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The Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer helps your chest stay put. How to hand wash clothes in a sink Do workout clothes make your packing list? On short 1-3 week trips abroad, I always pack one sports bra, one pair of capris and one t-shirt and vow to go on a jog or exercise to a 30-minute video. How soon should you wash baby clothes before birth That rarely (i.e., never) happens. What temp to wash clothes without shrinking When I packed my bag for a year in Australia, I tossed the usual exercise outfit into the bag and committed to jogging three days a week. Can you wash white and black clothes together Thankfully I kept this workout promise!

After a few jogs in Sydney, however, I knew I needed to invest in a more supportive sports bra if I was only going to own one.

Enter Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer, designed to “tame the B to DD bust size for high impact sports like running”. How to clean home gym equipment If you’re like many women who love to work out and have a larger chest, you know it can be difficult to find a sports bra that’s comfortable, affordable, and supportive. How to wash black shirts I’ve now happily owned the Ta Ta Tamer for a year and it’s my go-to bra for jogging and higher impact exercise.

How much to wash clothes Why I bought it

• Initially Lululemon’s reputation drew me to the store. How to wash white polyester tablecloths Their clothing may be on the expensive side but I had heard that it was also well made and durable.

• I stared at the variety of sports bras and didn’t know where to start. How to clean washing machine smell with vinegar Then I saw the tag that read “Ta Ta Tamer” – how could I NOT try it on?! My only question — would it actually tame my C-cup tatas?

• I gave the bra a test run in the fitting room by running in place and jumping. How to wash work clothes Minimal bounce = win!

The bra fit well in the store, and I experienced minimal bounce when running in place, but what about the real thing? The next day I gave the Ta Ta Tamer a proper test run with a 2-mile jog around the Opera House. How to wash clothes with poison ivy on them I still experienced some bounce but it was noticeably less than what I had seen and felt before with other sports bras. How to wash t shirts without shrinking The girls are naturally going to move but the Ta Ta Tamer minimized the effects. Washing white clothes without bleach I also found myself feeling less self-conscious about stares from men as I jogged along my now familiar route.

• For me, the bra fits snuggly without feeling tight. How to wash clothes in samsung washing machine The bra’s designer says that the snug fit is an intentional part of the design so it can offer full support.

• The straps can be worn traditionally or crossed over in the back.

• I liked the shape the bra gave me! The lycra in the middle of the bra provides stretch and partners with the two lightly padded cups to keep the tatas in place – no sports bra uni-boob!

• The wide strap with three strong clasps in the back gave me peace of mind that the bra would stay put when I needed it to deliver on its promise of support.

The bra’s product information mentions its “4-way stretch power luxtremeTM fabric has inherent wicking & high LYCRA® content”. Should you wash baby clothes before use I found the material to wick away moisture beautifully and I was able to use it for a couple of jogs before having to give it wash. Can i wash clothes without detergent When you share a room with fellow travelers on the road, it’s nice not to stink up the room post-workout! Value for money

A good sports bra is expensive and the Ta Ta Tamer is no different at $58 USD.

There are certain products I don’t mind investing in, and a long-lasting, comfortable article of clothing is one of them. Easiest way to hand wash clothes We all have our unique priorities when it comes to finances, but for me, the Ta Ta Tamer was (and continues to be) well worth the money. How to wash your clothes without a washing machine Packability

The bra will not fold as small as your regular ones, and the padded cups give it some shape! If you need a little extra room in your bag on travel days, wear the Ta Ta Tamer and pack your others. How to wash your clothes in the sink Despite its larger size compared to the average bra, it’s still a small item to pack!

I also found the bra easy to care for and wash on the road, which is important. How to wash your clothes after the color run It can be hand washed, of course, but this bra can also go in the washing machine. How to wash new clothes without colors running I took the cup inserts out of the bra after washing so both the inserts and the bra could dry more quickly.

Have you found a sports bra that works for you? I obviously love the Ta Ta Tamer but am always interested in recommendations for bras that deliver the support we need.

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I have this bra… however my girls are a 38D… so I literally bought the biggest TaTa Tamer that they had. How do i wash clothes by hand I do like the bra, but find that I have issues with the straps coming undone on their own. How to remove red wine stain from cotton shirt This especially happens if I am doing ab work on the floor. How should you wash baby clothes I find that I end up wearing another sports bra on top, just in case the straps come undone mid-workout. How to remove old red wine stains from white clothes I tend to wear my straps criss-crossed, but have had this problem even when I wear the straps normally.

My flatmate has Lululemon’s Cross My Heart bra, and LOVES it.

I am a huge Lululemon fan – the majority of my wardrobe is from there and as you mentioned, it is a bit more expensive, but their clothes last forever – I still have my first pair of lululemon pants from nearly 10 years ago!

I haven’t worn the straps criss-crossed yet but have been meaning to so I can test how differently it might feel.

I’ll have to check out the Cross My Heart next time I’m near a store…which might be later this week O:-)

I have always avoided running due to my large D cups… I’ve invested in several sports bras over the years, but have always been disappointed even after buying one for close to $70 from a reputed exercise clothing brand. How to hand wash baby clothes When I decided to start running again, I knew I was going to have to find a good sports bra first. How to keep white shirt collar clean I found a local running store that specializes in shoes and inserts, but also has a variety of other running gear. How to remove red wine stains from carpet when dry I was in the market for new shoes too anyway, so I started there. How do i clean my washing machine with bleach I lucked out and had not only a FEMALE employee helping me with my shoe decision, but one who was also a bit on the busty side. How to make white clothes whiter without using bleach After my shoes were picked out, she was able to recommend a few bras in the store to try… I was not disappointed! I ended up with the Juno by Moving Comfort! I loved it so much that I bought a second one in a couple weeks. Best way to wash black clothes I’d highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a good, supportive sports bra!

I found the right sports bra for me in the Victoria Secret line of products, specifically, Incredibles. Should you wash all new baby clothes It fits my changing sizes as I reshape my body but the only negligible complaint that I have due to a past rotator cuff injury is the contortions needed to get out of the bra especially when it’s sweaty. How to clean black fabric sofa I’m going to try the Ta Ta Tamers line because of the back hooks are easier for me to use than the VS Incredibles. How to wash shirts without fading Thanks for an honest review of the Ta Ta Tamers!

[…] During the day, many cruise-goers spend their time by a pool, occasionally slipping away to one of the many dining areas. How to shrink rayon clothes Pack two swim suits (so one is always dry), a cover up (required when walking to and from the pool), and non-slip shoes for those wet surfaces. How to wash clothes contaminated with poison ivy Slip into nice casual clothing for dine-in options or if you choose to enjoy shows, casinos, or other ship activities. How to clean black canvas shoes Are you a gym junkie? If you need more than a swim in the pool and walks around the ship, pack a couple of sets of workout clothes for the ship’s workout facilities (how about a Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer). When should i wash my baby clothes […]

[…] one, so make it a good one. How to make white clothes whiter in the wash A good sports bra can be expensive but worth the investment. How to get white clothes clean without bleach My pick? Lululemon’s Ta-Ta Tamer. Do you wash white clothes with hot or cold water It served as my only sports bra for almost an entire year in Australia. How to clean clothes in washing machine I’ve found it can be […]

[…] early September, when I arrived in May I kept my eyes and ears open for opportunities. Dry wash for clothes In week one, I stepped into a Lululemon store to buy a sports bra, and met a Canadian employee who encouraged me to apply upon learning about my interest in working […]

[…] early September, when I arrived in May I kept my eyes and ears open for opportunities. How to wash gym clothes In week one, I stepped into a Lululemon store to buy a sports bra, and met a Canadian employee who encouraged me to apply upon learning about my interest in working […]

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