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We’re three weeks deep into the summer season, so I thought it was high time I got our summer mantels decor on the blog. Ideas for decorating my work office It’s not only fun to show, but hopefully it gives someone some home decorating ideas. Shared home office space ideas And if you aren’t aware of it, mantel decorating is twice the fun around here, because we have double mantels! Courtesy of the hard-working hands of my carpentry-able husband. Simple christmas office door decorating ideas So the mantels inspiration, ideas, photos, decor, fun….is always x2 here at the House Of Joyful Noise!

I knew the season of summer was going to be fun to work with.

Desk decoration ideas in office Once I got thinking about it, I started getting all kinds of ‘theme’ ideas that fit the summertime season! But, where we live right by the ocean, it only seemed to right to go with the beach/nautical/seaside authentic decor, this first summer with our new mantels. Home office design ideas on a budget I am sure as the years go by, I’ll continue to get this thrill from the creative process of putting together pieces to decorate the mantels, and so it will always be somewhat difference from year to year and season to season. Law firm office design ideas And by seasons, I am referring to both the four seasons of New England climate, as well as holidays. Office interior design images free download In other words, no 2 summer double-mantels will be just the same.

That said, I AM so in love with my finished summer mantels right now, that I can’t imagine ever taking it down, or putting it back together just like this, next year.

I just love seeing them. Dental office interior design gallery Whether on accident as I breeze through, or just sitting there, looking them over, and enjoying them.

I realize Autumn will descend on us at some point, and I’ll have new excitement and inspiration for that season (which I love), but for now, I am digging summer. Home office setup pics A LOT. Open office design ideas In all kinds of ways. Interior office design ideas Oh you know I took details photos, so I can tell you a little bit about this and that.

I picked up this beautiful seaside wreath at the Christmas Tree Shoppes! Which means it was very affordable. Creative office ideas decorating If you look closely, you’ll see it has tiny lights in it, too! You just can’t see them well as it was an early sunny morning, so the room was quite filled with bright light. Decorating ideas for office space It looks so lovely on cloudy days and evenings/nights though.

A message in a bottle. Office christmas decorations ideas pictures I believe I used the same teal bottle in my Spring mantels decor, in a different way. Office space interior design ideas This time I laid it down as you can see, and grabbed a cork from a wine bottle we had. Creative ideas for office Pretty likely one can find an empty one around here, somewhere. Small office space design ideas home ; ) I not only love the look of a message in a bottle, but this particular one makes me smile inside when I see it, because I know the message is a love letter my oldest daughter wrote me. Best office gift ideas <3

The large container wrapped in rope is filled with different colored sea glass, as well as the pillar candle. Home office color ideas Behind that is a tall clear container, paint-can style, of seashells. Home office picture ideas On to Mantel #2 . . . . . Home office space ideas designs .

Notice the simple Plymouth sign in the back. Office desk decoration ideas Our 10 year old son, JackMichael, made that for me.

I guess that makes him a 3rd generation sign-maker, already. Simple interior design for kitchen in india ??

The green glass jar-mug was also picked up the Christmas Tree Shoppes.

It was a must-have because of the metal number 6 on it; a special number to us, as we are a family of 6.

The same easel chalkboard that I used in the Spring mantels decor, but different sign work. Office color ideas paint It was a collaborative effort by Michael and I. Executive office design ideas pictures Sadly, I suck at working on this thing. Cool office decor ideas It’s basically plywood painted with black chalkboard paint, and it’s a small space to work in!

After already having photographed the full mantels and whatnot, I added this hanging pail. Office design interior ideas My instant thought was how awesome it would look to fill it to the brim and overflowing, with live crabs. Office library design ideas But you know, that would probably smell bad, quickly.

And said to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it…..clap your hands…”….

Of course, if you hate it and you know it, you can tell me that too.

I’ve made a fan pull for many occasions or seasons throughout the year. Modern home office design ideas I still have others I want to make, but right now I have one for summer, spring, winter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween….and I think that’s it so far. Paint ideas for home office You can see some of them if you search for fan pulls in the search engine on the left of the blog. Small office makeover ideas (Just make sure you click on the post title to open it up, to see the rest of the photos.) OR…..you can just come EVERY holiday and season, and see each one in real life, for yourself! (I choose B!;)

So glad you mentioned your Summer mantels over on my blog, Laura! I came over straight away to see: soooooooo beautiful! I love the way you styled them, and pinned this to my Nautical board! ??

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