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This loss is a perfect example of why SERVPRO’s expertise is highly sought after by our clients. Do you tip a house cleaning service This loss was the result of a overflowing toilet which contained sewage. Spanish cleaning lady names The initial cleaning was done by the homeowner but no professional dry down or remediation was done.

This mold growth occurred over the course of six months when we were finally called in to help

The recent winter storms throughout the Camarillo area have wreaked havoc for so many of our customers.

Sadie the cleaning lady youtube This customer discovered a roof leak during the recent rains. How much should a cleaning lady cost Area affected included a secondary room and hallway upstairs and the attice area. How much do cleaning services charge per hour Drying was complicated by delays in fixing the roof leak as the rains continued.

The above photo shows one of the heavier areas in the attic that was affected by the rain and leaks.

For the first time in several years, winter storms have hit the Ventura County area hard. Another word for maiden Notably, area streams and lakes have had their highest water level in years. The cleaning lady greenville sc However, with the higher water levels comes flooding.

This photo, taken on highway 101 in northern Ventura County, illustrates just how heavily area roads were impacted by the storms.

This mold job was caused by a long-term leak from pipes in the ceiling. How much should i pay my cleaning lady Due to the leak, this job also included a water loss, so extraction of standing water was necessary in the ceiling. Hotel cleaning lady called Even with standing water, the wood framing was able to be dried quickly to allow for sanding to assist in the remediation process. Cleaning lady halloween costume The loss was kept to one room totaling approximately 80 square feet. Tipping cleaning service hotel Once demolition began and our technicians were able to look inside the wall, it was discovered mold was also on the backside of the drywall which resulted in the removal of the drywall as well.

This mold remediation took place in a client’s bathroom. Old lady cleaning In our photo you can see the toilet has already been removed and where the mold had begun to grow. How much does a cleaning lady cost per hour The area affected also included the bathtub, however only removal of the tile and drywall was necessary.

This staircase had to be gutted as a result of mold from a previous water loss. How much to tip cleaning lady at christmas Carpet, padding, and the drywall lining the stairwell all had to be removed before equipment would be placed to clean the air and begin remediation.

This fire began from some damaged electrical wiring in a client’s bathroom. Cleaning lady adelaide The fire did extensive damage to the bathroom, including breaking through the ceiling drywall. Cleaning lady cartoon The fire department was called and as a result a water loss was also incurred which we were able to cover as well.

This fire was started within a microwave unit. How much does a maid cost per week The resulting damage led to the removal of the stove unit as well. How much do you tip the cleaning lady at christmas As you can see by the severity of the fire, heavy soot coated the home so much that HEPA vacuuming was required before any other work could be done.

This job actually came to us from a customer in Simi Valley. How much do you give cleaning lady for christmas After putting out an electrical-related fire, the resulting water flooding necessitated a call to us for some extraction, drying, and then fire cleanup. Flylady cleaning products This one ticked a lot of boxes and we were glad to make it “Like it never even happened”

This was one of our more interesting calls. How to be a cleaning lady A suspected arsonist began a fire on this client’s front porch. How much do cleaning ladies charge an hour As you can see the damage was rather extension on the porch. How much should i tip my cleaning lady christmas The majority of the damage inside the house was residual from the fire outside.

This loss was the result of a cooking fire that left ash residue as far as the den, on the other side of the home. Cleaning lady gets house In the photo you can see the loss site which included the exhaust fan. How much should you tip your cleaning lady As a result of the smoke and fire getting into the exhaust fan, a duct cleaning was also needed to complete the job.

Upon arrival to a water damage our SERVPRO of Camarillo crew found no standing water but once the baseboards were removed a significant amount of mold was found. Cleaning lady forced Dehumidifiers were placed immediately and the process of mold remediation began.

This photo and caption comes courtesy of crew member, Hector G.

“Most disasters call for traditional drying methods, but sometimes we improvise and improve on our traditional ways. Cleaning maid costume Here we have an LGR dehumidifier reducing the relative humidity in the room as well as increasing the temperature of the ambient air, meanwhile the air movers will send the hot air through the plastic ducting and exit directly over the affected area through strategically cut slits aiding in the evaporation rate and this drying out as efficiently as possible.”

An office building was hit with a huge loss over the July 4th weekend. How to fire a cleaning lady Luckily an employee forgot a person item and as she returned for it, she recognized the loss and contacted us. Pictures of cleaning lady We were on site quickly and working to make it “Like it never even happened.” Even on a three day holiday weekend.

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