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President Henry B. Back of neck tattoos tumblr Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency, and Elder Jeffrey R. Most beautiful tattoo designs Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fielded questions from Mormon youth in a live Face to Face broadcast in upstate New York, Saturday, March 4, 2017.

The location is significant to Latter-day Saints who believe the Prophet Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, near his Palmyra farm home nearly two centuries ago.

“The Smith Farm is a really special place because it’s where Joseph Smith was when he received the First Vision,” said Natashia Neckles, a high school student in Rochester, New York. Cute female chest tattoos “[This area is] really special because it humanizes him for me because we see this home, and how humble it is, and how he had really humble beginnings, and it just makes it more real.”

The event was streamed live to a global audience in 12 languages and originated from the Joseph Smith Farm Welcome Center, where the apostles were joined by two youth moderators and about 60 Mormon teens from the area.

Latter-day Saint youth were encouraged to submit questions online or through social media to the apostles for the event. Nice tattoo ideas for guys Teens in England and South Africa also participated in the live broadcast. Awesome lower back tattoos In return, President Eyring and Elder Holland answered their questions — live.

A teen from Plymouth, England asked a question about what the term in Bible verse, James 1:5 “nothing wavering” means. Mens sleeve tattoo designs President Eyring said, “I think what it means has to do with not whether or not you are certain, but whether or not your faith in Jesus Christ is strong. Tattoo ideas for guys shoulder Let me ask in faith nothing wavering, I don’t mean that you have to always know that you’re going to get exactly what you ask for. Awesome upper back tattoos But you have to believe that Jesus is the Christ and never waver in that.”

Elder Holland fielded a question regarding listening to the Holy Ghost in a world full of distractions.

“I think so often we make prayer a kind of a laundry list of requests,” he said. Awesome mens sleeve tattoos “It’s sort of like we want to go to the store and get this and this and this and I need it right now and I want it in the bag and I’m on my way. Back of neck tattoos female And we fail to remember that He’s supposed to speak back to us. Best mens tattoos 2015 We need his voice we’ve got to provide an environment for him to speak to us and that means stay on your knees. Awesome angel wing tattoos Stay quiet stay in the private setting let it happen. Wrist tattoos for guys tumblr We often deny Him the chance to reply.”

President Eyring closed the broadcast with a challenge to the youth to “come to know for yourself that these things are true. Awesome arm tattoos for guys You can do this by following Joseph Smith’s example. Most amazing tattoos ever Study the scriptures. Awesome tattoos for girls Let the words sink deep into your heart. Cool small mens tattoos Reflect on them again and again. Awesome half sleeve tattoos for guys Then ask of God with a willingness to accept his guidance truly his will be done. Female full body tattoos tumblr … I cannot promise that your answers will come in a day or in a week but I can promise that God will speak to you in his own way and in his own time.”

The two apostles spoke about the unique experience of meeting youth face to face in such a setting as the historic Smith farm.

“It was one of the most wonderful experiences [to be] face to face with young people, and then hearing the questions that came from them, and feeling their hearts and their faith,” said President Eyring. Awesome tattoo designs for guys “It was extremely reassuring [in] two ways. Cool mens tattoos One is to know that I’m where Heavenly Father and the Savior appeared, and where the work began here in the last days, but also when I see the wonderful faith of the young people.”

President Eyring said he was strengthened to have the opportunity to talk about prayer with the youth.

“Prayer, just as it was for Joseph Smith, was the pivotal experience you see that allowed him to be what he could become,” President Eyring said. Awesome body tattoos “That’s also true for everybody.”

“To hear these two little moderators and these young people seated here, and knowing by extension there were thousands out around the world, hundreds of thousands, it really was a very gratifying experience,” said Elder Holland. Back of neck tattoos words “I was moved by it. Awesome back tattoos for guys It was tender. Awesome men tattoos I kind of fought back the tears a time or two, not for any particular moment, just looking at them and thinking of how good they are, and how much they’re trying to be what they ought to be. Awesome mens tattoos I was very proud of them.”

Elder Holland remembered the role models he had as a teenager, including some Church leaders. Cool tattoo ideas for guys “We all need people to lean on. Awesome foot tattoos And particularly young people,” he said. Awesome girl tattoo ideas “We need heroes and heroines. Awesome tattoos ideas for guys We need good examples. Amazing 3d leg tattoo We wanted to have them leave here believing that they could count on us.”

Youth who participated in the live event shared their thoughts on their relationship with God and being Mormon.

Matthew Paez is one of only three Mormons at his large high school. Best female foot tattoos “I see so many kids that have no purpose in life, have no understanding of life,” he said. Back of neck tattoos for females “And they think that they’re living life to the fullest and experiencing the world. Awesome music tattoos for guys But deep down they’re miserable. Most creative tattoos ever Having religion gives you peace, gives you comfort.”

Another teenager, Emmanuel Kombi, spoke of the importance of prayer (which is the Church’s 2017 youth theme).

“I think it’s important to pray because it’s important to talk to our Father, and He knows us,” he said. Most amazing tattoo ideas “And He will always talk to us. Awesome chest tattoo ideas Heavenly Father wants the best for His children, and He will provide.”

Emily Sine said prayer is important because it provides clarity in a world of many choices.

“I think it’s important to ask God for direction in your life because there’s so many confusing paths right now,” she said. Awesome 3d tattoos pictures “Especially with all the media and such. Most awesome tattoos I believe that there’s a plan for each of us, that God knows what’s best. Awesome chest tattoos And how can we know that? It’s such a big world. Awesome angel tattoos for guys And it’s so important that we get revelation from the person who knows us best.”

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