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With the threat of flooding upon us, homeowners should make general preparations to keep their family safe from the dangers flooding presents. Tip for cleaning lady Southwest District Health offers tips to respond appropriately to health hazards that may arise during emergency flooding.

“In our rural counties, we are particularly concerned with private sewage systems and domestic wells,” stated Brian Crawford, Division Director of Environmental Health Services for Southwest District Health.

Crawford explained that bacterial contamination of drinking water is very common when private water supplies are compromised with flood water.

Pink lady cleaning service Water supplies that are contaminated with bacteria can cause gastrointestinal illness. French cleaning lady costume In addition, when flooding conditions occur, private sewage systems cannot function properly and may cause hazardous situations for homeowners.

In general, Crawford cautions to always wash your hands with soap and water, from non-contaminated water sources or water that has been boiled before preparing or eating food; after toilet use; or following flood clean-up activities.

“Another health concern to consider if breast feeding is not an option, is using bottled water for formula preparation,” Carol Julius, Division Director of Nutrition and Health Promotion said. How much do cleaning services charge “If bottled water is not available, then Ready to Feed formula should be used.”

Crawford outlined general preparations to keep your family safe when you expect flooding.

n Find out if you live in a flood zone. Do you tip a maid service If so, make sure you have flood insurance. Another word for barmaid Keep important documents and valuables in a safe deposit box.

n Assemble a supply kit – it should include a first aid kit, essential medications, extra clothing, blankets, battery-powered radio, flashlight, whistle, extra batteries, canned food, can opener, three gallons of water per person, pet food, hand sanitizer, and any special items for infants, elderly, or disabled family members. Cleaning lady in family guy Don’t forget cash in case ATM’s won’t function. Tipping cleaning lady christmas Prepare a list of prescription medication used by each family member.

n Talk to family members about what each member should do in case of a flood. How much do i tip my cleaning lady Choose safe places to go if you need to evacuate. The cleaning lady Don’t forget your pets.

n If you have a private well, make sure it is up to code. Flylady cleaning checklist Make sure there are no cracks in the exposed casing or the “lid.”

n If you have a septic system, make sure it is full of liquid. Another word for cleaning lady A high water season is not the time to have tanks pumped.

n If you have a basement, you may need to plug floor drains to keep sewage from backing up.

n Know how to turn off electrical power, natural gas, or propane tanks in case there is a risk of floodwater.

n Make sure pesticides and other hazardous chemicals are stored high and safely contained.

n Listen to local radio and TV stations. How much does a maid cost in singapore If you are told to evacuate, do so immediately.

n If you have a septic system, do not flush or run water through sinks and toilets. Cleaning lady salary If you have a septic system that requires power, turn off the electrical circuit.

n Remember: DO NOT drink water from your well if it has been submerged by flood water. How much do you tip cleaning lady Your well may become contaminated and the water will need to be tested to see if it is safe.

n Do not allow children to play in the floodwater as it will contain harmful organisms, chemical contamination, and physical hazards.

n When Encountering Flooded Roads. Flylady sink cleaning Turn Around–Don’t Drown. Cleaning lady ads examples Drivers should never attempt to cross flooded roads in a vehicle. The cleaning lady company Statistics show that flood deaths normally occur in vehicles.

n Use extreme caution when entering a previously flooded area. Cleaning lady cost If you discover any chemical containers or propane tanks, do not move them yourself. Cleaning lady crossword clue Call local law enforcement.

n If you have a septic system, do not use until water has receded. Pink ladies cleaning las vegas The septic tank may need to be pumped, but once the ground around it has dried. What does your cleaning lady do If the ground is washed away exposing the septic system, contact the health department to inspect prior to using.

n Do not pump water out of basements too quickly. Cleaning lady 2 Exterior water pressure could collapse the walls.

n Throw out any food, canned or otherwise, that has come in contact with flood water. How much does a cleaning lady charge If the refrigerator or freezer was not working, throw out all perishable food if it has been kept in temperatures over 40°F for longer than two hours.

n If your well was submerged by flood water, do not use the water without boiling or treating until your well is tested or the municipality can ensure the water is safe to drink. Do you tip a house cleaning service If you need to disinfect your well, contact Southwest District Health at 455-5400.

Department of Environmental Quality ; American Red Cross ; National Weather Service;

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