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How To Take Care Of Brand New Bed Sheets ~ Are you wondering how to take care of brand new bed sheets? Thanks for stopping by and I am sure you will find this information very helpful!

I recently bought a new set of sheets for our bed. How to wash clothes with vinegar They are Egyptian Cotton 750 thread count sheets so it was a bit of a financial splurge. Should i wash baby clothes before delivery But my husband and recently I got some money from his parents for our wedding anniversary and the one set of sheets we were using was beginning to get a little threadbare and ripped at one of the corners. Washing your clothes by hand I bought the sheets at Home Sense one of my favourite places to shop, which is the Canadian affiliate of the U.S. When to start washing newborn clothes company Marshalls.

When my husband and I were first married we received a lot of lovely linens including sheets and towels as wedding gifts.

What temperature of water do you wash white clothes in Also at that time we didn’t have a lot of money just starting out so our washing machine and dryer had the three basic hot, warm and cold settings. Wash dry clean clothes at home I also have to admit I knew how to operate the appliances but I really didn’t know how important temperatures were when washing new fabric items. How to dry clean clothes at home using petrol I just threw the new sheets and towels into the hot water and hot dryer and what came out were slightly shrunken sheets and wonky looking towels because the cotton weave had been affected by the too warm temperatures. How to wash satin tablecloths The Solution:

I now pre-wash every new linen item whether it is new sheets, towels, tea towels and dishcloths. How to clean white clothes in washer It is also really important to take extra care when washing new sheets because mattresses are now made with new coil technology and have quite a significant depth so you want to make sure the fitted sheet fits nicely around the corners. Do you wash new baby clothes before wearing Although, I always read the fabric content and cleaning instruction labels on every new item that I buy, I don’t always precisely follow the recommendations because I feel more confident with my system. Best way to whiten white clothes without bleach Here Is How To Take Care Of Brand New Bed Sheets

Step 1: Take them out of the packaging and pre-wash them in a cold water using a short cycle with just a tablespoon of detergent. How to clean satin tablecloths I don’t add fabric softener because it just adds extra chemicals to the fabric.

Step 2: Even though the instructions say to put them in the dryer on a low temperature I always hang dry mine over a shower curtain rod in the bathroom or outdoors on a clothesline.

I follow these steps the next three or four times whenever I wash the new sheets. What do you use to wash clothes This system does take extra time and but it is so worth it to preserve the investment of buying quality sheets.

By the way, I didn’t iron the sheets as the label instructions recommended because I have never iron sheets and don’t plan on starting now with this set. How do you wash dry clean only clothes at home I just smoothed them out with my hands and they look just fine for sleeping in.

This past summer I helped my daughter make a move from her fully furnished apartment that she lived in for six months when she first arrived in Brisbane, Australia to a condo with friends while she is studying medical school. She had to purchase her bedroom furniture as well as the bedding that included a mattress cover, four pillows, sheet set, duvet, duvet cover, pillow shams, throw cushions and an extra quilt cover for cold nights.

Before using anything we pre-washed in cold water and hung dried the mattress cover, sheet set, duvet cover and pillow shams. How to clean your couch with baking soda I think she did an amazing job creating a comfy and beautiful ‘bedscape’ on a tight budget as a medical student and will keep it looking this way for a long time. How long to wash clothes in washing machine You can read about how we set up her university student room here at The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Apple Tree.

Now that you have prepared your brand new bed sheets you will also want to know how to fold them when they are not in use. What to wash baby clothes in australia I have come up with a very doable easy method that I share in this tutorial titled simply How To Fold Sheets.

You will also want to see how I store the extra bed sheet sets here in My Very Organized Linen Closet!

I always appreciate your comments and I would love to find out any tips you might have for taking care of your brand new bed sheets!

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I never thought to pre-wash and line dry my sheets in a certain way, but anything to extend their life works for me! Very interesting…

Your daughter’s bed looks like those in a magazine. How to clean black fabric car seats Beautiful!

And I can’t wait to read how you fold and store sheets. Black clothes wash temperature It’s the very bane of my closet’s existence!

Thanks for stopping by Joan and your comments! I try to share lessons that I wish someone had taught me even if it is something simple as taking care of bed sheets. How to wash clothes using detergent I will tell my daughter that you thought her bed looks like it came out of a magazine. How to dry clean clothes at home without a kit She will be thrilled because she is on such a tight budget. Should you wash your clothes in hot or cold water Let me know what you think of the sheet folding post. Do you wash baby clothes before birth It will be posted early next week. Lint on black clothes washing machine Take Care, Thea

This is really interesting to me. Colored clothes wash in what temperature I have always just immediately used the dryer! I think this is an excellent idea. Can you wash black and colored clothes together In fact, you have me thinking of the old clothes line we used to have in our backyard. How to clean stinky workout clothes It was a wonderful old thing that we took out years ago. How to clean couch cushions with baking soda It may be time, in today’s energy crisis, for me to consider putting one back in! I’m serious. How to wash clothes in washing machine without detergent I could easily enjoy that year round in our climate! In the meantime, I have other options! Your daughter’s “bedscape” (love that word) is really beautiful! Can you come over? ??

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