I need money now! 25 ways i can earn cash in the next hour

Life happens, and sometimes that means you’re short on cash when you need it most. My cleaning lady What can you do when your wallet is empty, your credit cards are maxed out and your checking account is empty, but you think to yourself, “I need money right now ”? Work your way through this list of 25 ways to make money in the next hour .

In addition to things I can do when I need money now, I’ve included ways to quickly borrow money and cash in on things around the house, plus a few tricks to get friends to help out while helping them .

There is just one rule: Each method must make it possible to put cash in your hands in the next 60 minutes.

Every minute counts, so let’s get started.

Cleaning maid cartoon 1. How much should you tip your cleaning lady for christmas Sell Your Gold and Silver

You can turn your silver and gold coins and jewelry into cash very quickly. How to hire a cleaning lady As suggested in my previous post on selling your gold and silver , avoid places that advertise constantly. How to prepare for a cleaning lady They typically offer the lowest prices, plus mailing in your items will take much longer than an hour. How much to tip cleaning lady nyc Try a local coin shop first. Hotel cleaning lady crossword clue 2. How much does a maid cost in canada Do a Quick Job for Family or Friends

Your family or friends want to help out, right? So find something you can do for them in the next hour, for a fair wage. Another word for maid For example, offer to rake the yard or clean their windows for $20. How much does a maid cost in dubai 3. Cleaning lady cartoon pictures Use TaskRabbit

If friends and family turn you down, see what you can find on TaskRabbit . Cleaning lady pictures clip art Someone near you might need a ride to the doctor right now, or want you to check in on their pets.

(Want to learn the secrets of the most successful Taskers? Check out this post .) 4. Cleaning lady meme Presell Your Labor

Maybe friends and family don’t need anything done right this moment, but they may need your babysitting or garage-cleaning services in the future .

Use your computer to make a certificate good for an hour of your labor, and print out a dozen copies. Cleaning lady 4 Sell as many as you can for $10 or $15 each, or whatever you can get. Tip cleaning lady etiquette 5. Flylady cleaning supplies Find Your Lost and Hidden Cash

In a previous post I reported on cash and valuables hidden in your home , but that was about what others have left behind. Do you tip the cleaning lady You might have your own forgotten stashes. How to clean like a cleaning lady For example, my wife recently found a $20 bill under the insole of her shoe. Cleaning lady cartoon images She had put it there for security while traveling overseas.

Look through your dresser drawers, files, clothing and anywhere else you might have put away some cash for emergencies. How much to tip housekeeper at christmas While you’re at it, dig through your couch cushions and car glove box to gather up any loose change that might be hiding. Lady cleaning inside of car 6. Cartoon cleaning lady Flip a Freebie

Selling Craigslist freebies is another great way to make a profit, since you get the items for free. How much do you tip housekeeping at a hotel To accomplish this in an hour, go to the free section on Craigslist and look for things that are close to you and easily sold immediately . How much to tip cleaning service at christmas Generally, these will be things you can sell at a pawnshop or metal items you can sell, which brings us to the next item on the list… 7. Cleaning lady advertisement Sell Scrap Metal

I rounded up all the scrap metal in my garage the other day and took it to a recycling place a mile from my home. Sadie the cleaning lady mp3 My bundle of wire, bags of soda cans and a few old aluminum window frames netted me only $13.60, but I had to do something with that junk anyhow.

Copper and aluminum are the most valuable metals you’re likely to find. Tipping cleaning lady Collect and sell your family and friends’ scrap metal too, perhaps offering to give them half of what you get. How to prepare for cleaning lady 8. How much does a cleaning lady make per hour Sell Your Clothes

Some secondhand clothing stores pay cash for “gently used” clothes. Should you tip your cleaning lady For example, check online to see if there is a Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange near you. Tip for cleaning lady at christmas Brand names usually fetch the most cash. How much should a cleaning lady charge per hour 9. Other words for cleaning lady Sell Gift Cards

You can sell your unused gift cards online , but you won’t get the cash in the next hour. Do i tip the cleaning lady To sell your cards quickly, you need to turn to friends and family again. How much is a cleaning lady per hour If the cards are for stores where they typically shop, they might be happy to buy a $50 card for say, $40. Mexican cleaning lady names 10. Sadie the cleaning lady lyrics Sell Your Neighbors’ Junk

I sold a junk-picked table for $50 last year, and cashed in on a few other items retrieved from a dumpster. How much does a cleaning lady cost But it looks like I could be doing even better — this guy makes a six-figure income dumpster diving .

Look for items you can quickly sell at a pawnshop, recycling center or used furniture store. Sadie the cleaning lady chords 11. Holiday tip for cleaning lady Return Your Purchases

Have you bought anything in the last couple of months that you haven’t yet used? If you still have the receipt, you can probably get a refund. Cleaning lady gift certificate Return policies vary, but some stores are pretty generous. Free printable house cleaning checklist for maid For example, Walmart’s refund policy allows up to 90 days for most items, and 15 days for electronics. How much do you tip cleaning lady at christmas 12. Office cleaning lady job description Return Soda Cans for the Deposit

If you’re in one of the 10 states with bottle bills , you can return empty cans and bottles to the store for the deposit refund. How much does it cost to hire a cleaning service I once made $1,500 collecting soda cans at work , although it took months, and I lived in Michigan, where the deposit is 10 cents each (in other states it’s typically 5 cents).

To maximize your take and get it done quickly , gather up your own empties, and then stop at the homes of family and friends for “donations” on your way to the store. How much do you pay cleaning lady 13. Lady cleaning house Make a Bet

I figure a few readers will be sitting in a pub saying, “I need money now,” while reading this post on their smartphones. The mexican maid from family guy If that happens to include you, check out my previous post on sneaky bar bets you’re sure to win . Cleaning lady ad You could have a small pile of cash in front of you in the next few minutes. How much should i tip my cleaning lady at christmas 14. How much to pay a cleaning lady per hour Sell Your Furniture

My wife and I learned how to buy and sell used furniture when furnishing our home in Colorado. Cleaning lady kimberly We sold on consignment, which takes time, but some used furniture stores pay cash for good tables, couches and other items. Cleaning lady costume Sell a few things you really don’t need, and while you’re at it, see what your friends want to dispose of, which brings us to… 15. Cleaning lady or housekeeper Sell Things Belonging to Others

If you’re already on your way to the pawnshop or used furniture store to sell your own items, why not see if friends or family members want to get rid of anything?

Take their stuff along, and after you get an offer on the items, call them to see if they’ll sell to you for less, so you can pocket the difference. How much do cleaning ladies make an hour Otherwise, return their things. Lady walker cleaning 16. Cleaning lady videos Collect Debts

If anyone owes you money, pick up that phone and collect. How do you say cleaning lady in spanish If necessary, you can motivate your debtors to pay now by giving them a discount. Seinfeld cleaning lady Sometimes getting $40 now is better than waiting to get $50. Molly maid house cleaning tips 17. Do i tip my cleaning lady Sell Books

The Penny Hoarder has covered selling used textbooks online , but to get that cash in an hour, you need to find local buyers. How much do cleaning ladies make If you have textbooks, try the closest college bookstore or throw a quick ad on Craigslist.

For other used books, you’ll need to look for bookstores that pay cash. Flylady cleaning zones For example, see if you have a Hastings store near you. How much does a cleaning lady charge per hour The store buys for cash (although it pays more if you take store credit). British maids cleaning services adelaide 17. Old cleaning lady picture Sell Videos and CDs

Most pawnshops will buy your CDs and DVDs, although they will pick and choose which ones they’ll take, and they won’t pay much. Famous cleaning lady Expect to get a dollar or less for each one — so you’ll want to combine this strategy with a couple of others. The cleaning lady simpsonville sc But hey, every dollar counts! 19. Cleaning lady stories Get an Advance From Your Boss

Will your boss give you a cash advance on your paycheck? Probably not, but you won’t know until you ask. Hotel cleaning lady My friend recently convinced his boss to advance him $1,000 and then pay back $200 from each of his next five paychecks. How much do you pay a cleaning lady per hour It isn’t common, but it happens. Cleaning lady holiday tip 20. Cleaning lady synonym Get a Credit Card Cash Advance

If you haven’t already tapped them out, you can tap into your credit cards for cash. Animated cleaning lady For the best rates, dig out any of those 0% convenience checks you may have received in the mail and cash them at the bank. What does a cleaning lady do You’ll still pay a 3-4% fee, but $30 or $40 to borrow $1,000 for a few months is cheaper than some of these other last-resort options. Tip cleaning lady home 21. Average cleaning lady cost Try Busking

Maybe you’ve ruled out or used the first 20 ways to make money in an hour, and you still need more cash. How much do you tip a cleaning lady What can you do? Get out that guitar or those juggling balls.

Street performing, also called “busking,” can quickly produce a nice pile of currency if you’re in the right location. Cleaning lady images What if you have no performance skills? Put on that outfit you wore for Halloween, and see my post on how to make money dressing up in a funny costume . How much does a maid cost 22. Sadie the cleaning lady original Borrow From Friends and Family

Your friends and family still want to help you out right? And you’ve always repaid your loans from them on time, right? Great!

Offer to pay interest if one of them will lend you what you need (and the rate will be better than our last few options). Girl cleaning clipart Just make sure to put your agreement in writing . Average cleaning lady rates 23. British maid cleaning adelaide Pawn Something

If you don’t want to sell anything, but have some things of value you can part with for a while, you can always pawn them and get them back later. Cleaning lady jokes Be aware though, that pawnshops charge interest of 3-25% per month , so this is not a cheap way to borrow. Thank you note for cleaning lady 24. The cleaning lady hates me Get a Payday Loan

In absolute terms, you won’t pay that much for a short-term payday loan. Cartoon girl cleaning A $100 loan might have a fee of $15 for two weeks. How to find a cleaning lady But as the FTC warns , that’s an annual rate of interest of 390%! If at all possible, try other options before relying on these loans, and don’t roll them over very often. Cleaning lady images free 25. Crazy cleaning lady Cash in Part of Your IRA

This strategy works quickly only if it’s a weekday and your individual retirement account is at a local bank. Cleaning lady gif Of course, if you take money out of your account, you’ll have to pay the taxes due and a penalty when you file your tax return, so use this as a last resort.

Your Turn: Can you add to the list? What’s the fastest way you can think of to make money?

Steve Gillman is the author of “101 Weird Ways to Make Money” and creator of EveryWayToMakeMoney.com. Tip for cleaning lady He’s been a repo-man, walking stick carver, search engine evaluator, house flipper, tram driver, process server, mock juror, and roulette croupier, but of more than 100 ways he has made money, writing is his favorite (so far).

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