Remarkable _dried-out clay_ retain-ing wall

The face of this retaining wall in Velsen, the Netherlands, looks like a

section through a low mound of earth, the exposed face of which has dried out.

The face of this retaining wall in Velsen, the Netherlands, looks like a

section through a low mound of earth, the exposed face of which has dried out.

The face of this retaining wall in Velsen, the Netherlands, looks like a

section through a low mound of earth, the exposed face of which has dried out.

New NOEplast Santpoort stone texture celebrates its debut in the Netherlands

An important public transportation link has recently been completed in

the Netherlands. Insulating concrete walls above grade The appearance of a concrete retaining wall is bound to exert

an enormous influence on its surroundings in these situations. Pouring concrete walls forms The client

therefore wanted the wall design to be attractive. Precast concrete retaining walls sydney The solution: a retaining

wall with a surface design created with the new NOEplast texture

HOV-Velsen is an important public transportation link recently brought into

operation between Haarlem railway station and IJmuiden.

Basement concrete wall paint ideas The HOV bus service runs

on existing roads. Polystyrene concrete wall construction To ensure the service is given priority over other traffic

and keeps to the timetable, traffic control systems were installed and the roads

redesigned to suit. Precast concrete house walls One of the results is a remarkable concrete retaining wall

in Santpoort-Noord that has the appearance of a dried-out clay soil face.

Retaining walls have an important role to play but are usually quite boring

to look at. Polished concrete walls bathroom However, they can – as can be seen from this example in

Santpoort-Noord – be more than just grey, monotonous panels. Precast concrete walls price india Because how a

retaining wall looks can considerably effect the visual quality of its

environment, it was important for the architect to create an attractive design

for this project. Insulating concrete walls The architect placed great emphasis on integrating the wall

visually into the landscape. Sanding concrete walls The inspiration for his design was provided by an

image that looked like dried-out clay. How to pour concrete walls for basement He wanted the consistent pattern and

rough texture produced in this material by cracks of various widths and lengths

to be reproduced in the surface of the retaining wall. How to make concrete walls look good But he had to find a way

of realising his ideas. Precast concrete retaining walls uk Faced with this task, he turned to NOE

Bekistingtechniek, Arkel, the Dutch subsidiary of NOE-Schaltechnik, Sussen,

Germany. Interior concrete block wall finishes The company has been involved with concrete formwork and formwork

technology for over 60 years and with concrete surfaces produced using textured

formliners for over 40 years. Precast concrete wall panels india NOEplast offers textured formliners under

the brand name NOEplast for customers who wish their concrete surfaces to be

In order to realise the clay relief envisaged by the architect, the image was

digitised, rastered and scaled to a size suitable for the retaining wall. Concrete render interior walls All

the project stakeholders were resolved that the textured surface should look as

natural as possible. Interior cinder block wall covering Furthermore, the pattern of the texture had to be capable

of being extended to any height and width. Poured concrete walls house This latter requirement presented a

big challenge but was mastered in the end. Stamped concrete basement walls The NOE team created a model using

CNC technology. Exposed aggregate retaining walls The model was used to produce a mould and intermediate

negatives, which were in turn used to manufacture the textured formliners.

The textured formliner merely has to be fixed in position in the form to give

the concrete the desired textured finish. Finishing concrete walls in basement In practice, however, for in-situ site

structures, the formliner must be glued onto the formwork, or onto a supporting

board, which is then screwed onto the formwork. Types of precast concrete panels In the precasting factory, it is

enough for the textured formliner simply to be placed into the formwork.

Depending on the actual textured formliner, it is then given a very thin layer

of release agent. Poured concrete wall forms for sale NOE-Schaltechnik offers a compatible release agent that has

been specially designed to perform excellently with textured formliners. Concrete retaining wall cost per linear foot The

pour can take place as soon as the textured formliner has been prepared. How to make concrete walls look nice After

the concrete has hardened and the formliner has been stripped, the chosen

pattern is revealed as an imprint in the concrete surface. Precast concrete retaining wall systems NOEplast textured

NOE-Schaltechnik continually strives to make its customers’ work easier.

Alone in being a supplier of both formwork and textured formliners, the company

is able to offer a special service: on request, NOE operatives can attach the

formliners to the formwork or onto a supporting panel. Precast concrete walls pretoria This is mainly of

interest on sites where uneven ground, lack of space or bad weather make the

installation of the formliners more difficult. Pouring concrete walls in sections Textured formliners installed in

this way by NOE are delivered ready for immediate use to site or the precast

Individualised customer designs and combinations of standard form

NOE-Schaltechnik welcomes requests for individualised designs from its

customers. Forming curved concrete walls Customers’ design ideas can be realised in a number of ways:

• The traditional approach is to make a model and subsequently a mould from

• Alternatively, NOE can capture surface features and characteristics

digitally with a 3D scanner and create a mould using CNC technology.

• The manufacturer has been working with CNC technology for several years to

NOE-Schaltechnik also has a huge collection of standard designs. Precast concrete fence panels residential For example,

there are standard designs to reproduce the texture of wood, stone, masonry and

plaster. Exposed concrete wall detail Furthermore, NOE can form freehand motifs, linear patterns or

NOE-Schaltechnik is therefore always in a position to offer the right

solution for its customers whatever the required concrete surface

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