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Barb Rilling and Mary Rawstern were the only girls in Fairbank Township’s Zebroski family of nine kids, Ray, Jim, Dick, Phil, John, Mary, Barb, Bob and Jerry. Tip cleaning lady Barb and Mary and their brother Bob are the youngest and only remaining siblings.

“Our dad’s folks were farmers who came from Poland to Chicago and then here when he was six weeks old,” said Barb. Cleaning lady stealing “Our mom came from Iowa and settled in the Blunt area.”

Of the family’s ranch operation, Barb says that there was a bit of farming “for a while.

Cleaning lady ottawa It was just enough for the cattle.”

“It was hard work,” said Mary. Sadie the cleaning lady john farnham “We just always had something to do. How much does it cost to hire a cleaning lady We had responsibilities, and chores to do.”

Along with working with the cattle, the girls had housework chores. How much does a cleaning lady cost in toronto “When our mom was sick, Mary and I had full responsibility of doing the laundry, the garden and chickens,” said Barb.

“We’d get sent to the corn field to hoe cockleburs,” said Barb.

A chore that wasn’t too bad because of the fun that followed was picking potato bugs off the potatoes. Cleaning lady funny “We picked the bugs off and put them in kerosene, and then we’d dump the kerosene and the bugs on the ground and set a match to them and watch them burn,” said Mary.

“It was a chore that was an exciting highlight of the day,” said Barb. Pink ladies cleaning service great falls mt “We got to watch the bugs burn.”

They attended East Fairbank school, until in spite of the large number of kids in the Zebroski ranch family, it “got down to where there was only four of us,” said Mary. Average cleaning lady salary “Then we went to West Fairbank for one year, until the Kenneth Darland family moved in north of us and East Fairbank reopened.”

Of their school days, the pair remembers playing all kinds of games during recess. Cartoon cleaning lady image “We didn’t have swing sets or slides, we had to entertain ourselves,” said Mary. Cleaning lady amsterdam They recall games of tag and Anti-I-Over, in which a ball was thrown over the roof of the schoolhouse.

“We learned respect for the flag and had ceremonies,” said Barb. How to fire your cleaning lady “The schoolhouse had a pot belly stove that we cooked our food on.”

In the wintertime, the sisters say they “always looked forward to games in the snow” such as fox and goose.

“One of our highlights was to come to town day before Christmas for Santa Claus day,” said Barb. Cleaning lady tip “That was something we always looked forward to. How much does a cleaning service cost per hour We went to a free movie and then Santa Claus came and we got a sack of candy.” Barb says that the family rarely came to town.

The Zebroskis “Did not know anybody in town,” said Mary. Cleaning lady pics “We went to church in Agar until a church was moved into Onida.”

“We went to catechism in the summer time,” said Barb. Funny cleaning lady “I stayed with Campbells in Agar when I made my first communion. Maid cleaning checklist pdf Jack and I made our first communion together.”

Mary says that even though the family attended church in Agar, “Onida was our main shopping and whatever.”

When it came time, they enrolled in Onida High School. Hotel housekeeping cleaning tips Mary says that she did stay in town for school in the wintertime. Another word for maid of honor “I started out with my Aunt Charlotte Blaisdell west of town. Clipart cleaning lady I stayed with Katie Mikkelsen,

“When I started,” said Barb, “Mom had bought a house in town for the last four of us.” Barb was elected ‘Sweethearts Queen,’ but Mary says when she wasn’t working, “it was just ‘go to school.’”

They attended Boys Basketball games in the city auditorium. How much to tip cleaning lady hotel “I can’t imagine now going over there and sitting for a ball game,” said Mary. Cleaning lady pictures “It’s so small.” The basement of the Auditorium was used for activities, “and now I can’t imagine that, either.”

Barb’s thoughts of going to college “changed when I met Maynard.”

Mary married “when I was 17 and Wayne was 19. Cleaning lady resume It’s a whole different world out there now.”

Barb and Maynard had eight kids and Mary and Wayne six. Cleaning lady funny pictures The extended Zebroski families celebrated all the holidays together, and “after church on Sunday, we’d go to somebody’s house for coffee and something to eat,” said Barb.

“Sunday evenings we usually went someplace and played cards together,” said Mary. House cleaning list for maid in spanish “Somebody was always pregnant, and there’d be a half-a-dozen babies lying on the beds.”

“We have a big family reunion coming up,” said Mary. Flylady cleaning tips “Every three years we have our family reunion and it’s great. Lady genius cleaning We’ve had over 100 people the last couple of times. Cleaning lady images cartoons It’s just great.”

Of their large and caring family, the sisters say that if “something comes up that’s special, or a tragedy happens, the family is always there to support you and some drive a long ways to get here.”

“It’s so nice that second generation and third generation gets so excited about our family reunions, and that’s good,” said Mary. Cleaning lady photos “Our generation is thinning out. How much to tip house cleaners christmas Ken’s kids, all they could talk about was the family reunion. Printable house cleaning checklist for maid They’re so excited about that.”

In the community, “We were in 4-H when we were younger,” said Mary.

Until her kids were in school, Mary was a stay-at-home mom. Cleaning lady names “I went to work in the kitchen at Sully Buttes School, and I also did janitor work when I was done in the kitchen,” said Mary. How much should you pay a cleaning lady “From there to a cleaning lady for Onida Feeders for four years, then I cleaned the Sunrise Bank for 22 years.” Mary retired in 2014, but stays active taking care of her yard and a small garden and attending her kids and grandkids activities. Cleaning lady family guy meme “In the summer, I always go to Miller to cheer on my son Jeff and grandson Jordan at the car races.” She celebrated her 80th birthday in January, and says her “‘social life’ keeps me going. Flylady weekly cleaning schedule One day at a time. How much to pay a cleaning lady Live each one to the fullest.”

Barb served on the church council, and was a member of the Onida City Council for almost two decades. How much does a cleaning service charge per hour “I delivered senior meals for 20 some years,” said Barb. How much to pay cleaning lady “Mary did, too.” Barb also “planted trees for the Soil Conservation service for 14 years. How much does a cleaning lady make We worked hard, but the people I worked with made it so much fun it didn’t seem like work.”

“I was involved in that AAU wrestling,” said Barb “I was coach for 10 years.” Reflecting on Chad Uhrig’s recent induction into the Hall of Fame, Barb said, “Chad was one of my little wrestlers. Cleaning lady clipart I loved working with them. Cleaning lady 3 I had so much fun with the kids.”

Their ties to the community kept them close to home for the most part, and Mary says she’s “just not a traveler. How much do cleaning services charge per room If I go away for two days, I’m ready to come home.”

“Maynard and I did a lot of traveling through the store,” said Barb. How much to tip cleaning lady for the holiday “We were fortunate enough to be able to go on those store trips.”

“The farthest we went was to Branson, Missouri, on a trip the kids gave us,” said Mary.

The pair keeps themselves busy with hobbies. How much to pay cleaning lady per hour “I learned woodworking from John Scott in the adult ed shop classes,” said Barb. How much does a maid cost per hour “I’ve done a lot of woodworking. Cleaning lady tumblr I have a lot of things in my house that I built.”

Mary adds an element of fellowship to her quilting as a member of the Homestead Quilt Guild. How to find a good cleaning lady “I enjoy my quilting,” said Mary. Cleaning lady christmas gift “It’s something different. Cleaning lady on family guy I like the girls I quilt with.”

After spending their lifetime living within the boundaries of Sully County, neither Mary nor Barb has any interest in living elsewhere.

“Absolutely not,” said Mary. Lady cleaning “I love the community. Cleaning lady family guy You couldn’t ask for a better community.”

“We’ll just stay home and complain about the cold,” said Barb.

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