Pre-washing baby clothes — the bump

I’m curious what most other mamas are doing…Will you prewash your babies clothes?

I’ve seen various recommendations around the web. Hand wash only clothes Seems like most ppl wash some and keep tags on some to return if they don’t fit. How to dry wash the clothes However, I want to get as much done in advance as I can. What color clothes can i wash together Plus I feel like I can’t fully set up the nursery until I get everything washed and placed in the appropriate drawers (that may be slightly OCD of me!). How do you wash silk shirts The majority of baby boy’s clothes are gifts so it’s not like we would be losing money if he can never wear them. Crochet baby washcloth tutorial I’m leaning towards washing everything and if he can’t wear it then I will gift it to a friend in need or sell it at consignment. How to wash grey clothes I’m just not sure that leaving the tags on to return later is worth the effort. How to wash clothes properly by hand So I’m wondering what he majority of other mamas do!

Oh yea, I know not to wash a TON of newborn stuff since he may actually never fit that size.

White clothes wash temperature my thought is to wash about a weeks worth of newborn clothes incase he does fit them, I wont have to wash for at least the first week.

I think I got one, maybe two new outfits as gifts. How to wash white t shirts without shrinking Everything else is pre-loved. How to clean smelly clothes washer And I’m currently washing all of it and letting my crazy pants hormones get the best of me as I look at all these tiny socks.

I’ve washed all of his newborn and 0-3 months outfits along with blankets, sheets and towels because I’m crazy when it comes to germs.

Also, a real pet peeve of mine is that a lot of my co-workers are smokers and they have bought numerous outfits for Little Man. How to wash clothes by hand with detergent Which is sweet, but everything smells like cigarette smoke. How to wash 100 wool pants I’m grateful of course for the thoughtful gift, but I have to wash everything the second I get it in the house since the husbandman and I are not smokers and can’t stand the smell.

So i was weird about what I washed and what I didnt. When do you start washing baby clothes All handed down items were washed regardless of size. What water temperature do you wash dark clothes in As for new items, if the items were loose I untagged and washed them. How to wash rayon clothes without shrinking Like onesie outfits from walmart… Washing newborn clothes before use I know they were probably all over the floor and someone just came by and hung it up. How to clean my washing machine with vinegar and bleach So things like that were washed. How to hand wash clothes in bathtub If the clothes or blankets were manufacture wrapped I didnt wash it.

I washed every piece of clothing that was newborn and 0-3 months. How to wash your clothes I washed the other sizes as DD got closer to being in them. How to wash white tablecloths I washed every towel, sheet, blanket, burp cloth, and anything else the baby would be touching that could be washed. How to wash white clothes with bleach and detergent This time around I re washed everything I listed above.

I’ve washed everything that could be washed. How to clean washing machine I’ve gotten most my stuff on Facebook sale sites in my area.I plan to resale the stuff that is still in good condition when she grows out of it. How do you wash clothes with bleach If you’re worried about taking tags off and then not using the clothes and losing money try finding a sale site on Facebook for your area. How to clean shirt collar in washing machine Baby clothes are always in demand and there’s no shame in getting them cheap and used!

I prewashed everything. Does washing clothes in hot water shrink Part of my nesting and nursery readying instinct was to have everything hung in the closet and ready to go for D Day! This is our first and we were also gifted all of the clothes so I’m not too concerned about being able to return or exchange things or the waste of money. How to wash clothes in automatic washing machine Maybe I’ll be different the second time around but this time I’m prewashing!

I washed everything, and I have to admit I even washed my bed sheets in Dreft to make it smell like the baby clothes. How to wash black clothes without lint Anything to give me a little reminder of the end result to why I’m up all night! It’s worked wonders with my patience.

I’ve washed everything I have that can be washed. How to clean white clothes with vinegar I got a ton of hand me downs from friends and had bought only a handful of items so I just washed it all.

I have clothes NB-24 months and it’s all washed and sorted in bins and ready to go.

I returned almost all of the newborn things that were bought so I could have 0-3 or 3-6 month size instead. How to wash clothes for newborn baby My firstborn was able to wear newborn size for literally 2 weeks and my daughter was taken out like 3 weeks early which made my mom rush out and buy some premie clothes but with this baby we’re trying to keep him in there as long as possible so I think newborn size is a waste of time and money and we washed everything from his clothes to the animals on his crib mobile to his car seat, bouncer, and swing covers! We’re ready lol

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