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Advancing the science of washing OPERATING MANUAL USE ONLY GENUINE IFB SPARES & ACCESSORIES * Company shall not be responsible for defects arising due to usage of spurious parts and accessories…

CONTENTS KNOW YOUR MACHINE INSTALLATION Pre Installation Unpacking Setting Up Water Inlet Water Outlet Electrical Connection USING YOUR MACHINE Control Panel Automatic Detergent Dispenser Tray Selector Buttons Programme Selector Knob Programme Selection Programme Selection Chart OPERATION Sorting of Garments Loading the Machine Detergent to be used and Quantity Treatment of Stains Wash Load Guide…


PRE-INSTALLATION 1. How do you wash clothes with bleach Make sure there is a 16 amp. How to clean shirt collar in washing machine 3-pin electrical point preferably with a 16 amp. Does washing clothes in hot water shrink fuse, within 1 meter of the machine. How to wash clothes in automatic washing machine Make sure it has proper earthing. How to wash black clothes without lint 2. How to clean white clothes with vinegar Fixed plumbing is recommended for the machine. How to wash clothes for newborn baby machine has a collar with3/4”parallel internal threads.

• Page 6: Setting Up, Water Inlet, Water Outlet, Electrical Connection

SETTING UP SETTING UP 1. Wash dark clothes in cold water MAKE SURE THAT THE MACHINE RESTS ON ALL FOUR FEET ON A LEVEL SURFACE.Adjustable screws are provided at the bottom to allow levelling. How to clean washing machine filter 2. Wash white shirt with colors Loosen securing nut. How to wash cotton shirts without wrinkles Adjust the screw to change level. How to wash lacoste polo shirts Tighten securing nut to ensure that screw is locked into place.

CONTROL PANEL Let’s take a look at the control panel and understand the working of each of its features. How to wash baby clothes first time Each feature serves a specific purpose in the complete operation of the machine.

• Page 8: Automatic Detergent Dispenser Tray, Selector Buttons

AUTOMATIC DETERGENT DISPENSER TRAY Designed for automatic dispensing of detergent. Do you need to wash new clothes before wearing them The Detergent Dispenser Tray should be filled with detergent before the start of a programme. How to keep white dress shirt collars clean Normal-wash chamber: (Marked-I),to be filled with – detergent during every wash programme. How to properly wash your clothes Do not fill detergent in other chambers.

PROGRAMME SELECTOR KNOB To select the right programme as per the fabric being washed and extent of soilage. How to wash your clothes in the shower A choice of 10 programmes is available to wash different kinds/loads of clothes. How to wash clothes with detergent Programme selection should be done before the machine is switched ON. How to wash laundry properly THE STARTING POINT OF PROGRAMME NEEDS TO BE SELECTED BY SHIFTING THE PROGRAMME SELECTOR KNOB ADJACENT TO PRINTED LETTERS.

STAGE II : Rinse After washing, the rinsing is done automatically four times to remove traces of detergent and dirt from clothes. How to clean smelly workout clothes For most efficient rinsing two intermittent short spins are provided. What temperature should i wash baby clothes STAGE III : Intense spin Dry Spin drying takes place at 600 rpm for longer duration. What should i wash white clothes on 2.Easy Care Programme To be used for easy care fabrics like polyester blends or predominantly having such fabric in mixed load.

• Page 11: Operation, Sorting Of Garments, Loading The Machine

OPERATION SORTING OF GARMENTS Machine to be used for machine washable fabrics only (Look for wash symbols given on your garments.) Non-fast coloured should be washed with like colours only .Wash whites separately from colours. Do i really need to wash baby clothes before wearing Check the pockets for any loose articles like coins, keys, keychains etc.

• Page 13: Detergent To Be Used And Quantity, Treatment Of Stains

DETERGENT TO BE USED AND QUANTITY The best results will be achieved using correct amount of washing machine detergent. Wash my clothes service Approximate quantities to be used: Full load i.e. When should you start washing baby clothes 5 kgs Half Load i.e. How do you wash tie dye shirts the first time 2.5 kg and below Liquid detergents can be used. How to wash soiled clothes Hard water and heavily soiled clothes require more than the recommended quantity of detergents.

• Page 16: Programme Run, Switching Off The Machine, Check Points

PROGRAMME RUN Note: During the programme run the knob turns automatically in the clockwise direction only. Wash white clothes with what temperature water Washing, rinsing and spinning can be seen through the porthole window. How to wash red and white clothes At any moment the position of the knob with respect to its start position shows how far the programme has advanced.

FLUFF FILTER Open door flap by pressing on the right hand. How to wash red clothes Place shallow container under the tray to collect water that comes out. How to wash dress pants Turn Fluff Filter cover anti-clockwise drain water into container and take out filter MAINTENANCE Clean filter under running water Replace filter and screw on tightly to avoid leakage of water ENSURE THAT THE FLUFF FILTER IS…

• Page 18: Sieves, Frost Protection, Draining During Emergencies

DRUM Rust Stains Never leave metal items e.g. How to whiten white clothes with lemon paper clips, safety pins etc. Do you wash baby clothes separately in the drum as there is a danger of rusting. Best time to do laundry to save electricity If there are any rust stains remove with a non-chlorine agent. What to wash white clothes on Special non-metal sponges (never use steel wool) may also be used. How to clean shirt without washing SIEVES Cleaning of Water Connection Sieves, filter Turn off Taps.

FAULT DIAGNOSIS WHY DOES IT HAPPEN? WATER DOES NOT ENTER MACHINE/DETERGENT NOT BEING FLUSHED INTO DRUM. White clothes wash cycle Check water supply Porthole door not firmly closed Water tap not turned on Bent inlet hose Sieve on inlet valve clogged SUDS ESCAPING FROM DETERGENT DISPENSER TRAY. How to wash lululemon shirts Detergent used is not a washing machine detergent Excessive detergent used WATER LEAKAGE FROM THE MACHINE.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. How to clean gym equipment with what solution Ensure that the machine is properly balanced on four adjustable feet. How do you whiten white clothes 2. How to wash clothes in lg automatic washing machine Ensure that the machine is connected to 3 pin socket with earth and 16 amps fuse. Should you wash new baby clothes before using them 3. How to wash black clothes to keep from fading The machine is tested with water during assembly for performance checking.

Dimensions(DxWxH) Weight Capacity Programmes Selector Buttons Motor Rating Spin Speed Heater Rating Drum Temperature Selection Drain Pump Rating Water Consumption Power Consumption Cotton Wash Programme : Connected Load Programme Duration Power supply Water Pressure Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. When should i wash baby clothes before delivery *Capacity depends on size, texture and combination of clothes Depending on water pressure, Water hardness, Water inlet Temperature, Quantity and type of textile, Detergents used, Degree of soiling, Ambient condition, selected…

MODEL : ELENA DEALER’S NAME : CUSTOMER’S NAME : ADDRESS : PIN CODE : TEL. How to manually wash clothes NO. How to hand wash your clothes (Resi.) E-MAIL : MOTOR SR. When can you start washing baby clothes in regular detergent NO. How do you wash clothes : DATE OF PURCHASE : MODEL : ELENA DEALER’S NAME : CUSTOMER’S NAME : ADDRESS : PIN CODE : TEL.

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