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Technically, no, this was not a rugby match. How to clean utility sink Rugby matches only last 80 minutes.

Late afternoon last month in downtown Vancouver, Canada, a day after its grand-opening, hundreds (thousands? millions?) of customers jostled one another in Lululemon’s sparkling-new, 4,400-square foot flagship store on the southeast corner of Robson and Burrard streets.

When should you wash baby clothes These young, beautiful people scooted around racks of T-shirts and hoodies and pants, hoping to snag one of the latest creations from the athletic-wear behemoth that traces its roots only a few miles away.

Dressing room lines stretched 20 minutes long. How do you clean dry clean only clothes at home There was a professional seamstress on site sewing customized shorts. Dark clothes wash in cold water Several people (already clad in old Lululemon clothes) waited in line at the shelves. Dry cleaning process for clothes This was for the men’s underwear, labeled as ABC—Anti-Ball Crushing. How to wash baby clothes with poop on them Medium sizes, of nearly every item, were scarce. Do you wash clothes inside out Long-sleeve, silver-lined shirts disappeared by the minute. One customer couldn’t decide between two colors of the shirts (each priced at $79.99), so he picked up both, saying to a friend, “One will be gone if I leave it. Wash clothes before wearing I’ll decide at checkout.” Smart move. How to clean dingy white t shirts Four minutes later, the entire rack was cleared. Sweat-wicking, four-way stretch pants ($98.00), hanging on a nearby rack, vanished. So too, it seemed, did some of the people. How to wash wool trousers Said another customer to his friend, “I’ll see you outside. Does washing your clothes in hot water kill bed bugs This is f****** insane.”

To be clear: this was the men’s section. How do i wash my clothes The men’s section of a what’s known internationally as a women’s brand. How to hand wash white clothes with bleach Yes, Lululemon, your girlfriend’s yoga pants-maker, designs clothes for men. How to wash white clothes and make them whiter Like, every type of athletic gear you could ever imagine owning. How to wash colored clothes And it’s not stopping any time soon. Should you wash baby clothes separately Lululemon is making an enormous push to capture the men’s market for athletic wear. What can you use to wash clothes instead of detergent Nearly every current Lululemon store is overwhelmingly dedicated to women, but the company appears likely to shift that balance to a more even distribution in the coming months and years.

And if the scene in Vancouver is any indication, Lululemon is all-in. How to clean clothes without water It’s going for broke, looking to achieve world domination, or die trying. How to clean white cotton shirts (Later this week, the company will announce its second quarter earnings report; analysts expect revenue to be around 11 percent gains, which would be up 12 percent for the year.) This, then, leads us to a rather important question. How to wash red and white shirt Should you wear Lululemon?

[Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Supercompressor was a guest of Lululemon’s in Vancouver as part of a media tour last month. How to wash clothes with bleach front load machine Meaning, of course, Lululemon covered our accommodations, and offered samples of their product to wear for review. How to wash cotton shirts without shrinking them Lululemon as a company, though, has no editorial control over this article or any subsequent reviews of its products.]

Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson, Lululemon has grown from a small private company in Vancouver to a multi-international athletic wear powerhouse with more than 200 store locations, roughly 7,500 employees world-wide, and over $1.3 billion in sales in 2013. Should you wash new baby clothes before wearing Impressive stats, sure, but it’s likely you’ve heard of Lululemon through a number of separate headlines over the years.

You may know of Lululemon because last year it had to recall a line of its women’s yoga pants for being see-through. How to wash clothes You may also know of Lululemon because Wilson worsened this controversy by saying that not all women were meant to wear its yoga pants, which translated to the mainstream as the Lululemon CEO calling women who wore the yoga pants too fat. When to wash clothes You may also know it from this. How often to wash shirts Or this. Do you wash colored clothes in hot or cold water Or, well, all of the rest here from Mr. Wash clothes with vinegar to set color Wilson, who was forced to resign last December because of his remarks. How to wash hair with baking soda and vinegar (The company caused another stir earlier this year after spouting some apparently not-so data-driven ideas about sunscreen.)

It’s been a tumultuous 16 years, and a rough last year, to say the least. How to shrink 100 rayon shirt It was no surprise, then, when earnings took a tumble in 2013 as part of the fallout from the pants debacle. How to wash clothes infested with bed bugs “No matter what we were doing for about a year, it felt like it was wrong,” says Deanne Schweitzer, vice president of women’s design. Should i wash new baby clothes before wearing “Somebody was going to attack. Do you wash colored clothes in cold water We were the brand [everyone] loved to hate.”

Throughout the weekend in Vancouver several Lululemon staffers did (not incorrectly) point out the fact that Lululemon simply makes athletic gear; it’s not trying to save the world, in other words. Wash clothes in dishwasher A fair sentiment, of course, but by selling those workout pants that near or exceed $100 a pop, well, you inherit a certain level of trust that customers come to expect.

This of course comes at a price. How to dry clean clothes at home Lululemon’s menswear, built to be versatile, is for consumers to feel like they can run, lift weights, ride a bike, play softball, or even swim in, say, a single pair of shorts.

“It’s product that spans all the things we think the modern guy does,” VP Schweitzer says. How to wash newborn clothes and blankets Our guy has a personal trainer, he goes and plays pickup basketball, or he’s in men’s league hockey. How to clean white tee shirts Not all athletic gear out there has the same breadth.”

To create such a garment takes time. Wash white clothes in cold or hot water It takes the right fabric. How to wash clothes fast It takes the right amount of testing. Should you wash baby clothes in non bio It takes some of the smartest designers in the country to build. Wash the clothes games In short: it’s expensive to make, therefore it’s expensive to sell.

“We have a very focused target on who he [the target consumer] is, what he does, what he makes,” Del Toro says. How to properly wash clothes in washing machine “There is absolutely a focal point of, ‘We think he is X-age, he makes roughly X-amount.”

Those X numbers? Del Toro says the guy is likely aged in his mid-30’s, and notes: “We know we’re not inexpensive,” he says. Crochet baby washcloths “You have to be at a certain point in your life to say, ‘I’m going to invest in quality and invest in myself,’ so that’s how we look at the conversation with him.”

Quantify however you see fit; income levels mean different things in different parts of the country. How to wash clothes properly Here, then, are a few admittedly enormous generalizations that Lululemon may not disagree with:

1) Are you 23-years-old, just out of college, broke, and taking a temp job in New York City? Perhaps skip the Lululemon store, for now, and make sure you stay fed.

2) Are you 29-years-old, just got your first bonus after a big year of sales and you live with your girlfriend in the Washington D.C. Can you wash clothes with dish detergent suburbs? Go ahead, maybe treat yourself to a Lululemon workout shirt that your friends would likely disapprove of.

3) Are you 38-years-old, own your own tech startup and sit in board meetings a few times a week? Go on in, dude.

But another question lingers. How to wash light colored clothes How do you get men to wear women’s clothes?

I got this question from every single person who I told that I was doing a story on Lululemon. How to whiten white clothes that have yellowed Not one person, male or female, whom I spoke to knew that the company sold menswear. How to clean white shirts collar This of course is anecdotal, but even Lululemon will admit that the perception of being a women’s-only brand is the company’s biggest challenge in terms of bridging the gender gap. How to clean black canvas Where, really, does it even start?

“Our gateway drug has been the underwear,” says Schweitzer, of the anti-ball crushing garment. How to clean laundry sink “Often times we get guys in the underwear and it’s like, as soon as you can get guys to trust the underwear, you can get them to trust the outwear.”

The drug analogy isn’t a poor one; Lululemon seems to embody characteristics of a drug supplier. How to wash white t shirts with bleach It rarely advertises on a large scale, much of its brand awareness and popularity comes from word-of-mouth, and its exclusivity allows members to feel part of the club, like they have a secret no one else knows. How to properly wash clothes Call them the Heisenberg of athletic gear—get ‘em hooked, and they’re all yours while you build an empire.

Chief product officer Tara Poseley said that after its third annual half-marathon (“Seawheeze”) in Vancouver sold out in just under 40 minutes, the company flew in over 170 people from across North America—all expenses paid—via a golden ticket system so that they could run. Wash white clothes in what temperature “It’s not about that,” Poseley says when asked if, overall, Lululemon makes money off the marathon.

On race day in Vancouver, though, it was clear very few men were out for the race. How to clean soiled baby clothes Lululemon said only 13 percent of the runners were men. How to wash clothes in whirlpool automatic washing machine Will Lululemon be able to figure out how to transfer the frenzy that women’s clothes create to the men’s side?

“The best thing we can do is get you in the [clothes],” Schweitzer says. Best time to wash clothes “And you experience it. How to brighten white clothes naturally And you’re like, ‘Okay, now I need more. How to wash shirt in washing machine This has become my go-to in my closet’.”

Indeed, Lululemon can count at least one skeptic whose view has changed.

In Vancouver, for some reason, I decided to run in the half-marathon. Washing clothes with vinegar front loader I don’t know why. How to wash woolen clothes in ifb washing machine I don’t run. Wash white clothes I hate running. Should i wash baby clothes I’m “active,” but I haven’t run more than a 10K in my entire life. Can white clothes be washed with colors But here I was staring down 13.1 miles of pure, unadulterated horror. Best way to wash clothes in washing machine What better way, I thought, to wear for the first time all Lululemon clothing, and put to rest this crap about it being so great. Do you wash new baby clothes before use I wore its shorts and long-sleeve shirt for the 7 a.m. How to wash clothes without shrinking them race. How to clean a white shirt that has yellowed Bring on the thigh-chafing; here comes the nipple burn/bleed.

Nope. What temperature to wash clothes to kill bacteria None of it. How to wash clothes exposed to poison ivy I ran (and walked) the race in two hours and 16 minutes, finishing with not a single problem concerning my gear. How to clean white clothes with bleach Nipples in tact. How to wash white clothes with bleach by hand Legs unscratched and un-red (and I’m not exactly “thin” in the legs), and my balls were anti-crushed even after two-plus hours of concrete pounding. What do you wash baby clothes with My kidneys, heart, and lungs nearly quit, I’m sure, but I would have looked and felt great on the outside had I actually collapsed and died. How to clean gym equipment Since the race I haven’t been able to find an excuse not to wear the clothes.

I wanted to hate these clothes. How to wash clothes in semi automatic washing machine video Like really, really badly. How to remove red wine from clothes when dry Why? Well because I’m like that, and I don’t believe you need expensive things to enjoy yourself. Do u wash white clothes hot cold (Also, see the above links.) Lululemon seems to border on being a cult. What to wash newborn baby clothes in I generally am opposed to cults.

But goddamnit, Mr. How to clean black fabric shoes Del Toro is right: you feel more confident in their clothes when you work out. Can you wash white clothes without bleach They do what they promise. How do i wash white clothes They are well-built, durable and, for instance, you can wear their shorts with built-in lining almost anywhere.

My last two Fridays in NYC could be one long, sappy advertisement for the company. How to wash clothes easily Beginning at 9 a.m. How do you wash white clothes with bleach in the office, I wore its shorts (we’re a casual office), which are laid-back yet stylish enough that, from 10 feet away or more, they appear as a nice khaki pair from Ralph Lauren.

Later in the afternoon I found myself diving into a pool. How to get white shirt collars clean Wearing the shorts. What do you wash black clothes in In the pool. How do i clean my washing machine door seal About 30 minutes later I was by the bar, wearing the shorts, which had already dried. Can i wash wool sweater in washing machine Later in the day I played Wiffle ball. How to wash clothes with vinegar in he washer In the shorts. Cleaning washing machine drum with vinegar That night at a concert, I was wearing the shorts, which, because it has a zipper, properly secured my wallet and phone throughout. How do you say wash clothes in spanish There is, to my knowledge, not another piece of clothing in my closet that could perform to such a degree.

Lululemon’s men’s clothes break down three fold: sweat, post-sweat, no sweat. How to wash white clothes with color That’s all well and good, but it seems Lululemon’s being modest. Wash dark clothes in hot or cold water In practice, many of its clothes can fit all three categories.

As I’ve mentioned before, Lululemon is not cheap. How to wash hand knitted baby clothes If you’re surviving on Ramen noodles every night, Lululemon should not be your regular hangout. How to wash new clothes Put ‘em on your Christmas wish list.

But if you have the money and you care about quality and want to look not like your father at the YMCA in the early ‘70s, perhaps see if you can prove yourself wrong and wear its clothes for a week.

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