My washing machine isnt cleaning my clothes, even though i use lots of detergent. they still stink. advice_ _ yahoo answers

It could be that your washing machine itself is the problem. Clean clothes without detergent It might need cleaned. Can you wash baby clothes with bleach Since you don’t say which type you have, either a front loader or a top loader, I’ll give you some ideas on how to clean either.

1. How to wash newborn clothes for the first time Look for mold or debris around the top of the tub (front loader) or around in the gasket at the front of the tub (front loader). How to wash clothes using washing machine Give either a good wiping down with some hot water and a little bleach. How to clean white laundry Let air dry.

2. How to wash white tee shirts The lots of detergent may very well be part of the problem. How to clean clothes washing machine It’s not getting rinsed out. How to wash clothes with washing machine Are your clothes kind of stiff even though you use fabric softener? I would wash (at least until you get everything washed properly) with 1/2 the amount of detergent. How to dry clean silk clothes at home Get some washing soda at the grocery store. How do you hand wash clothes It’s cheap and boosts the effectiveness of the detergent. How to wash clothes without a washing machine or detergent It also helps remove odors and conditions the water so it works better. Washing clothes games play online The key here is you cannot use cold water with it or the washing soda will not dissolve and give you more problems than you already have. How hand wash clothes Same with powdered detergents; they don’t dissolve in cold water.

3. Can you wash your clothes without detergent Do not let clothes lay in the machine, even for a couple of hours. How to wash clothes while traveling A dark, damp place is prime for creating odors.

4. How to remove red wine stains from cotton clothes Try running a load of old towels or something that can’t be marked by bleach (whites, shop rags) with hot water and some dishwasher (yes, dishwasher not dishwashing) detergent. Do i wash white clothes in hot or cold water The chemicals in the dishwasher detergent will help dissolve any product build up in your machine just like it dissolves food particles in the dishwasher. What setting to wash white shirts I try to do this once a month to keep my front loader from gettint stinky.

5. What temperature should you wash baby clothes Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle if you’re not using the washing soda or dishwasher detergent. How to clean black cloth car seats This too will help remove deposits and buildup. Do you have to wash new baby clothes before wearing Works best with hot water or at least warm. How to wash 100 polyester clothes And this will help get the overabundance of laundry detergent out of your clothes. How to clean white clothes with color The vinegar smell will go away especially if you hang the items outside to dry.

6. How to clean vintage doll clothes Check any filters/grates that your machine might have. Best temperature to wash baby clothes You may have to look at the owner’s manual to see the locations. Black clothes washing liquid These filters might be clogged.

7. What setting to wash white clothes When your machine is not in use, leave the door open a bit to allow the moisture to evaporate and fresh air to cycle in. How to hand wash clothes youtube If it’s a front loader, leave the hatch open where you put the laundry products along with the door creates a nice stream of fresh air through the machine.

Whatever you do, DON”T use the washing soda AND vinegar together! Remember what happens with baking soda and vinegar? A similar reaction can occur with washing soda!

I’m guessing that it is a front loading machine. How to wash clothes in cold water Even if it is not, cleaning the machine will help with the smell.

Run an empty load on the hottest setting. How to wash clothes without fading Rather than laundry detergent use the same amount of Cascade crystals. How to clean clothes washer Let the machine run and rinse. How to clean a white shirt with stains Then going forward clean your washer about once a month, and when not in use, leave the door or lid open. How to wash colored clothes in washing machine My machine has a light, so I unplug the washer when it is not in use.

It is going to take some time or some effort to get the smell out of your clothes. How to brighten white clothes After the machine is clean wash the clothes again, with a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. How to wash clothes at home without a washer Hang the clothes in the sun to help remove some of the smell. How to wash tie dye shirts vinegar Put them in the dryer to soften them up after line drying. How to wash dark colored clothes Just remember that dirt sun light can fade dark or bright colors. How to whiten yellowed clothes without bleach Any clothes etc that can handle chlorine bleach can be washed with the bleach to remove the smell.

Avoid leaving your clothes in the washer. How to wash a silk dress by hand Promptly move them to the dryer. Should you wash baby clothes before wearing Wet clothes sitting for even a few hours can start to smell of mildew.

Oh, and don’t mix chlorine bleach with the Cascade. What happens when you wash clothes in hot water Toxic fumes. How to remove red wine stains from white carpet Vinegar and baking soda together will foam and make a big mess, as will washing soda and vinegar.

Firstly clean your washing machine. Should i wash white clothes in hot or cold water Inside and out. How to remove armpit stains from white t shirts Then run your washer with hot water at top level of filling with a cup of vinegar and some disinfectant.

Always sort your loads. How to wash clothes with hands Darks with darks, lights together and heavily soiled separate from lightly soiled.

When your clothes have stains, pretreat them with a bit of laundry spray prior to loading them into the machine.

Use a scant measure for your machine.. How long does it take to wash and dry clothes never more than the recommended dose. What water do you wash dark clothes in If you can’t rinse out the soapiness, it will make your clothes dull and they will smell awful too.

The load needs to be taken out directly the machine has stopped and dried either on an out door line with pegs or in your drier at recommended heat for the load.

Try to buy a good quality detergent which may cost more, but most of them are concentrates so you use less to achieve a clean wash.

Do avoid softeners. Do u wash white clothes in hot or cold water They gunk up your machine. What happens if you wash white clothes in cold water It is better to use a cup of white vinegar in the last rinse to get the best effect.

Line drying in the sunshine like your great granny used to do is fresher smelling than through the drying machine and costs way less too.

Also in your hamper, don’t allow wet things to sit in there till wash day. How soon to wash baby clothes before birth Anything damp will spread mold and odour. How to wash white cotton t shirts Spread any damp item out to dry a bit before being put in the soiled clothes hamper.

Since you haven’t told us what kind of machine it is……to me it sounds like your washer just needs a good cleaning. What soap do you use to hand wash clothes Newer washers come with a “Clean Washer” function….in which you pour Chlorine Bleach (the only time I ever use Chlorine into the bleach dispenser, and then start the cycle.

On my Maytag Bravos machine, the cycle runs for ~60minutes, using extremely hot, high powered water pressure, and spinning actions to clean out the basin, the jets, etc of any contaminants 🙂

If your washer Doesn’t have this “feature” – like, perhaps an old style top-loader, I would advise following the dillution directions on the bottle of Chlorine Bleach you use….figuring the water capacity of your washer’s basin and using equivalent Bleach.

If you have a “Bleach dispenser” then by all means use it. How to wash light up shirts Most of these new “top loaders” and otherwise energy efficient machines contain dosing cups to measure out bleach, fabric softener, etc.

As noted previously, I’d also recommend using White Vinegar to your final rinse cycle, it will help cut odors, don’t worry the vinegar doesn’t linger in the clothes either! 🙂

But sounds like something serious, so don’t go looking for an easy “bandaid” 🙂 May also consider using Borax or Baking Soda with your detergent…

BTW, cut out the detergents…these new “2x Concentrates” are made so that you don’t need to use as much.

run the machine for the hottest longest wash cycle it has with a normal amount of detergent but no clothes. Washing clothes in cold water kill germs this should clean the internals of the machine .Using lots of detergent is counter productive just follow the manufacturers recommendations and don’t overload the machine because the machine cleans by tumbling the clothes against each other and if to many are in the machine this tumbling action is reduced.When finnished leave the door ajar to let the machine dry out.

Are you using cheap detergent? I have found the cheaper brands don’t get clothes smelling clean. How to wash clothes without fading them Use Tide or Gain. How to remove red wine stains from clothing when dry You don’t need any extra detergent when you use those brands. Proper way to wash clothes Also use a good fabric softener- Downy or Gain. How to wash coloured clothes which are losing colour Don’t let your clothes sit in the washing machine after the cycle is done. Black clothes laundry detergent Take them out and dry them on the line or dryer.

All of the above!. How to wash clothes manually Consider this…. How important is it to wash new baby clothes your smell is the fatty deposits from the detergent blocking the drain hose, sitting in the machine and going rancid. How to clean sweaty gym clothes Tesco/Asda bag of ordinary WASHING SODA, about 50 pence. What do you need to wash clothes Throw the whole bag in and do your hottest wash. Can you wash warm clothes in cold water You are not advised to look in the machine, you will be disgusted, shifts so much muck. How to hand wash clothes in college I did, and went straight back to get another bag of soda for another go. How to wash polo t shirts This not only keeps the machine clean, but also your drains.

The first thing I would try is cleaning it, like others have said. How to whiten white clothes with bleach At wal-mart they sell a washing machine cleaner. How do you wash your clothes in space It is down the laundry detergent isle. How to clean white clothes stained pink You can give that a try. How to wash and dry clothes without shrinking Also, it could be the water, does the rest of the water in the house smell funny? might be the pipes.

Try running smaller loads, and use LESS detergent and NO fabric softener … How to wash clothes in hard water instead, pour a cup of white vinegar into the wash cycle.

Try using HALF of the recommended amount for detergent … How to dry dress pants that will usually be plenty … Are you supposed to wash white clothes in hot water the detergent companies will say differently, of course they want you to buy more!

Rinse, rinse, rinse … How to wash colored clothes with bleach I’m pretty sure this routine (vinegar) will clear out most problems … How long does it take to dry clean clothes if not, try running a hot cycle with vinegar and baking soda.

I agree. How to wash white clothes by hand Doing smaller loads will get your clothes cleaner. What does washing clothes in hot water do ANy detergent is good. How to wash clothes after bed bugs Just add either 1 quarter cup of either borax or washing soda into the wash and your good. Best way to wash white clothes without bleach You can rinse with vinegar in the final rinse to help retain the color of your clothes.

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