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Nikwax Tech Wash easily and safely removes residue left by detergents. When to wash clothes to save money Ideal for wet-weather clothing and equipment, it prolongs the effective lifespan of technical outerwear.

• High-performance, low-impact solution revives breathability and water-repellency while enhancing the performance of Nikwax waterproofing treatments (sold separately)

• Water-based and biodegradable formula contains no fluorocarbons or VOCs

• Nikwax is a global leader in safe, high-performance waterproofing and cleaning solutions for clothing, footwear and equipment

Revitalize your aging jackets I brought in my 13 year old REI powder jacket to see if there was anyway to revive the waterproof/water resistant qualities that it once had. How to wash light clothes The Tech Wash was introduced and explained by knowledgeable staff.

What should i wash newborn clothes in It was used that day with a few other jackets. How to wash 100 cotton t shirts The Tech Wash suds went to work immediately and they didn’t leave an odor or residue. Temperature to wash baby clothes The jackets were then run in the drier and when fully dry, the fabric had a crispness and almost a sparkle to them. How to wash hunting clothes The rain doesn’t saturate on my jacket like it had been the past few years. How to clean laundry washer I’m so happy that this product was available. Should you wash dress shirts before wearing them My only regret is that I didn’t use it in 1996, when I first moved to Oregon, when my jacket and I could have stayed a lot dryer!

Clarification Some of the reviews here mixup the water repellent with the “Wash”.

If you want to repel water, you need the other product and should look at its review page.

Works for me! I bought the Nikwax waterproofing to use on 2 ski jackets, but before I sprayed them I noticed that they both really needed to be cleaned. How to wash dark clothes without fading The Tech Wash was recommended and I followed the usage instructions TO THE LETTER and then used the Nikwax waterproofing. Can you wash grey clothes with black I haven’t been skiing yet but when I poured water on the jackets it just rolled off. How wash clothes by hand I read the comments from the motor cyclists about wearing gear in the rain. How to wash polo shirts I don’t plan on skiing in the rain and most of my skiing is done in drier snow so even if it wears off eventually, this product will do a great job for me.

Nikwax Tech Wash: Give That Manky Outdoo The first order of business when I received my bottle of Nikwax Tech was to test was to read the back label to see if it was written in English instead of tech speak. When to stop washing new baby clothes I was happy to see that it’s written in a very easy to understand and follow manner. What should you wash newborn baby clothes in If you’ve visited the Nikwax website you’ll know it’s filled with lots of great detailed, technical explanations and science, but it isn’t always easy to understand. How to wash clothes in fully automatic washing machine The awesome Nikwax team is currently creating easy to understand content, diagrams, drawings, explanations and videos, so be looking for those coming soon to the website.

Nikwax Tech Wash is gentle on everything, yet gets the job done. How to wash and dry lululemon pants It’s a non-detergent cleanser. How to wash egyptian cotton shirts It helps your outerwear last longer because it is so gentle. White clothes washing tips in hindi I invest in my gear; I take care of my gear. Best temperature to wash white shirts And I don’t want a harsh wash wearing it down faster. How do you wash a black and white shirt I wash nearly all my clothes on “delicate” in “delicate” laundry wash, even if they are every day items. What temperature do you wash colored clothes in So I was stoked that Nikwax’s wash would be gentle to my beloved outerwear.

The Tech Wash, unlike most soaps and detergents, doesn’t gunk up or block the pores in the jacket, thus keeping breathable clothes breathable. How to whiten white clothes with peroxide It also take off grime, dirt, and any other substance on the clothes that would mask the DWR (if your jacket had DWR). What temperature water do you wash dark clothes in Since the wash is detergent free, it helps keep your clothes water reppellent, if they are a shell or jacket.

I’ve been very pleased using this product. What do u wash white clothes in It lines up with my “be gentle to my gear” policy. Wash white clothes in warm or cold water It has de-mankified my outwear, leaving it clean, shiny and looking like new. How to clean white clothes with baking soda It’s easy to use and is water based, making it “environmentally friendly.”

My love for the Tech Wash went as far this past weekend as washing my designer jeans in it while traveling for business. What temperature do you wash white clothes with bleach That’s how gentle it is. Do u wash white clothes in hot water Tech Wash again shined.

Nikwax also stands behind their product to the consumers benefit. Wash white clothes with baking soda If it jacket is damaged during a wash, call Nikwax and they’ll replace the jacket. Why wash clothes in warm water They believe in their product and want to give consumers the piece of mind when using it.

So the next time your outwear is getting all manky, check out a bottle of Tech Wash. How to wash white clothes in laundry It works great in tandom with the Tx Direct, the waterproofer for hardshells.

Use at your own risk After 15 years of washing my expensive Goretex shell jacket with liquid detergent I decided to try the Nikwax Tech Wash and Wash In products. How to wash clothes washing machine The first time I used it I saw no improvement in water repellency, the second time I used it all the taped seams peeled off my jacket, so I now expect the seams to leak and will have to purchase a new jacket. How to do laundry at home without a washing machine Can’t prove for certain its the Nikwax product but I won’t risk using it again on any future Goretex product.

Works great! After using the Tech Wash, I followed up with using the Nikwax TX Direct 2.0 Washin. How to wash white cotton shirts The results were great on my gortex ski jacket! Clean, no residue and it looks and repels water like it’s new.

Missing Insructions Product seems good enough but what kind of company put no instructions on their own product? There is nothing at all. Does washing clothes in hot water shrink them No information on how much to use or how to use it. How do you wash white clothes Seems like a huge over sight!

I have Musto MPX salopettes which have lost the water beading property on the outer shell. How to clean my clothes washer I have a Musto MPX smock as well which will require regeneration of the outer shell soon.

Nikwax Tech Wash can absolutely be used on a tent however we would not recommend washing your tent in the washing machine. How to wash clothes in the washing machine Washing a tent in a washing machine can shred the tent material. Can you wash white and colored clothes together Hand washing your tent in the bathtub with Tech Wash would be the best bet.

Once the tent is completely dry, you can then apply the Nikwax Tent and Gear SolarProof Waterproofing Spray.

We stand behind everything we sell. Wash colored and white clothes together If you are not satisfied with your REI purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within one year of purchase.

REI’s guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents.

If your item has a manufacturing defect in its materials or workmanship, you can return it at any time. Wash colored clothes in cold or hot water See our limited warranty. Dry wash clothes Gear & advice you can trust

At REI, we live and breathe the outdoors, and we’re passionate about sharing our expertise with people of all skill levels. How to use bleach to wash white clothes Whether you’re new to the outdoors or a seasoned explorer, we’ll take the time to understand your needs and help you find the right gear for you. How to wash cotton dress shirts 10% annual member refund

Anyone can shop at REI, but for a one-time $20 fee you can become an REI member and enjoy a lifetime of benefits. Wash color clothes in hot or cold water These include an annual member refund, typically 10% back on eligible purchases.*

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