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i had abortion last may 09 i had a very little spotting for 12 days and after that i began bleeding like a normal period does.. How much does a cleaning lady cost in toronto im worried because i had been bleeding for 2 weeks straight now with clots.. Cleaning lady funny is this normal or im worried that i had an incomplete abortion.. Pink ladies cleaning service great falls mt i mean tissues remaining in my uterus.. Average cleaning lady salary pls help …carifairy what do u think???

DID you go back for your follow up visit after the abortion? Bleeding is normal after an abortion, it is especially normal if you are active, or have a job that requires a lot of walking or standing. Cartoon cleaning lady image IF you had tissue left in your uterus you would have had infection symptoms, which you would have known if they happened. Cleaning lady amsterdam You should make an APPT for a follow up visit.

i have the same situation.

How to fire your cleaning lady I had an ab 2 weeks ago and i spotted for the first week and stopped the second week. Cleaning lady tip all of a sudden, i started bleeding like a period flow again yesterday. How much does a cleaning service cost per hour i called and talked to some doctors in the hospital and they all said it’s normal b/c your body is supposed to clean out the old stuff. Cleaning lady pics is it the case? could a period come earlier? i read online that we should bleed no longer than 2-3 weeks and bleeding should only get lighter and never heavier. Funny cleaning lady i’m very nervous and cried so much yesterday. Maid cleaning checklist pdf please help.

You are OKAY. Hotel housekeeping cleaning tips You will bleed more as you become more active after the abortion, because working and exercise stimulates your body and uterus. Another word for maid of honor To stop the bleeding, or lessen it, lay down with your feet propped up. Clipart cleaning lady Just chill out and do not move.

I had an abortion on August 9th, I bled for intermittently for about a month. How much to tip cleaning lady hotel then on Sept 4th i started bleeding heavier i assumed it was period. Cleaning lady pictures today is Sept 17th and i haven’t stop bleeding yet. Cleaning lady resume I have no pain, cramps etc. Cleaning lady funny pictures Its just frustrating because every time i think its slowing down or stopping it starts again. House cleaning list for maid in spanish How much longer will i bleed? and is this my period or just post-abortion bleeding?? please help, i have no one to talk to about this and its very frustrating…

I talked to a doctor and the doctor said you could normally bleed for 6 to 8 weeks because your body has to go back to its normal stage before you were pregnant your uterus is still sheading tissue and this cause you to bleed.

I had an abortion in May 2008. Flylady cleaning tips I am still bleeding till this day today. Lady genius cleaning I never stopped bleeding. Cleaning lady images cartoons Sometimes its really lite then very heavy, but always constant. Cleaning lady photos I have seen doctors, but havent got really a clear answer. How much to tip house cleaners christmas My doctor put me on depo shot to see if that would stop the bleeding but that didnt work either. Printable house cleaning checklist for maid What should I do now?

if u r still bleeding heavy then take tab. Cleaning lady names sylate T morning and night for 3 days if bleeding stops discontinue tablets, if further does not stop bleeding even after taking meddicine then go to hi tech lab. How much should you pay a cleaning lady and get it done test of Bets HCG test and if the test shows normal and bleeding persists u need to go to qualified gynaecologist for DMC therapy.

I had an abortion once myself, when i had it I was three months two weeks pregnant which was a very risky thing to do but I came out of it okay and my doctor had advised me to take some supplements to help build back my blood because I had lost a lot of it. Cleaning lady family guy meme After the abortion I have a lot of pain and bleed alot but it had stop and I feel fine now. Flylady weekly cleaning schedule I think normal after you have an abortion you period may be heavier because the body is adjusting to what had just happened, for instance your body was preparing itself for a baby which is no longer present, so it has to re -adjust. How much to pay a cleaning lady but there is no need to worry but if you are consult with a doctor.

i had an abortion last december 17 i bled for 3 days and then there’s little blood spots every now and that normal also just last week, i thought i had my normal period but it was the point that when i stand up, the blood would just rush and bleed down up to my legs i also feel uncomfortable in my abdominal area i really dont know what to do, my mom doesnt know this and well im the only one who knows, i took cytotec for it and it was only a month pregnancy still im worried, i cant see a doctor since my mom would know plus im scared of what other people will think of me i really need help

I just want to know why so many women are worried about bleeding weeks after an abortion. How much does a cleaning service charge per hour I had info given to me on paper and through a counselor before the procedure. How much to pay cleaning lady Bleeding after sex soon after an abortion is normal. How much does a cleaning lady make Orgasms cause contractions of the uterus. Cleaning lady clipart (not to mention the pressure from an inserted penis pushing you around inside). Cleaning lady 3 For heavy bleeding: If you soak 2 pads or more per hour for at least 2 hours, you have to get help. How much do cleaning services charge per room This is too much bleeding. How much to tip cleaning lady for the holiday Other than that, just keep plenty of pads. How much to pay cleaning lady per hour Try wearing overnights instead of regulars. How much does a maid cost per hour For cramping/ abdominal pain my doctor approved 800mg of IB profin for pain relief. Cleaning lady tumblr That’s usually 4 single pills (granted most pills are 200mg piece). How to find a good cleaning lady Don’t take another dose for another 6-8 hours. Cleaning lady christmas gift Don’t fear ladies, just make sure you take care of yourself and finish the antibiotics. Cleaning lady on family guy 🙂

everytime my partner and I have sex since I had an abortion 3 weeks ago I start heavily bleeding again – I understand that this is normal I just want to know when this will eventuallly stop and when it is going to be okay to have regular sex again? 🙂

i had abortion wen i was 13 weeks last june i had problems after has they left things in side still 2 this day im stil havein brown dark blood? every day and if i have sex il bleed seen my doc a few times but get no wer and its been nearly a year on

I’ve had this same problem, I had an abortion just over 2 weeks ago – I’m still bleeding now 17 days later, I have been to the doctors and the hospital and they’ve said it’s just your body getting back to normal…I wouldn’t worry about it unless you start getting bad cramps and extremely heavy bleeding.

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