Road trip from toronto to orlando

Nice to know about your road trip plan to Disney World! Road trips are always filled with the excitement of seeing and experiencing new places and sights. Calculate fuel price for road trip As for me, I would rather go for a road trip and grasp more along the way. Route planner fuel cost Having said that, road trips can be tiring and frustrating especially for the kids. Price of natural gas per cubic feet Expenses for fuel, food and hotels spent during road trip may be cheaper than flight charges. Approximate cost of gas for a trip However, taking a flight will give you comfortable travel and more time for spending in Disney World.

Calculate fuel cost mapquest Weighing these factors, some people prefer to pay a little more and take a flight.

July will be warm in New York and Pennsylvania. Gas prices in new mexico 2014 Travelling through southern states will be hotter. Calculate gas cost u haul truck But do be prepared for rains as it is one of the rainy months. Cost of gas road trip Hurricanes could also occur in the south-east USA. Lowest gas prices by state 2014 You can get the weather forecast for your travel dates here.

Here is the road trip I have planned for you from Toronto to Orlando. How much will gas cost The route that I have chosen for your trip is the shortest one which will take you through interstates 90, 79, 77, 26 and 95. Calculate gas prices for road trip The distance is about 2,068 km and it will take about 21 hours and 30 minutes to cover.

The above route is quickest and most scenic. Estimate gas prices for a road trip As for best…well that is subjective. How much does gas cost today From the north end of Route 19 to Wythville, VA you are in the heart of the mountains. Costco gas prices medford oregon Very beautiful. Average gas prices usa map You will also go through two large mountain tunnels around Bluefields, VA. The real cost of gasoline If driving at night through the mountains be very aware of animals at the side of the road. Gas prices canada 2013 Keep your eyes open! Also, early morning in the mountains can mean plenty of fog until it burns off. Price petrol in europe Fog isn’t usually so bad in the summer months though. Average cost of gas and electric per month uk Took my wife this route 2 summers ago. Cost of gas in canada per gallon She’d only driven I75. Average cost of gas per kwh uk She loved this route because it was scenic and cut about 3 hours off the drive. Gasoline travel cost calculator There aren’t as many hotel/gas/food exits on this route but that should only be of concern in the winter. Average gas price per gallon 2013 If you are travelling on the weekends I would suggest calling ahead for hotels. Calculate gas cost of trip Many hotels through the mountainous areas can book up on weekends especially if a college football mini-camp has opened in the area. How much gas would it cost to drive 1500 miles Learned this the hardway!

I-90, I-79, US-19, I-77, I-26, I-95, I-4 is the shortest route to Orlando from Florida. How to figure fuel cost per mile However the stretch through the mountains can be a little hairy in bad weather. Cost of fuel calculator US-19 is where you really have to watch your speed. Cost of gas turbine power plant per mw You can avoid that stretch by continuing on I-79 until it hits I-77, but it will add about 80kms on to your trip.

(Source: Have you driven to Florida? Which route is best? – Forums)

To make the trip less stressful, you may have to stopover for the night somewhere along the way in West Virginia or the Carolinas. Fuel cost calculator mapquest I would recommend staying at Charlotte, North Carolina or nearby area which is about halfway.

Since you will be traveling through Beckley, West Virginia, you may want to visit a coal mine which used to be working until 1910 when it closed down. Estimate gas cost trip You could take an underground tour of the mine sitting in mine cars driving through low ceiling tunnels guided by an ex coal miner.

Being an educator, I feel the coal mines is a site that hsouldn’t be missed for all ages. Hess gas prices nj edison It does an excellent job of demonstrating the life of our earlier ancestors regarding the coal mining industry along with how those involved lived their lives. Fuel cost driving calculator The signs to get to it are quite easy to follow and there are plenty fo basic eating facilities within easy reach.

(Source: Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum Reviews – Beckley, WV Attractions – TripAdvisor)

I-77/64 exit 42. Gas heater vs air conditioner Hwy 16 (Valley Drive/Robert C. Cheap gas staten island Byrd Drive) north into town, follow the signs. Cost of gas per mile formula Cross Hwy 3 (Harper Rd), then a left on Paint St. Low cost gas near me into New River City Park.

Tour Rates: Adults (ages 13 – 54) – $20.00, Children (ages 4 – 12) – $12.00, Seniors (55 and over) – $15.00

World’s Largest Chest of Drawers was built in the 1920s to attract attention to High Point as the ‘furniture capital of the world’. Best gastric sleeve surgeon in houston tx High Point located in North Carolina is a little farther away than Winston-Salem. Average cost of gas in southern california This 20 foot tall building constructed as a dresser was the Bureau of Information office.

(Source: World’s Largest Chest of Drawers – High Point, North Carolina – Yahoo! Travel)

This highway icon is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for which you will have to detour towards left from I-77. Price of gas by state 2012 This is the only one of its kind left of the eight that were built in the 1930s by Quality Oil Company. Cost of gas for trip mapquest It was restored in the 1990s and now serves as a regional office of the company and info center.

There used to be these little shapy buildings all over. Gas prices mesa az costco Now most of them have been torn down. Estimate fuel cost google maps I remember one down near the coast that was the shape of an ice cream cone, and one in Greensboro that was the shape of a flower pot. Cheapest gas in tampa florida This one on Sprague St. Gas travel cost in Winston-Salem is the only one I know of now.

(Source: Shell-shaped Gas Station – Winston-Salem, North Carolina Attraction Reviews)

If you have a kid traveling with you, this children’s museum in Columbia, South Carolina would be an interesting place to visit. Calculate petrol cost per km nz It is the largest kid’s museum in the south. The average price of gas in 2000 The center of attraction of the museum is a 40 foot tall boy made of molded plastic. Average cost of gas per month Climbing through and inside the largest boy in the world could be thrilling for the kids.

Marsha’s Edith Ann moment (w Eddie at Edventure) (Source: val_green)

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by Mr. Compare gas boiler insurance Eddie, the world largest kid! Mr. Calculate gas cost for trip Z and Miss J didn’t waste any time going up Eddie from the inside out. Much gas will cost my trip It was so cool and a bit gross at the same time to be able to see the inside of Eddie. Average cost of electricity gas and water per month After a few slide up and down inside Eddie’s internal system, we reminded them that there were more stuff to see and check out. Journey planner with fuel cost You have gotta try the slide inside Eddie, they do produce special sound to teach kids about digestive system.

(Source: Columbia With Kids: EdVenture Childrena€™s Museum | The Q Family Adventures Travel Blog)

Admission: Children and Adults – $9.50, Seniors (62+) – $8.50, Military (with ID) – $8.50

This jail is nothing like Alcatraz but it was constructed by the same company that built Alcatraz. Cheapest gas prices united states right now The pink jail building in St. How to work out gas kwh cost Augustine, Florida, looks more like a hotel than a prison from the outside. Cost of gas bill per month However, it has a grim past serving as a county prison from 1890 to 1953.

This tour was so interesting. Average cost of gas bill per month for one person The guide, Everitt, was funny, knowledgable and efficient. Gas cost estimator The jail itself is a great piece of history. How much does a gallon of gas cost in california One of the best historic tours!

(Source: Authentic Old Jail Reviews – Saint Augustine, FL Attractions – TripAdvisor)

I hope this helps! If you decide to stay the night at Charlotte, we could provide you with suggestions on accommodation and places of interest in the area or for that matter any place that you would like information on. Average cost gas fireplace insert installation What about accommodation in Orlando? Do get back to us for any clarifications or information.

In case you decide to take a longer route through Interstate – 75, ‘ Along Interstate 75’ by Dave Hunter is a good read.

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