Low temperature washing – does it work_

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My big old hard-working washing machine recently died and I had to buy a new one. Do you wash new baby clothes before wearing When the replacement arrived it looked small, slim and pitiful. Best way to whiten white clothes without bleach The programme selector is rigged in such a way that you can only adjust the spin speed down, higher temperature washes can go on for Over 3 Hours I am finding that the low temp washes are not cleaning clothes properly and have recently resorted to buying Dettol Laundry Cleanser which purports to kill 99.9% of bacteria ( No accident that this has come on the market at this time – I assume more to follow) Also as Dara O’ Briain asks, why can they not kill that last elusive 0.01% of bacteria.

I don’t care if it saves energy, I want clean clothes.

How to clean satin tablecloths I don’t care how little water it uses, have they seen how much rainfall we get in this country – we are talking Ireland here.

I use a 30 minute, 30 degree wash for lightweight items, and they’re fine. What do you use to wash clothes I sometimes use a 40 degree wash, for the same time, if they’re a little more soiled.

Like Chilla, towels and bedding get 60 degrees for just over an hour.

Mr Rosa’s work clothes get 60 degrees and a one-and-a-half hour wash, just make sure any oil and diesel are removed.

Teatowels and dishcloths get a 90 degree wash, but I can choose a short cycle which takes an hour.

We’ve got incredibly hard water so I use a water softener tablet with Fairy Non-biological powder.

I don’t have a problem with low temps..then non of our clothes get really dirty.my machine does a 15 min wash which is great for everyday things.Bedding and towels I do at40 with the occasional very hot wash.I had a machine that took forever sounds like yours Shellbe I give it to my S when he was setting up home

I have tried the low setting wash, am not happy with the result so have reverted back to the much longer one……. How do you wash dry clean only clothes at home I think the settings on some washing machines, are not quite right either……………..

Shelbee, I get clean clothes with the lower settings; the trouble is that the washing machine doesn’t get a chance to kill off the bacteria, and so every so often I notice a funny smell in the machine…cue a weekend of blisteringly, eco-unfriendly cycles to get rid of the bacteria! I couldn’t understand where the whiff was coming from; after all we all shower twice daily, change clothes daily and aren’t exactly grubby! Anyway, I found a website (can’t remember its name now) and they suggested a mega high wash with a powder detergent to get rid of the smell. How to clean your couch with baking soda It worked. How long to wash clothes in washing machine I can’t help thinking I might have saved myself the trouble by doing a high temp wash in the first place!

I think that the lower temperature short wash cycle is fine if your clothes are not too dirty, or you don’t want them to have too much rough and tumble in your machine.

With a cheaper washing machine that I had, I just used to use a thirty minute cold wash, but after a while, the rubber seal which goes around the opening gets a bit black in parts, and there is also a not so fresh smell, probably mould.

Since I have had my Samsung Bubble, I put all my white clothes or pales in at once, for an hour or so at 40 deg, same with dye fast coloureds – they go in together with my darker towels. What to wash baby clothes in australia If anything could be damaged by towels, such as blouses or delicates, or tights etc, they go in a net bag, and they are quite safe in there. How to clean black fabric car seats The coloureds that are deep dyed I wash by hand in cold water and rinse, then spin in my machine.

I have been so happy with my results using 40 deg. Black clothes wash temperature If everything is washed fairly regularly and you air your bathroom afterwards, if it is steamy, or use an Extractor fan when it is a bit colder. How to wash clothes using detergent Everything smells fresh, and OH has never had such perfectly clean socks or towels!

I would be worried about using 60 degrees. How to dry clean clothes at home without a kit You will find, if you look at the labels on your things, most of them if not all, advise 40 deg washes. Should you wash your clothes in hot or cold water Your towels would be perfectly hygenic, especially if you put them in the tumble dryer as many in England do. Do you wash baby clothes before birth Towels are cotton, and could easily shrink in 60 deg. Lint on black clothes washing machine C I know my winter sheets would!

If you continuously use the cold cycle, then your machine will need a run through with hot water and soap to clean it out from time to time, even then, getting rid of mould on the rubber seal is just about impossible, as I wouldn’t use bleach, but have tried everything else I can think of. Colored clothes wash in what temperature Best to save for a more expensive machine which has a good selection of wah programmes and times and can be altered so that you can have more or less spins, or half loads or higher temperatures than the programme says to give you the best choice. Can you wash black and colored clothes together My new machine is 100% better than my entry level one.

A cold water wash regularly, can also make the waste pipe get mouldy as well..

Seriously though, don’t have a problem using a cooler wash for lightly soiled clothes, plus a softener to make sure all the detergent has gone – can be quite allergic to some of the highly scented washing powders/gels/sachets. How to clean stinky workout clothes Do a 60 degree wash for whites (including towels) regularly which tends to keep the machine sweet. How to clean couch cushions with baking soda Wash coloured towels on 40 or 50 degrees depending on how dirty they are.

I bought a wm with a large drum. How to wash clothes in washing machine without detergent it washes king size duvets which is nice occaisionaly. Can i wash white clothes with color however its cycles take forever. Washing clothes with vinegar instead of detergent nearlyhours for a 60 wash. How to wash your clothes by hand it does a cold wash for 30 mins but i need to spin it dry again as that only does a slow spin. How to wash wool sweater at home As it washes lots of clothes at once i have lots to dry at once. How to clean canvas shoes with baking soda So weekends when i wash bedding on a hot wash and then dark clothes t 30 followed by a white and light colours at 30, Im overwhelmed by drying stuff. How to wash clothes without washing machine lots of tips on this threat though

There are certain items of clothing that you really want to be washing on a high temp. Is it better to wash clothes inside out wash –

I don’t like the newer machines that use very little water either-

I like to see LOTS of water sloshing around in the drum – doing its job properly.

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