spread the soapy water everywhere across the granite with the sponge, and then just simply wipe it off with a cloth or microfiber towel and there you go, shiny and safe granite tops.

I “accidentally” found out that baby oil on granite made them look a richer more beautiful color that pulled out the darker shades and highlighted the lighter areas. How to hand wash clothes with woolite So.. How to wash exercise clothes I covered the granite in the bathroom all over with the baby oil and let it soak in for two days. How to wash your own clothes Then I buffed it off with a soft white cloth. How to wash cashmere sweater in washing machine Now they are impervious to water, perfume and make-up and they have such a beautiful color to them. How to wash black clothes without fading Accidents can be fun sometimes.

Folks I install granite. How do dry cleaners wash clothes Never use harsh chemicals. Soft baby washcloths No acidics! No asetone, bleach, ammonias, never windex either. How do you wash colored clothes It will strip your sealer and cause spilt liquids and substances to seap into your stone. How to wash dark color clothes Always remember granite is a natural stone and is poures.

I agree, I would not want to use Armor All or Pledge on my kitchen counters where it could come into contact with food, no matter how good it makes them look. How to wash white clothes in washing machine with bleach A microfiber cloth with warm soapy water should get them clean. How to wash clothes in a whirlpool washer I follow up with Clorox Anywhere sanitizer spray.

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