How to sell your kids clothes, gear, toys and more for cash

Bring your freshly-cleaned kids’ apparel, toys, equipment, and more to Kid to Kid during buying hours (check your local store’s hours here). How to wash multi colored clothes To increase the amount you will be offered, prepare your items using tips from the Earn more cash page.

Buyers choose which items to buy based on style, condition, and inventory needs. How to wash shirts by hand We look for items in like-new condition and current style.

How do i clean my washing machine Kid to Kid software prices the items and determines your payment. Black spots on clothes from washing machine This process typically takes 20-30 minutes, but since this can vary throughout the day, you will receive a wait-time estimate up front.

Once you receive an offer for the items we’ve selected, collect your cash or get paid 20% more than our cash offer by choosing store credit. Consider donating any leftover items to a local charity with no extra effort.

Individual stores may vary in buy policies, as well as their inclination toward certain items or brands, so consider calling ahead or checking out the store site before bringing your items.

Buyers give an estimated buy time based on how many items you have and how busy the store is. How to wash hunting clothes scent free Normally the buy time ranges from 20-30 minutes, but when a store is busy or buyers are working on multiple purchases, the process can take 60+ minutes. Best way to hand wash clothes For the most accurate estimation, we suggest you call ahead.

If it’s your first time selling to Kid to Kid, please plan to wait in the store through the entire process so we can answer your questions and be sure you understand your options. How to dry clean clothes at home in hindi If you have sold to Kid to Kid before and would like to donate any items we are not able to purchase, you are not required to wait in the store for your items to be appraised. How to clean white clothes without bleach However, if you would like to have any unbought items returned to you, please plan to stay 5-10 minutes to allow us to quickly sort through them and return anything we would not be able to purchase to you before you leave.

No they do not. Dry clean hand wash clothes Our stores are individually owned and operated and may have different store hours and buying policies. What temperature do you wash dark clothes in Please check with the store nearest you ( Find a store) for details on how to buy.

Each store arranges for distribution to one or more charities in their community. Color clothes wash hot or cold Most also have a charity account for customers who decide to make a cash donation to charity. Your donated items will always benefit a charity.

Child safety is very important to us. How to get clean clothes in washing machine We carefully screen products for safety and check for recalls. How to wash clothes correctly We do not buy or sell recalled products, and can often help you obtain recall kits to make your products safe.

Most items may be sold back to Kid to Kid if they are still in great condition, meet current safety standards, and fit the store’s needs. Best time to wash clothes in ontario (Car seats are only sold in select stores, as our stores are individually owners and operated. How to clean upholstery with baking soda To find out if your Kid to Kid buys car seats, please check their policies by searching for your store here.)

In some cases, store inventory or location may affect whether or not your items are purchased. How to wash the white clothes In others, the items may not be fit for selling to Kid to Kid. Should i wash newborn clothes before wearing Asking the buyer to explain why a certain item was not purchased may be a good way to judge if taking your item to another store will be worth your time.

Store credit can be used for up to three years. What cycle do you wash white clothes on After that point, your account is subject to a monthly maintenance fee, as allowed by law. How to whiten stained white clothes If you are concerned about your store credit expiring, call the store that is holding the credit account and ask them any question you may have. Black fabric dye washing machine Find store contact information on the Find a store page.

The Items we buy page includes some of the most common items we buy. How to hand wash dry clean only clothes If you’d like to sell an unlisted item that you think our customers would love, you are welcome to bring it in. How to clean white converse with laundry detergent If it’s a big item, call in advance to speak with a buyer about your item.

Our pricing software guides us as to what we should offer for specific items. How to clean pet stains with baking soda It proposes an amount that will benefit the family selling to us, by giving as much compensation for the items as possible, while maintaining a price point that allows other families to get the financial break they need on the quality items we provide. Washing baby clothes with baking soda There is never any obligation associated with our offers. How to wash tie dye shirts after dying We do what we can to keep our concept a win-win-win for all parties involved.

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