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traveling with my dog from Manchester NH to North Myrtle Beach on Aug 26. Average cost of gas per gallon in us I’m 50 + years old and would like suggestions on the best, easiest drive. Average cost of gas fireplace use I was in 2 major accidents recently, neither were my fault, and so, I’m a bit shy when it comes to driving.

Calculate my fuel cost I would like to see some historical places and realize that with a dog ( black lab ) this will not be an easy task. Estimated gas cost for trip to florida Can anyone help me out here. Costco gas quality I have a week to do this. How much does gas cost per km in canada Motel suggestions as well as restaurants / diners would be an added bonus. How to calculate fuel cost per mile My biggest concern is the routes,,,,,don’t want to do Rt 95. Cost of gas logs per hour was thinking 81 would be less stressful. How to calculate petrol cost per mile I also don’t mind driving off the beating path to see something of interest,, eg, civil war stuff, historical homes / cemeteries and the like. Cost of gas for road trip Need dog friendly hotel/motels.

When you say you have a week, do you mean a week to drive from NH to SC and back, or a week just to drive down? We would normally drive that distance in two days (I don’t like going much over 8 hours if I can help it) but it would be a very easy three-day trip.

Rte. How much does the average gas bill cost per month 81 is a beautiful drive, much prettier than 95, but not always less stressful; there can be a lot of truck traffic. Figure gas cost If you’re not driving at night it’s not bad. How to calculate gas cost per trip This is a bit out of the way, but you could completely avoid 95 by taking 84 out to PA, getting on 81 and staying on it almost all the way through VA, getting on 77 South towards Charlotte, and then cutting over towards the coast.

I don’t know what kind of motels you usually look for, but we sometimes stay at Best Westerns when we just need a place to stay along the road, and some of them are pet-friendly.

thank you Barbara and Starrs. Gas price trip cost calculator Yes, I have a week to get down there, it’s my final destination, as I have just sold my home here in NH. Calculate gas prices for a trip I would like to see as much as I can without going to far out of my way. How much gas bill per month The biggest issue will be what I can see with my dog. Gasbuddy road trip calculator Thanks so much for your suggestions and I like Starrs ideas as well as your’s Barb.

Well, if you aren’t going to make that drive again and if you have any interest, I’d detour over to western PA to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous house Fallingwater. Average gas prices in california by year It’s at the top of my bucket list.

I usually stay at LaQuintas, but there aren’t any on that route. Calculate gas price for my trip Your best bet is to check on Holiday Inns or Best Westerns to see if they allow pets. How to find out gas prices for a road trip It varies by individual hotel. How to calculate fuel cost for road trip I think all Motel 6s allow pets, but I haven’t stayed at one. Average cost of gas log installation One good thing about the mountain route – it would be cool enough for you to go in for a quick look at a small museum, etc. Trip gas cost calculator mapquest If you want to sightsee for a longer period of time you could “day board” the dog at a local vet’s office for part of a day. Cost of gas in florida 2016 I’ve done that when traveling for work.

Starrs’ suggestions are good. Calculate fuel cost per trip We did an audio tour around Gettysburg a number of years ago and enjoyed it. Average cost of lap band surgery with insurance Also, you can have your dog in most of the park (although you can’t take him/her into buildings):

Routing is going to be difficult if stress-free is your goal. Cost of gas in canada I have driven both the primarily I95 route and the I81 route MA-NC. Propane vs natural gas cost calculator I found I81 at least, if not more, stressful than I95 thru NJ/MD/DC – the times I have driven it there were lots of big scary trucks that wanted to go 85mph – many people find trucks appearing to want to enter the trunk of your vehicle disturbing. Cost of gas calculator for trip (And I drive a lot for business and am not an anxious driver). Cost of trip gas mileage As a woman driving alone I would prefer I95 since there are far more highway services along the way.

Avoid I95 around NYC if you choose that route by taking I495/MassPike thru Massachusetts to Rte 84 and then over Tappan Zee Bridge to Garden State Parkway. Road trip gas cost estimator You do then have to deal with I95 thru southern New Jersey, Baltimore, Washington (although there are other routes around DC area). Trip calculator gas cost Once south of Richmond, VA I95 is much calmer.

starrs presents an interesting routing – just be aware that I81 is still a major highway roughly comparable to I95 is potentially distressing features.

If you like the coast, follow Gail’s directions to the Tappan Zee and Garden State Parkway.

Take the Garden State Parkway to its end in Cape May, a town full of Victorian houses. Cost of gas in ireland 2015 Spend the night.

Next morning, take the ferry to Lews, DE. Cost of a gallon of gas in california The amble south through the Delmarva Peninsula/Eastern Shore to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, stopping wherever suits your fancy. Best price on gas fireplace logs This is a beautiful route, running throug farmlandd just behind the coast, with many charming towns where you can stop for a meal or the night.

Norfolk-Newport News-Yorktown for a visit, followed by US 17 to Myrtle Beach through NC. Gas price road trip planner Washington, New Bern, Beaufort, and Wilmington are all nice.

I 64 to Williamburg and Jamestown for a couple of days, then 295 to Rocky Mount and on down horrible I-95 to SC.

Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks, taking the NC State Ferries across the gaps in the islands.

There are no trucks on the Garden State Parkway, and none of the non I-95 routes is a major truck route.

Ackislander’s suggestion would be my recommendation if a more relaxed drive is the primary goal, for sure! Your mentioning Civil War and other historical sites is what made me stick to I-81. Gas prices memphis tn Once you get below Virginia, I-95 is really not bad. Costco gas quality bmw Not pretty, either, but usually not as congested as the more northern segments.

“. How do you calculate fuel cost per mile I also don’t mind driving off the beating path to see something of interest,, eg, civil war stuff, historical homes / cemeteries and the like. Fuel cost calculator south africa “

My route is basically one that I’ve driven with a dog. How many tanks of gas to drive 2000 miles I’m not familiar with the Manchester to Scranton leg but I made that the “long” day with 6 hours of driving. Calculate gas cost for moving truck There probably are great ideas of places to stop in between those 2 locations.

But otherwise the rest of the route is very low-key with 2.5 to 4.5 hours of driving a day. Estimate gas cost for trip google maps That can be driving on the expressway or interstate, but given the OP’s request she may enjoy getting off the fast route and amble a bit. Gallon of gas cost breakdown It certainly would give her the chance to see Civil War sites, historical homes, etc.

I do this a lot. How much gas would it take to drive 1000 miles I drive a lot and get bored on the expressways. Average gas cost per year I use my map to find alternate “blue highways” and just drive those. Average natural gas cost per month If I have plenty of time I look for the road with the dotted green lines because those are the scenic routes. Average cost of fireplace installation The OP can easily make this drive, accomplish her sightseeing goals and avoid the interstate most of the time.

No matter the route she chooses, blue highways and green scenic routes are good alternatives to interstates – if you have the time and enjoy it.

thanks a bunch for all your suggestions, I just picked up my trip-tik from aaa, and will map out all of your suggestions. Costco gas station hours Thank you so much. Average gas price 2013 california I will look into a doggie day care center so maybe, i will find a few historical sites where I can enjoy the day, and so can my dog. How much money in gas will it cost to drive She might also like not being stressed out. Cost of gas to drive calculator Thanks for all the suggestions.. Mileage gas cost calculator I think we will take 3 to 4 days to do this trip if I can find enough to see, and the weather is conducive. Current price of gasoline in germany Thank you,

millie, doggie day cares are very nice but if there aren’t any I do call a local vet and make arrangements for pup to stay for part of the day while I work on the road. Calculate fuel cost for road trip Another idea for one day is if she needs a bath or grooming is to drop her off at PetSmart and let her have a spa day while you sightsee

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