Quick mpg calculator – calculate your miles per gallon

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Please bookmark our real world MPG Calculator and try again after using our fuel saving tips (we bet you get another 50 miles out of a tank)!

Use your trip counter and reset when you fill up ensuring that the tank is full then when empty fill up to full again noting the mileage covered.

Allow the car to coast in gear the last 700 yards up to a junction rather than accelerate all the way. Natural gas prices in europe 2012 Look out for junctions and ease off the throttle as soon as you can.

Drive with a maximum 1/3 to 1/2 throttle – if you get the revs right for the engine load you will not notice much of a loss of power.

Avoid braking and stopping (2 of the biggest fuel wasters) – anticipate the road ahead and roll up to roundabouts. Cost of gas by state (If you’re good you can avoid using your brakes on a typical journey!!!)

If its hot open the window rather than turn on the air conditioning, if it’s really hot open another window and turn the blowers on, if your steering wheel starts melting then turn on the air conditioning. Fuel cost to drive 1000 miles (At speeds over 30mph there is an argument for using the air conditioning to counter the drag from an open window!)

Avoid using things that drain the battery – because extra pull occurs on the alternator requiring more fuel (aircon is very noticeable). British gas electricity cost per kwh uk The big drains are rear window heater, blowers & heaters, headlights.

Inflate your tires to the correct pressure. Fuel cost per mile (Fully laden pressures or just under seems to give the best MPG but more pressure can increase the mid tire wear if it’s too extreme so don’t over do it.) Check your pressures monthly or more frequently – if you calculate your MPG and it is lower then your tyre pressures are usually to blame.

Try to maintain a constant speed – 75 mph uses far more fuel that 65 mph. Average cost of gas in u s A distance of 50 miles at 75 mph takes 39.6mins but at 65 it takes 46.2 mins So is 6.6 minutes of your time, the increased risk of being killed, the extra damage to the environment and the extra wear on the engine really worth the extra 25% fuel cost!

Hotter engines are more economical than colder ones – changing the thermostatic control or partially blocking the radiator MAY help on SOME cars. How to estimate gas cost (Run the engine too hot and you will break it – you have been warned.) Use TorqueCars MPG tuning articles for some practical tuning tips to improve your cars MPG.

Empty the boot of tools you’ve use and haven’t got round to taking out, the camping equipment from last year, and the box of junk you have kicking around – less weight = more fuel economy so if you went on a diet that would help as well.

Keep the car well serviced – change the plugs, oil, filters and check the bearings and ensure that the brakes are not dragging. Car fuel cost calculator Fully disengage the hand brake as well when you drive off!

Avoid idling the engine for long periods of time – turn it off at railway crossings etc… Gas calculator road trip america If there are long traffic delays pull off to a motorway service area and grab a coffee until the traffic dies down.

Take off the roof rack as the drag this creates really does increase your fuel consumption.

Put some injector cleaner like BG44K Petrol engines or BG244 for diesels in – it really does help keep things at peak efficiency and in my car added 2 mpg!

Fuel magnets did not work for me I wouldn’t bother with them!!! The science would dictate that you’d need a powerful electro magnet to make any difference to fuel.

Don’t be lazy. Cheap gas prices by state Walk to the corner shop – it’s only 3 minutes away.

Use this MPG calculator again – it will remember your last 4 results to enable you to track your success!

We find that most people who follow our tips save between 20% and 30% in fuel between each fill up. How to calculate petrol cost per km south africa Remember also that a drop in MPG may indicate a problem with your car so it’s a good idea to track your MPG regularly. Compare gas boiler maintenance On board trip computers are not always that reliable so you can’t beat a brim it and read off the miles calculation.

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Try keeping a small cash book & pen in the glove compartment to record all your fuel-filling (dates, prices, litres, mileage/trip etc) and you’ll soon spot any differences in consumption.

It can be a warning flag for minor problems too, before they get major, so If you can’t find valid reasons for a drop in fuel economy, give the car a timely check-up. Price of gas in states For example, a leaky exhaust might get spotted in time for a repair, instead of a full replacement!

Found the site great for calculating how much mileage I am doing per gallon, this helps me because at my age I was taut in miles per gallon and NOT miles per litre. The cost of gas in 2000 It is really helpfull for people like me. Fuel cost trip calculator by vehicle Thank you

I have been driving under a year and already started to drive looking way ahead, Out of a 1.2l corsa i can get 42mpg quite often and that doesnt really involve driving stupidly slow. Gas station road trip planner Just carefully and not really using the breaks just coasting down.

It’s also worth noting some tyres will hike your fuel consumption up, I noticed it in my 406 as well as the current Xsara. Cost of running a gas boiler Good tips about the driving style, driving at 50 mph in the 2nd only feels quicker than in the 5th, but the petrol goes so much more quickly ??

I have only been getting 300 miles (30mpg) to a tank on a brand new 1.2 corsa, with an extra few pounds of air in the tyres I’ve been able to increase it to 320 miles (32.33). Gas prices san diego average Hopefully this will increase when the engine has been fully run in.

I’m regularly getting more than 30mpg out of my Land Rover Defender (2004) Td5. Single burner gas stove with cylinder price in india Its shaped like a brick and weighs 2 tons. Calculate travel fuel costs If your fuel economy is worse than this in a small car, somethings wrong or you have an automatic gearbox and a heavy right foot!

Really easy to use this site. Gas prices mesa az I am a bit sad to only get 26 mpg from my 14 year old Toyota Avensis. Cost of gas in northern ireland But…. Average gas cost per month for one person when it has got through last 3 MOT’s needing only a headlight, and is as reliable as a Blackpool Donkey (that is meant as a real positive) – I am reluctant to upgrade. Fuel cost per km I recycle all the time, so eco-credentials not totally trashed!

Had just changed my car to a vw 1,4s Golf and was concerned that the fuel guage reading was dropping quite quickly. Costco gas station hours today However, setting off to work from home 5 minutes earlier each day, hence I could drive slower, I used your excellent fuel calculator tool and found I was getting 47.38mpg! Brill. Gas price for my trip Thanks

Very good site thanks, I Have a Rover 75 diesel auto and using your tips, out of the last 1294 miles have used 184.62 litres which I think relates to 31.86 mpg of which 280 miles towing a caravan quite good eh.? cheers.

After buying a Mazda MX5 I have been tracking my fuel which is doing 35 mpg.

Noticed I have a slow puncture which is affecting the economy. Fred meyer gas prices medford oregon The site helped me spot this! Thank you

Interesting and reflects my experience. Current price of gasoline in canada My Honda Jazz has CVT auto gearbox. How much gas will it cost I find this far more efficient (fuelwise) than conventional auto box. Cost of gas calculator I regularly use engine breaking by dropping to S mode or even L mode. Cost of gas at costco By far the greatest improvement in consumption came from anticipation driving.

If you drive an automatic with a tiptronic our manual gear change option chose manual on the motorway in top gear. Rheem performance platinum 50 gallon gas water heater review It will prevent the gearbox from changing down when you crest hills and reduce your consumption… also with some practice you can up change on normal driving ahead of the automatic rev threshold ..I can impact upto 20% on my MPG by selecting manual changes… you just need to practice..

It really helps to know cost of a mile. Google fuel cost calculator mpg Are those short trips really worth making ? Would you even make them if you had to walk, even when its not raining ? The cost of a cycle seems to be more than compensated when offset against fuel, it’s healthy too

Petrol and diesel are becoming very expensive , and always seem to go up , never down .I used to have a lightweight racing bike in the back of my van , and sometimes rode into town , we should all cycle more and use less fuel . Fuel cost calculator by miles If we act in mass we reduce the demand for high fuel , and therefore it would be brought down . Estimate your gas cost for a road trip Supply and demand here..

Make a gap if you are in a long line of traffic so the locals can get out and it helps with with space to engine brake.Remember that touching the brakes costs money and momentum.Love the site.

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