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We all know how Clorox spots ruin clothes, recently I splashed Clorox on my black top. How to clean my washing machine with baking soda I was going to throw it out, then I thought I would try something. How to clean vintage barbie clothes I took a Sharpie pen (black or corresponding color) and carefully dabbed it over the Clorox splash. How to wash shirts in washing machine It worked. When can you stop washing baby clothes So now I will get more wear from my top.

Yeah-this works! I’ve done this before on boots, clothes & even some of my purses & belts.

Wash clothes in cold water to save energy The wede or leather ones. How to wash sweaty gym clothes Iron on flowers & other patches work too. Should you wash baby clothes before they wear them I had a nice thin sweater puce colored with medium blue flowers on it. How to clean workout equipment It had gotten some holes in the sleeves-little ones. What do you wash dark clothes in hot or cold I went to look for some blue flowers & found some at The Dollar Tree Luckily! I sewed them on the sleeves where the holes were & on the opposite sleeve I put one down further. When should you wash new baby clothes It looks new! It’s a great way to save $$ & also be creative.

If you are trying to get bleach stain out of tan clothing you can use a tea bag to hide the stain. How to clean underarm stains on white t shirts I discovered this trick when I used a bit of bleach to get rid of a stain on my favorite tan jacket.

If it is just a spot or two, sometimes it is possible to colour the spot with permanent marker. Washing clothes by hand games If it is the whole shirt, and just an different colour, you could just wear it as is, or redye with a darker colour — if it is the whole shirt. Should you wash your clothes inside out However, dying is a bit of a gamble — sometimes you get lovely results and sometimes it is yucky! If if is a large blotchy spot, you could try dye remover, and then redye. How to wash black clothes However, unless this is a particularly valuable tee shirt, I’d just wear it for yard work, and call it lesson learned to be more careful with bleach.

I just wanted to ask if you can help me with my black and white shirt. How to clean clothes without washing I really don’t know how to get it back to its color and I just made it worst by using Clorox on it. What type of water to wash white clothes in At first, my shirt was stained with another color on its white logo and I tried to get the white color back to white by using Clorox. What setting do you wash white clothes on I never expected to see that my whole black and white shirt was colorless. How to clean white t shirt stains Its color has faded and it is now a red/orange color, that came from the bucket I put it in with the Clorox. How to wash woolen clothes in washing machine The black and white has completely gone from the shirt. What temperature should i wash my dark clothes I hope you can recommend to me a way to get the color back :). What to wash dark clothes on ASAP thank you.

Bleach removes color on fabric. How do i clean my washing machine it smells You have removed some of the color of your shirt with bleach so you cannot bring the color back. How to wash workout clothes You can try to recolor your shirt with dye, however, the result will probably be a mottled or blotched color pattern all over the bleached areas. How to wash a white shirt with black sleeves Appears the best plan is to purchase a new shirt.

I’ve always uses sharpie permanent black marker on my black splashes of bleach and on navy blue….works wonderful. How to whiten clothes with bleach .try rubbing the marker in a little with your fingers. How to wash dyed clothes ..then it doesn’t stick out as much…..

This exact thing has happened to me. Can you wash clothes in cold water I had a terry cloth short set some years back and was devastated some bleach I was cleaning with splashed on the shorts. When i wash my clothes they still smell Looked horrible. Do you wash dark clothes in cold or hot water While in dept. How to wash clothes in hotel room store in sewing section, I had a brainstorm. Best time to do laundry to save energy Butterfly appliques caught my eye. How to clean washer with baking soda I bought the package of different sizes and sewed them on the bleach spots. How to wash black and white shirt Now, it looks like they should have been there all along. Can you wash all clothes in cold water Good luck!

Are you sure those are bleach marks? I have never had bleach make marks on white things. Hand washing white clothes with bleach However, whatever it is, you may have good luck by wetting the stain and the surrounding area and letting the sun shine on it. Do you wash black clothes in cold water Sunlight will sometimes take out stains on white items, in the same way that sunlight will fade the colour out of coloured items.

Unfortunately, Alison, bleach isn’t a stain you can remove. Super soft baby washcloths One of the things you can do is buy green felt from your local dollar or fabric store, cut the felt into a shamrock shape and sew the shamrock over the bleached spot.

I have 2 pair of jeans with bleach spots on them (one just below the waist near the zipper; the other 2 spots on the leg near inseam). How to hand wash clothes with powder detergent I want to cover them with denim colored lace, something inconspicuous. How to wash wool pants in the washing machine I think I’ll like the look of that. Wash clothes by hand tools I can add some more lace if I think it will make it look like it was “meant” to be there. How long to wash and dry clothes I’ve tried fabric pens, no match. Proper way to wash clothes in washing machine It is just as conspicuous as the bleach spot. What do you wash white clothes in I’ve been looking online, but haven’t found where I can buy denim colored lace. What can i wash my clothes with besides detergent Thought I could cut it into flower or heart or some shape I’d like. How to wash red clothes without bleeding Any help?

Maybe you could find a “Patch” with flowers, design, or a pet you like and sew it over the bleached spot. Should i wash my clothes in cold water Of course it depends on where the bleached spot is on the pants.

I do this all the time. Dry cleaning vs laundering shirts It works great. How to wash white polo shirts If you are covering a large area you might try washing the shirt on its’ own in case the ink runs. Can i wash my clothes without detergent I have never had it run when I do this, but it is usually a small spot. How to wash black and white clothes I have had to touch it up after a few washes.

I don’t know if this will work for you or not, but I once spilled bleach on my black floor rug in my car on the way to do laundry. How to wash white shirts with colored designs I took a black permanent marker and “colored” the orange spots. Washing white clothes with bleach and detergent It covered very well. What temperature to wash black clothes On a navy skirt I don’t know if the colors would match close enough. How to wash second hand clothes If you get to the point that you are about to give up, you could try this method and see. Do dry cleaners wash clothes Best of luck.

I use a colored sharpie pen that is as close to the color of the fabric as possible. Black clothes washing machine In many cases it’s still noticable but not as noticable as the bleach mark 🙂 When I have a white fabric that gets a dark spot I use liquid white-out for paper.

I am going to France soon and my dad bought me a lovely Animal top baby blue with fauz fur inside it and i have got a bleach stain on it and he is quite upset because it was 80 pounds. How to clean clothes washer tub How do i get this out and is it possible? Please help,

I have a white ball dress that was used by a family member before me, it’s absolutely stunning. How to clean laundry machine with vinegar Unfortunately it had a few food stains on the bottom so my mother tried to bleach it. How to remove red wine stains from cotton fabrics It stained it yellow so we decided to dye it a metallic grey.

The dress looks even better, but the stains are a lighter colour giving it actually a nice dip dye affect, but there are some darker patches on the bottom which I think are the normal dress, should I re-dye or use vinegar?

I think you are out of luck. How to wash clothes after color run Bleach breaks down the color molecules and once the color is gone you can’t get it back. Baking soda to clean dishwasher You could dye the fabric with a color or you could bleach out the rest of the color. How to wash clothes with lice Best of luck.

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