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Since News Corp (the parent company of Fox News) has been in America, they have always catered to a market that was being overlooked. That is why we had, or still have, innovative television series such as “Married With Children,” “The Simpsons,” and “COPS.” These three shows alone paved the way for “Two and Half Men,” “Family Guy,” and pretty much any reality TV cop show on-air today.

These shows were designed to hit “Middle America,” who could not identify with upper middle class standards of NBC, ABC, and CBS networks of the world.

 The people in “Middle America” also tend to share the same views about religion and politics.

Rupert Murdoch, the owner and current CEO of Fox News, was brilliant at entertaining and creating news as entertainment; hence “A Current Affair” and now “TMZ.” Most other major networks tend to lean left, so that leaves a huge void for Fox News to fill. With Fox being the only news network exploring that relatively uncharted avenue, their ratings are extremely high and everything they do is polarized, while the other stations fight and bicker for the left leaning viewers. How much does a maid cost per week Therefore, Fox News has no competition for their demographic.

From a marketing standpoint, “Middle America” was, and is, a good market to go after, because it had not previously been addressed directly, and until the advent of Fox News, it wasn’t seen as appropriate to be blatantly biased. How much do you tip the cleaning lady at christmas Making news into “entertainment” is inexpensive, simple, and highly profitable. How much do you give cleaning lady for christmas Making your entertainment polarizing and divisive generates buzz in and of itself, intensifies loyalty of inclined viewers, and again, is that much more profitable (devoted eyeballs are more valuable to advertisers than more casual ones).

Many claim Fox News is a response to “liberal bias” in mainstream media. Flylady cleaning products The problem is that journalism has traditionally been understood to be “biased” in favor of the public and human good. How to be a cleaning lady As the political climate’s grown more and more polarized, this has been misread as “liberal.” The truth is that public and human good tend to be furthest from the agenda of the political right and closer to the left, so it’s become a case of guilt by association for the mainstream media. How much do cleaning ladies charge an hour There’s no such thing as “unbiased” news or media outlets and it’s foolish to claim or want that. How much should i tip my cleaning lady christmas There must be a “bias” because information has context and implications. Cleaning lady gets house Only robots and computers has the ability be unbiased, but they still aren’t because a human has to program them.

Thus, the real issue is not the presence of bias, but the compass which guides the bias. How much should you tip your cleaning lady Who or what is a given bias seeking to serve, benefit, protect, or profit? Who or what is it seeking to alienate, harm, or neglect? What are the short, mid, and long-term implications of said bias?

Fox News will always act as the counterweight to the left of center bias, which dominated the airways prior to their creation. Cleaning lady forced “Fair and balanced” refers to their assertion that their bias is fair, given that similar bias is the modus operandi of all the other networks. Cleaning maid costume Begrudgingly, they have a point. How to fire a cleaning lady If you really watch all the networks objectively, their bias is plain to see, and no less than Fox. Pictures of cleaning lady The bias in Fox is perhaps easier to spot, simply because they are the odd network out.

Frankly, though, I think all of the networks should be ashamed of themselves. Cleaning lady taxes Ethical journalism has gone out the window. Cleaning lady costume ideas We have replaced factual reporting with absurd analysis from stacked debate teams made up of lobbyists and have political extremists as anchors. Sadie cleaning lady Every story is followed by a judgmental quip from the Wolf Blitzer or Megan Kelly figurehead.

NBC, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, HLN, ABC, CBS, and their fellows in print have largely abandoned all ethics and principals in pursuit of the power to shape narratives for political purpose. How much do i pay a cleaning lady FOX is more open about their bias and happens to be biased in a different direction than the others, but they are all birds of a feather. The cleaning lady of northwest indiana I have contempt for each and every one of them, as well as for anyone who gives “their” biased sources a pass simply because it is in their favor. How much to tip maid service at home Long term, we all suffer from anything short of objective and factual reporting.

One also has to realize that people like Murdoch have very large influence over what the world perceives as fact. Printable maid cleaning checklist He is competing with other billionaires who have agendas of “fact” that they aim to push as well, and its all in the name of advertising. Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Warren Buffet of General Electric and the Washington Post, and Carlos Slim of the New York Times all possess global agendas.

Murdoch, as any billionaire trying to make it in this world, is playing his position, and if one is able to recognize that, then the transparency in his reason to support the Republican Party is all the more clear.

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