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Over the last two months, the price of oil has declined nearly 28%, falling from a record high of $147.22 to Friday’s closing price of $106.23.A Likewise, the price of gasoline has declined more than 11%, falling from a record high of $4.12 to today’s average price of $3.65.

These price declines have come as a relief for many Americans, as they have helped ease the pain at the pump and pushed down inflation in general.

However, as welcome as these price declines have been, some drivers believe they’re coming about due to reasons beyond supply and demand or economic weakness.

According to a recent poll on Daily Fuel Economy Tip, nearly half of us feel that the prices of oil and gasoline are being manipulated leading up to the November Presidental election.

The poll asked: Do you believe gas and oil prices are being manipulated for the upcoming Presidental election? Here’s how the responses broke down:

This is up slightly from the 2006 elections, when 42% of Americans said they believed oil and gas prices were being manipulated leading up to the elections.A I guess with the price of oil being double and the price of gas up 75% since the 2006 election, it would make sense that slightly more Americans believe there is some sort of manipulation going on.

Lower oil and gasoline prices would probably help the Republicans – i.e. How to work out fuel cost per mile John McCain – since much of the Democratic platform – i.e. Fuel price calculator india Barack Obama – is built on improving the economy and pushing alternative energy.A Lower prices would help to keep the economy from getting much worse, and would push back the need for altnerative energy, at least from an economic standpoint.

With this in mind, the notion of price manipulation comes in because, over the years, the Republican party has been accused of being very pro Big Oil and, in turn, Big Oil has been very pro Republican party.

Based on contributions made to each party, it’s obvious Big Oil prefers that Republicans be in elected positions.A According to figures compiled by OpenSecrets.org – the website of the Center of Responsive Politics, a group that tracks campaign donations and funding – since 1990, for every dollar contributed by Big Oil, roughly 75 cents has gone to the Republican party.

Despite these figures, I find it very hard to believe that Big Oil is manipulating the oil and gasoline markets.A It’s one thing to contribute (a lot) more money to one party, but would it really be worth manipulating an entire market for the sake of said party?

Think about it.A Regardless of who’s in office, we’re not going to stop using oil or gasoline any time soon, and prices and profits are still going to remain high.A That’s all Big Oil really wants.

Plus, in today’s day and age of investigative reporting and 24 hour news networks, if a conspiracy like this did exist, someone would find out about it.

So, at the end of the day, it seems far more likely that the recent price declines have more to do with the natural ebb and flow of the usual price cycles and far less to do with some sort of price manipulation conspiracy.

I think it’s mainly coincidence that the drop is happening at the same time as the election season. Calculate petrol cost per km ireland Right now the summer driving season is ending so I’m sure demand is going down, etc. Road trip america fuel cost calculator I agree that it’s more just the ebb and flow of the markets.

Well let’s see. Gas cost trip calculator canada The American public’s opinion is easily swayed. How much will gas cost for trip Bush asks his friends at Big Oil to drop prices gradually leading up to the election. Costco gas prices ocean nj Any advantage he can give the republican party will help. How to calculate gas cost on mapquest As far as the oil companies are concerned, they have had a license to print money for so long, it won’t hurt them to reduce their quarterly profits from 11 billion down to 9 billion, if it will help the GOP cause.

I obviously have no proof so my opinion is just that,, and opinion. Trip fuel cost calculator by vehicle I do believe their is some sort of manipulation going on though.

I do think its very interesting that Hurricane Ike severely damaged at least 10 oil platforms in the gulf yet gas prices have continued to drop. Calculate gas cost I believe that six months ago, if they shut off a valve on an oil platform for 10 minutes gas prices shot up 10 cents in the following 5 minutes across the country!

I was telling someone about this just last week. Costco gas quality canada Why can people remember this exact same thing happened the last 2 major elections. Live price of natural gas in mcx It’s common knowledge that “trickle down economics” is the Republican Party’s mantra, which open’s the flood gates to Exxon Mobile’s record profits. Natural gas furnace cost calculator Isnt is pretty obvious major oil will drop their profits for a month to try to make people ( voters ) feel more comfortable and forget the hardship of the past administration..

Of Course Big Oil is lowering prices trying to pacify the American public and lull them back to sleep by trying to create a favorable election environment. Average cost of gas in us 2013 The last thing that Big Oil wants is for people to be blaming the GOP (Gas and Oil Party) for outrageous gasoline prices at election time…

We actually have very good evidence of price manipulation in 2004: straight from the mouth of Bush himself. British gas boiler prices 2012 If we can believe Bob Woodward, that is. Cost of natural gas pipeline per mile Woodward wrote in State of Denial about a conversation between Bush and Saudi Prince Bandar, thanking Bandar for increasing production in 2004. Trip fuel cost calculator uk (presumably to lower the gas prices in the weeks leading up to the Presidential elections in November)

If you look at the chart of OPEC production at http://www.wtrg.com/prices.htm OPEC has historically peaked their production during presidential election years.

For the 44% that doesn’t believe that Gas prices are being manipulated by the G.O.P and the 7 % that is unsure, just wait till the day after the election and watch what happens to the gas prices then, and THEN try and tell me that the gas prices in this country aren’t being manipulated.

They are manipulating the price. Estimate fuel cost for trip I don’t know about everyone else, but I drive about the same year round. Cost of gas per mile Even on vacation, sure I may drive an extra three or four hundred miles or so, but I also spend a lot of time visiting while I’m there so then I’m not driving as much. How much does gas cost in california 2014 And what about school being in session. Fuel cost trip calculator canada More parents have to run their kids to basketball practice or wrestling practice or choir or whatever. Figure out gas cost This gas price thing is a big snow job. Cost per mile electric car vs gasoline I predicted when gas was $4.xx a gallon that by November it would be at $1.99/gallon and as of Oct. Fuel trip cost calculator canada 31 I’m only off by seven cents. Estimated fuel cost for trip uk Wake up and smell the gasoline

Agreed, if folks would redirect their attention to the contractors they’d understand. Gas prices merrillville indiana Treasonous ass Halliburton is one of America’s top oil contractors/transporters and the main one in Iraq at this time, they’ve been charging the US gov. Gas cost for a road trip 1.50 to 2.00$ more than what the contract stated. Cost of fuel calculator trip A no-bid contract in Iraq and breach of contract against their own government? Coincidence? Absolutely fu*kin not. Natural gas prices in europe 2012 Cheney used to be the head of Halliburton and collects pension and also owns major stock. Cost of gas by state People need to wake up out of this ignorant gullible zombie mode and realize/research how treasonous our government is and has been for decades. Fuel cost to drive 1000 miles Pathetic “Faux News” won’t cover it. British gas electricity cost per kwh uk Grab a beer and watch these movies on Google vid, they are a MUST SEE for every American: “Freedom to Fascism” (absolute must), “Iraq For Sale” and “911 chronicles”. Fuel cost per mile WAKE THE F**K UP PEOPLE IT’S NOT ABOUT REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT, IT’S CORPORATE OR NOT..(even though the Rep’s are responsible for almost everything wrong with America..aye, I’m just sayin)

sorry but we americans are stupid , of course the prices have been manipulated , notice the steady rise from 2000 to the 2008 election? not saying bush himself set prices but his administration clearly are pro energy and that industry has run amok under his watch. Average cost of gas in u s but ask yourself this, we are suppose to have a free market in this country, but if the oil market is being manipulated even in the smallest degree, is it still a free market? No…wake up dummies , quit believing what is being fed to you.

Just wait till the 2012 presidential election! Gas will drop to about the 2 to 2.50 range per gallon. How to estimate gas cost It has happened the past couple of presidential elections and it will happen again. Car fuel cost calculator MANIPULATION, the american public is being screwed.

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