Little league president’s stabbing started with id fracas

For the past two weeks, I’ve been avidly reading the stories about the killing of Frank Navarro, the Eastridge Little League president who was knifed to death outside Tres Gringos bar in downtown San Jose a few minutes after midnight on Feb. Awesome music tattoos for guys 26.

Much as I honor his community service — Navarro was a kind and respected man — the story primarily excites the old police reporter in me. Most creative tattoos ever This was a case that featured a simple argument, a senseless death and a stretch of superb police work.

Navarro, a 35-year-old security manager, was stabbed a block away from the Mercury News offices on Second Street, in a building that once housed Desimone’s Bicycles, one of the oldest bicycle shops in the city. Most amazing tattoo ideas Years ago, I was a patron.

San Jose police have arrested five men and one woman, all apparently related: Robert Anthony Ruiz, 32; Aaron Vallejo, 24; Andrew “Santos’’ Trevino, 21; Joseph Esquivel, 27; Anthony Cervantes, 20; and Percella Esquivel, 25.

What is tragic about this case is that it began in such a mundane way. Awesome chest tattoo ideas Police say one of the defendants, Joseph Esquivel, approached Tres Gringos with his sister, Percella, and tried to get into the bar with the ID of his younger brother, Trevino.

The security guard at the door, who has not been identified, was not taken in by the phony ID. Awesome 3d tattoos pictures Joseph Esquivel was violating Tres Gringos’ policy against facial tattoos: Police say he used makeup to conceal the tattoo of a script over his left eyebrow.

Following the bar’s policy, the security guard confiscated the ID, which led to an argument. Most awesome tattoos Joseph and Percella Esquivel demanded that he give it back. Awesome chest tattoos When he refused, police say, they used their cellphones to summon family members.

Not long afterward, a red Buick pulled into the Fountain Alley parking lot north of Tres Gringos, did a U-turn, and parked facing Second Street. Awesome angel tattoos for guys Police say four men poured out of the car and threatened the security guard. Mens half sleeve tattoos designs One tried to go through his pockets, searching for the ID.

It was at this point that Navarro tried to intervene. Most awesome tattoos for guys Police say Santos Trevino, whose ID had been confiscated, then pulled out a pocketknife and stabbed Navarro in the neck and chest. Really cute tattoo ideas The Little League president was pronounced dead at Valley Medical Center a half-hour later.

In the first phase of great police work, Officer Bruce Barthelemy spotted the red Buick a mile away and gave chase when its driver refused to stop.

That led to the arrest of Ruiz and Vallejo 7 miles west, near Kiely Boulevard and Boynton Avenue. Awesome 3d tattoos Trevino was arrested four days later by a covert San Jose police detail in Rocklin, and the others were picked up in San Jose.

A few observers have questioned why the security guard did not simply return the ID and avoid the argument. Awesome simple tattoos for guys But a place like Tres Gringos can be fined by the state’s department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and endanger its license for letting in underage kids with phony IDs. Best female back tattoos That’s one reason the bar uses a sophisticated internet-connected system to scan IDs at the door.

“Say there’s an ID that isn’t them,’’ says the owner of Tres Gringos, Dave Powell. Back of neck tattoos quotes “ABC asks us to take the ID. Funny tattoo ideas for guys If we gave it back, they’re just going to use it somewhere else. Cool man tattoo designs If they claim, “That’s my ID,’’ we say, “Go find a San Jose police officer, and if they determine it’s yours, we’ll give it back.’’

But saying no to dangerous people is no one’s definition of an easy job, even if, like Navarro, you have 15 years of experience with downtown night clubs.

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“It hurts that it took this to happen for people to realize how much a pillar Frank was in the community,’’ Powell told me. First tattoos for guys “He would do anything for anybody and never expect anything in return.’’

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Andrew Leander Wilson, a broad smile on his face and no bitterness in his heart, clasped hands with his family on his first day of freedom Thursday after spending 32 years in prison for a murder he denied committing.

A new national report shows that the fiercest bidding on homes last month took place in the Bay Area. Cool small chest tattoos In San Jose, 63 percent of homes sold above list price, followed by 62.0 percent in San Francisco and 59.1 percent in Oakland.

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