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Downtown Elementary Magnet Academy custodian Mary Belton is one of the Muscogee County School District employees who would be moved to a middle school or high school if the Muscogee County School Board approves the MCSD administration’s proposal to outsource all the custodian work in its elementary schools.

Even the administration’s operations chief, David Goldberg, acknowledged the proposal would “radically change” who cleans the Muscogee County School District’s schools, but it continued toward fruition Monday night, when nobody voice opposition during the Muscogee County School Board’s work session.

Goldberg addressed board members to answer questions from them and the public since he presented the proposal during last month’s work session.

? Move its employees working as custodians at the 32 elementary schools to the 12 middle schools and nine high schools.

? Reduce the number of outsourced contractors providing custodians from four companies to one.

? Use those contracted custodians at all the elementary schools.

Goldberg again emphasized that none of the 150 MCSD employees who are custodians now would lose his or her job. How much does a cleaning lady make In fact, added human resources chief Kathy Tessin, the district anticipates needing to hire more custodians to fill all the spots after the switch is made.

The main problem superintendent David Lewis’ administration is trying to solve, Goldberg explained last month, is the logistical trouble and communication breakdown causing poor service and responsibility arguments amid the tangle of dealing with four companies as well as its own employees. Cleaning lady clipart This is especially challenging at schools served by a mix of employed and contracted custodians, Goldberg said.

Also problematic, he said, is not having direct control over the custodians at the middle schools and high schools, where the buildings are used after school and on the weekends for extracurricular activities, amounting to scheduling difficulty with the contractors, he said. Cleaning lady 3 That’s why the administration wants the MCSD custodians to be in the middle schools and high schools and the outsourced custodians to be in the elementary schools.

But, as he said last month, Goldberg acknowledged, “This is a very sensitive issue. How much do cleaning services charge per room It’s very sensitive, and it gets personal for people. How much to tip cleaning lady for the holiday I understand that piece.”

The most “heartburn,” he said, comes from “this idea of family groups or teams of people working in the schools. How much to pay cleaning lady per hour … We have some pockets in our elementary schools who have some strong teams, and they’re doing a fantastic job, but there’s just not that many of them. How much does a maid cost per hour … I understand breaking up those teams is going to be difficult. Cleaning lady tumblr However, the plan is to move those teams, if they’re good, move them together and create bigger teams in our middle schools and high schools.”

Typically, three custodians work in an elementary school and 10-12 work in a middle school or high school, Goldberg said.

“Part of doing a good job as a principal of the school is to create that team,” he said.

Lewis inherited this situation when the board hired him in July 2013 from Polk County, Fla., where he was an associate superintendent. How to find a good cleaning lady He wants to bring the board a request for proposal to approve next month as the administration seeks one contractor for the outsourced custodians.

The total annual cost of the four contracts, Goldberg said, is approximately $2 million. Cleaning lady christmas gift The contracted custodian companies, their headquarters and the annual amount MCSD is paying them, according to the information communications director Valerie Fuller provided the Ledger-Enquirer, are:

District 6 representative Mark Cantrell asked whether the contractors hired local workers to be their custodians, and Goldberg confirmed that to be the case.

Goldberg also emphasized that Hugley’s Facility Management, where board chairwoman Pat Hugley Green of District 1 works, isn’t one of the contractors and wouldn’t be part of the new system.

Other issues Goldberg addressed based on social media comments included whether the outsourced custodians steal more school district property (no, he said) and whether outsourced custodians undergo background checks (yes, he said, and they are more stringent than MCSD’s background checks).

District 7 representative Cathy Williams was the only board member who voiced an opinion about the proposal during the work session.

“I applaud this effort,” Williams told Goldberg. Cleaning lady on family guy “I think one of the exciting components of bringing you on board was that it was bringing on a new set of eyes, who had a different lens in which you looked at some of the things that we’ve done because we’ve always done them that way. Lady cleaning … Yes, it’s sensitive, and I appreciate those individuals that love the workers at their schools, but this makes so much sense. Cleaning lady family guy It makes so much sense for the efficiency of our schools and the efficiency of this district.”

Vanessa Jackson of District 3 and Frank Myers of District 8 were absent. Another word for maiden name Countywide representative Kia Chambers left the work session before this discussion.

Dimon Magnet Academy principal Janet Sellers, Rigdon Road Elementary School principal Charleen Robinson and Carver High School principal Chris Lindsey affirmed Goldberg’s assessment in their testimonies during last month’s work session. How much should i pay my cleaning lady per hour MCSD communications director Valerie Fuller denied the Ledger-Enquirer’s request last month to interview any custodians, stating in an email, “This is a proposal and no decisions have been made. Old cleaning lady None of our employees have been identified nor to be moved to any certain location. Tell it to the cleaning lady on monday It would be premature and inappropriate to do so at this time.”

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