Make your own miracle laundry whitening solution – one good thing by jillee

I’m one of those strange people who likes laundry. Dark spots on clothes from washing machine And one of the things I like most about it is the sense of accomplishment when something dirty comes out really clean. Temperature to wash white shirts I guess I also like the “challenge” aspect of it as well. Where can i wash my clothes near me Turning dirty, dingy, grimy and stained into white, bright, fresh and clean.

How to wash colored clothes with white Yep, I find that very appealing. Carters baby washcloths 🙂

So when I came across this “recipe” for whitening whites in the comments section of a post here on the blog, I knew I had to try it out. How to wash white shirt with black letters And I had the perfect test subject! A dingy pillowcase that I have washed time and time again, but had never really come out WHITE. How long to wash baby clothes in dreft For some reason I just KNEW there was a whiteness still lurking under the dinginess, I just needed the right formula to apply to it. What do you wash newborn clothes in This one seemed very promising.

After filling the washing machine on the hottest setting, I also dumped in a large-sized pot of water I had brought to a boil on the stove. How to wash t shirts without ruining the lettering I was looking for HOT HOT HOT water, just like Katie said.

Another thing to remember is to add the above ingredients to as small a load size as possible. What temperature do you wash black clothes You are looking for concentrated cleaning power, and the more water you have in the tub, the less concentrated it will be. Hand wash clothes in washing machine Shoot for just enough water to cover the article you’re washing.

Let soak for as long as you can stand it! 🙂 I managed to stay away from it for a couple of hours. How to wash laundry with bleach Overnight would be ideal, though.

Note: If you have a high efficiency or front-loading washing machine that doesn’t allow you to soak for an extended period of time, you can also put your item in a large pan of hot water on the stove to soak (if the item is small enough), or you could use a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with boiling hot water. How to clean wool pants Pretty much any large container you have could be used for soaking!

It’s not always easy to see how stained and/or dingy a white article is in a picture, so I cranked the contrast a bit to make it show up a little better. How to clean dress shirt collar stains As you can see, it was pretty bad.

But as you can ALSO see, after soaking in the whitening solution and hot water for a couple of hours….BIG DIFFERENCE! The stains are completely gone and the whitening solution actually managed to release the WHITE that was lurking within! And I call that a “miracle!” 🙂

I just used this on my husbands grundgy work shirts and they came out so bright and white! Thank you! I’ll be trying it on our pillows tomorrow 🙂

Do you think this recipe is safe to use on colours with a colour safe bleach?! I have some grundgy bed sheets that I would love to brighten up, but I don’t want to bleach the colour out of them.

How do you use this solution on a front loading machine though? There is no way we can fill it with water and add the solution to the dispenser drawer. Best time of day to do laundry to save energy I thank everyone in advance that has found a way to turn their whites white again and share their solution here with front loader owners.

Start by soaking in a bucket or your kitchen sink with really hot water and all of the cleaners. Best way to wash colored clothes Then transfer the load to your washing machine. How do you wash clothes without shrinking them It will still work really well!

Just a little worried about HOT, HOT, and clorox since some fabrics require cold water wash and no bleach. How to clean clothes without washer However, so tired of my whites having a yellow tinge after washing, will take the chance with this recipe. How to wash clothes that bleed Really hope this solves my problem.

If you want to get only hot water out of your eco-friendly washing machine, one trick I have learned is to turn off the cold water valve, so that you only get hot water running into your washing machine. What temperature wash white clothes I usually do this only when washing bedding or very stained garments. Do you wash all baby clothes before wearing I found it very annoying when manufacturers started deciding for me that I could no longer wash in hot water, but withe a little brain power discovered away around this.

Just to correct the record Bonnie, it is not manufacturers who are deciding for you. How to wash baby clothes with dreft They are complying with the lawyers unleashed by your government bureaucrats in order to avoid lawsuits and million dollar fines. Best way to wash baby clothes It is your Government that is dictating what you can and can’t do in the confines of your own home. How to wash baby clothes before birth Jest sayin” make sure to direct your anger at the appropriate culprits.

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