How to whiten teeth at home – the best chemical free way!

I’m always looking for the best way to get nice white teeth without using harsh chemicals. How to wash greasy clothes In fact, I looked up so many natural ways to do it…. Best way to wash white t shirts I found everything from what the Ancient Romans used, goat milk and urine, to strawberries mixed with baking soda! I don’t think you want to try the first way and the second was found not to work very well, so I’ll tell you what works the best for me, coconut oil and baking soda.

When I was in college, I used to use whitening strips a few times a year to get my teeth really white. When should i wash baby clothes Over 100 million Americans spend money each year on tooth whitening products, but there is an easier, cheaper, and safer way to achieve a white smile.

Even though, I have to admit, the strips did work great, I was always concerned about the harm it was doing to my teeth and body by using the chemically derived whitening strips.

So over the years, I stopped using them and I began experimenting with natural ways to keep my teeth white. Is it best to wash white clothes in hot water After I found out about the health benefits of oil pulling, I soon noticed the wonderful added benefit of whiter teeth from doing it every day! At the same time, I was only using baking soda to brush my teeth and one day when I looked at my pictures I noticed my teeth looked noticeably whiter.

Using both coconut oil and baking soda gave me the great results I wanted! All it involves is oil pulling with coconut oil and brushing with baking soda! Not only is this combination great for whitening your teeth, but also for keeping them white! Are chemical whitening strips harmful?

Most chemical tooth whiteners contain ingredients such as coal tar, aluminum and benzene. Soft cotton yarn for baby washcloths The scary part is that these chemicals can be absorbed into your body or even accidentally ingested while using them to whiten your teeth.

I remember that I always hated it when I used the white strips and a little of the ‘gel whitener’ would leak from the strip. How to clean dry clean clothes at home I didn’t want to swallow for the full 30 minutes I had it on!

Studies have found that roughly 25 percent of tooth whitener chemicals are swallowed. How to hand wash wool pants Yikes!

Also of concern is that the chemical whiteners can cause pain, hot/cold sensitivity, chemical burns to the gums, irritation, and increased tooth sensitivity.

Here is how to whiten your teeth at home with no chemicals in just two steps…… What you need:

Do oil pulling for 20 to 30 minutes. How to wash towels with baking soda and vinegar If you’re not familiar with oil pulling, all you need to do is take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for at least 20 minutes. How to wash white clothes with baking soda While it’s in your mouth you swish and pull the oil between your teeth. How to hand wash clothes in the sink When time is up, spit it out and rinse your mouth with water. How to wash clothes with liquid detergent Read more in my oil pulling post. Do you wash white clothes in cold water Step 2

After you oil pull, rinse your mouth with water. How to wash wool dress pants Then, use your toothbrush to gently brush your teeth with pure baking soda. What do you wash baby clothes in I usually put a little baking soda in my hand and dip my wet toothbrush in the baking soda, so it sticks well. How to whiten white shirts without bleach How does it work:

Many say that their teeth look whiter just after doing oil pulling one time, so when this is combined with the baking soda, you know you’ll get great results!

Oil pulling can help remove plaque and tooth stain. How do you wash black clothes It is said to help get rid of plaque because of coconut oil’s high content of lauric acid which fights bacteria in your mouth. Do you have to wash new baby clothes Some also say it works because the lipids in coconut oil help dissolve fat and since plaque is fat-soluble, it helps get rid of the plaque.

So, when you combine the whitening benefits of oil pulling with baking soda, you get the best results. Can you wash clothes without laundry detergent Baking soda also helps remove plaque and stains. Do you wash baby clothes before use This is because brushing with baking soda gently helps remove surface stains on teeth as it is mildly abrasive. How do i wash white clothes with bleach How often Should you do it:

Do oil pulling 2 times a day, every day and brush with baking soda right after, 3 to 4 times a week to start, and decrease to once a week or once every two weeks after you’ve noticed a whiter smile.

I brush with baking soda after oil pulling once a week or so, just to keep my teeth white. How to wash white clothes and keep them white How White Will Your Teeth Get?

My teeth were noticeably whiter after just one time of oil pulling and immediately brushing with baking soda after. How to hand wash clothes with woolite After a few weeks my teeth were definitely shades whiter. How to wash exercise clothes And the best part is they’ve remained pretty white! Even despite the fact that I often drink tea.

I would say my teeth are a really good white shade, but they’re not ridiculously super bright white, like I used to make them with the toxic stripes.

Would love to hear your results if you’ve tried oil pulling or baking soda together.

I tried oil pulling for a while. How to wash your own clothes I really didn’t notice much difference of anything, except my teeth color. How to wash cashmere sweater in washing machine Leave it to MY body, but my teeth did the exact opposite of everyone else — they got more yellow. How to wash black clothes without fading I have no idea why. How do dry cleaners wash clothes I thought maybe if I did it long enough that maybe some it pulled up the yellow, it might then pull it out and get rid of it. Soft baby washcloths Didn’t happen. How do you wash colored clothes Boo!! And then I had to use the strips to get them white again. How to wash dark color clothes I’m interested in baking soda as a follow up, and would consider trying that again, esp since I’m in a round of using the whitestrips up. How to wash white clothes in washing machine with bleach Soooo, yeah….

I have made a mix of coconut oil and baking soda in a small jar with lid and I have added YL essential oils that are beneficial for oral health – cloves/thieves/lavender/peppermint – I only use what are ingestable safe essential oils (Young Living’s). How to wash clothes in a whirlpool washer I soften the coconut oil to fill approx 2/3 of the 2oz jar then add baking soda (I use Bob’s Red Mill) until the jar is almost full leaving a gap to allow the toothbrush to fit in- then stir it well, then put lid on and shake it well until it’s blended. How do i wash clothes in a washing machine Now I add my essential oils to taste (add a few drop and dip your pinky in to taste AFTER you shake the oils all to blend in – this is what I used in my last batch 20drops Thieves, 5drops each of Cloves & Lavender, 2drops Peppermint- then once it’s all blended I place it on an angle (leaving a space so my brush will slide in the jar) in the freezer to harden before it can separate. How to wash clothes without laundry detergent This is my everyday toothpaste _THEN to whiten even more after getting my brush wet sliding it in the toothpaste I then dip it in turmeric (put in a small container) and brush – BEWARE the turmeric will stain clothes so lean over the sink and be careful when brushing. How to wash dark clothes in a washing machine Even though turmeric turns things yellow it whitens teeth and is also good for oral health. How to wash clothes without a washer and dryer I use turmeric daily for 3-4 days and then whenever I wish. Black clothes wash My mouth/teeth feel the cleanest ever when I use turmeric (and brush you tongue every time you brush your teeth – I do that before rinsing my mouth) ENJOY?! <3

ADDED NOTE: once the mix is hardened I leave it in my bathroom cabinet – if it gets above 70F in the house it softens so you can use it soft or refrigerate it – mine hasn’t separated again but if it does just shake it to blend and chill it. How to wash silk clothes at home It doesn’t take long to harden in the freezer (30+ min. How to clean car upholstery with baking soda approx.)

i found it very usefull what u wrote… nd m gonna follow the same.. How to whiten white clothes without using bleach thanks for sharing… will let u guyz know the result !

what is that thing to add flavour in the paste and does this paste effects the gums in anyway and if dnt do u have any home remedy for making the gums healthy and pink?

Yes! I want to do a post on it probably next month. Can i wash newborn clothes with regular detergent I have 4 pretty deep acne scars on my cheeks..I’m not sure if they’re considered ice pick or box car scars and then quite a few smaller scars on my cheeks too. When to wash clothes in cold water I really want to try to improve them. How do you wash dark clothes I have done research on the dermaroller and if you search in pubmed for “microneedling and acne scars” you’ll find studies on it. How to properly wash baby clothes They have before and after pics too and the results are absolutely amazing!! I tried it last September and October with no results..but just found out I have a high cortisol problem so it inhibits collagen formation. Best time to wash clothes to save energy After I get my cortisol issue resolved I’ll be starting the dermarolling again at home. How do i clean my washing machine front loader Right now, I am massaging my acne scars with my fingers and hempseed oil for 30 minutes day and night and have seen an improvement, especially in the more recent scars. Can i wash all my clothes together They’re not as deep anymore.

Also, you can mix lemon juice in with baking soda and make a paste to brush with. How to wash color run shirts Another great thing with lemon juice is, if you have a stain on anything white and bleach will not take it out, cover area with lemon juice and rub in well. How to wash baby clothes temperature Place the item in the sun and allow to dry. Should i wash white clothes in hot water The sun with lemon juice will fade the stain and it will disappear. How to clean top loading washing machine with baking soda I tried everything on a stain on an expensive white monogrammed shirt for my daughter that she had gotten rust on from helping her daddy with his truck. How to wash light and dark clothes together Normally I wouldn’t worry about a shirt like I did this one. Does washing your clothes in hot water shrink them Why she had on that shirt is beyond me, but that’s what you get when you leave an eight year old home with her daddy. What do you wash dark clothes in ?? The lemon juice and sun fixed the problem!! After sitting in the sun I washed the shirt as normal.

I use this only twice a week until the desired whiteness is achieved as the acid in lemon juice can cause sensitivity if used to often. Wash my clothes After the desired result is achieved I use only as a maintenance, maybe once every two weeks. Should i wash my clothes in hot or cold water As a daily tooth paste, I do the coconut oil and baking soda mix. Do you need to wash baby clothes before use I have a dental check up twice a year and I have never had a cavity and my dentist said I have strong enamel. How to wash pima cotton t shirts He contributes the oral health to practicing good oral hygiene.

I actually do oil pulling for 20 minutes, then I brush my teeth with baking soda/coconut oil. How to dry clean silk at home The oil pulling Takes out the bacteria, then the oil/soda combination makes my mouth feel like I just came from the dentist.

My dentist & hygienist wanted me to come in every 3 months for cleaning. Can you wash white clothes in hot water I started doing the pulling/brushing regimen & nothing more was said about cleaning more often.

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