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I have always wanted to have a cool architectural t-shirt but I never really liked the ones I found and as a result, I’ve never had that cool architectural t-shirt. Dark spots on clothes from washing machine Back when I was in school, before the invention of the Internet where you can find just about anything you ever wanted, you were out of luck finding a cool t shirt unless you had the ability to make it yourself … which I didn’t. Temperature to wash white shirts For some reason, since I was wasting a full 6 hours a night sleeping, I decided that I was going to try designing my own t-shirts. Where can i wash my clothes near me It started off just being for myself but I was pleasantly surprised by some of the feedback I received. How to wash colored clothes with white As a result, I’ve expanded on my idea and I am bringing these babies into the light of day. Carters baby washcloths Hopefully it’s not like seeing a bar in the light of day – some things are best left in the dark.

The concept is a periodic table of design – complete with each shirt having its place on the actual periodic table, as well as the key components that make up each element, i.e. How to wash white shirt with black letters – for the element Mo “Modern”, you have a George Nelson clock, an Arco Floor lamp, and the Swan Chair from Arne Jacobsen. How long to wash baby clothes in dreft Each element has its own hieroglyphs – each lovingly created by me. What do you wash newborn clothes in I tried to make these as pro as I am able which included using lots of different software platforms, some of which I barely know. How to wash t shirts without ruining the lettering I drew each graphic in AutoCAD, imported it into Adobe Illustrator, exported everything to Photoshop where I assembled all the different pieces, and then exported it out as a PNG file so that it could get printed on these shirts. What temperature do you wash black clothes Was it worth it? I don’t know, but I did it so that these would be vector graphics and would print out clean and sharp. Hand wash clothes in washing machine I like to accomplish what I set out to do and I feel like I’ve done that here.

Each “element” has it’s own unique elemental class – which started out as something completely ridiculous but made me laugh. How to wash laundry with bleach The Architecture Student elemental class was: ‘Sleepili Deprivicus’ … but after seeing a pattern emerge (drinkicus, teesquaricus, lampicus, ramenoodlicus, etc.icus) and realizing that almost all were ending with “icus” it wasn’t funny anymore. How to clean wool pants Okay, it was still a little funny. How to clean dress shirt collar stains The names are in Latin but they actually mean something now. Best time of day to do laundry to save energy The elemental class for Modern is: “apparatus pro victus” which loosely translates into “Machine for Living”. Best way to wash colored clothes Since Latin is a dead language and you are unlikely to run into anyone who will be able to translate what it really means, you can make up your own, much cooler meaning … or I could go back to “stinkicus bloodyfingericus”.

** UPDATE ** due to billions of requests, now there are ladies t-shirts … they are of the same design, just on lady shaped t-shirts. How do you wash clothes without shrinking them ( here)

You can also click on each shirt graphic here to be taken directly to that t-shirt on my Life of an Architect Printfection shop – you know … if you wanted to do something like that.

Each of these t-shirts comes in many different colors, so if you hate brown (which I have heard is a crazy possibility) you can change the t-shirt to a color that you would prefer.

Okay, so I don’t actually think that any interior designers are going to wear this t-shirt out in public, it’s hot but not haute. How to clean clothes without washer However, I have it on good authority that after seeing this shirt, Ric­cardo Tisci is rethinking his Spring line … as well he should be. How to wash clothes that bleed Thank goodness that these are perfect for wearing while your trying to figure out what you are going to wear.

When I asked around before doing this, I was told that I had better not remove the original ‘Old School Architect’ …

Since the detail of these is hard to see at this scale, I’ve included the individual elemental graphics here at a larger scale. What temperature wash white clothes The t-shirt size of each graphic is 5.5? wide and 9.72? tall, or in other words, big enough to see what’s going on.

These are the individual elemental hieroglyphs that show up on the various t-shirts … yes, believe it or not I designed and drew each one of these suckers in AutoCAD. Do you wash all baby clothes before wearing The map of Rome and the tree were by far the biggest pains to create, but if you’re going to try and do something, you might as well give your it best 60% – at least that’s what I always say.

So here’s the kicker: Since I appreciate you tolerating my self-indulgence, I am going to be giving away a bunch of these t-shirts over the next few weeks (the feedback and giveaway period ends September 9th, 2011). How to wash baby clothes with dreft All you have to do to possibly get one for free is to tell me which one you want (which element and the t-shirt color) down in the comment section below. Best way to wash baby clothes If you want to enter twice, head on over to my Life of an Architect Facebook page and tell me there as well. How to wash baby clothes before birth If you are chosen as one of the winners, I will send you a discreet email asking for your size preference.

If you don’t want to wait, or can’t bear the thought of not winning, please feel free to buy one seven of these t-shirts … either for yourself or for that someone special; it will show them that you care … not a whole lot but enough to get them a t-shirt. How to clean white clothes with stains If I do sell any of these things, please know that I intend to take my wife out to dinner. How to wash clothes without fading color When I am sitting on the couch writing garbage these insightful and inspiring posts, I really should be taking out the trash, cleaning the cat box, building fires or squishing bugs … taking my wife out once in a while on the Life of an Architect website dime is the least I can do, wouldn’t you agree?

Eventually I will add some more “elements” to the line up here – I’ve already had a special request for a “ Life Wife of an Architect” t-shirt so that one is already in the pipeline. How to clean deodorant stains from black shirts It’s also possible that the hieroglyphs will “periodically” ( good one Bob!) change so be prepared for something that exists today to be different from what might be coming in the future. Can you dry clean hand wash only clothes As always, cheers and thank you.

ps – (twisting imaginary handlebar mustache, raising and lowering eyebrows) all the graphics are copyrighted so please don’t abscond with them for your own nefarious and dastardly uses

Would architecture be a waste of my artistic talent? Also how much drawing is there done in architecture cause I’m considering the field. How do i hand wash clothes Mostly I’m considering it because I’m gifted in math and drawing. How to make white clothes whiter with lemon Those are my strongest suits but my passion is art. How to wash t shirts I don’t mind problem solving or nothing but math is just something that comes natural so that’s not typically anything I care whether I do or don’t do. Steps to wash clothes by hand I do admire the works of the field. How to wash clothes with a washboard That was the first thing brought the consideration of becoming one in the first place cause there are so many gorgeous designs really. How to remove odor from gym clothes It appeals to me as an art would really.

Well, you can click on any of the individual shirts to go to that design. How to wash clothes fast by hand The good news is that I have added women’s tee-shirts to the mix (because women are shaped differently…)


Would love to have the Ar architects shirt in black. How do you wash tie dye shirts Thankfully still employed so i can pass up the free one, if you want to let me know how I can purchase one. How to wash clothes in ifb washing machine If you said so above…just know..i only really look at pictures and hate to read these long discertations in architect speak. How to wash colored clothes without fading yawn.

Good idea – I just need to find the time to generate the next wave. How to separate clothes to wash The ones I have in mind include:

Eventually I thought I would include the major architectural periods like Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, etc.

Bob: I am on a team of persons trying to raise money for an architech friend. How to wash white laundry He is 35 years old and was happily married with a 1 year old baby and was a marathon runner. Place to wash clothes During a marathon here in Jacksonville Florida (at age 35 last year) he had a massive heart attack. Do you wash dark clothes in warm or cold water He was brought back to life on the course and had heart surgery. How to wash black shirts without fading He lost oxygen to his brain and was in a coma for weeks. How do you wash airbrushed t shirts He is now finally walking again and talking too. Washing clothes in cold water vs warm But has to re-learn everything….. How to clean clothes without detergent and I mean everything like reading, math, etc. What temperature to wash white clothes on He cannot work, of course, and the medical bills are gigantic. How to wash clothes in a washing machine We are doing a run for him to raise money and we want to use cool T-shirts that are about things he likes. What water to wash white clothes in His name is Jared, by the way. Should you wash clothes in warm or cold water Would you be willing to donate 5 shirts to our cause possibly?? the 5 shirts are only for one of our 13 teams. How to wash tie dye shirts We are trying to raise $1,000 per team for him. How to dry clean cotton clothes at home Please let me know. How to clean your clothes without a washing machine The shirt we like the best for our team is the one with the archtech at his desk…. How to clean a washing machine with baking soda well, if beggars can be choosers. How to wash dark clothes Thanks for considering my request. How to clean fabric sofa with baking soda peace,

I am really sorry to hear about the terrible situation for your friend, I hope you are able to help him out in some meaningful manner. Black clothes washer As to your request, I would have to pay for the creation of those shirts just as you would – despite them being my designs. What temperature to wash clothes with stains With the exception of $2, the entire purchase price of each shirt goes to the company that makes them. Can you wash your clothes with dish soap As much as I would like for you to have a successful event, I can’t afford to donate product to everyone who asks. How to clean white clothes that have turned pink It makes me feel like a complete jerk to say no but I just don’t have the financial capability to accommodate your very reasonable request.

That having been said, I am happy to donate what I do have – time and some energy. How to clean cloth car seats with baking soda If you have a page or a link to the event, I am happy to use Life of an Architect to get the word out.

Holy crap Bob! I just found your site and realized TODAY was the 9th! I would love if you had either the CAD ninja or the skull and Tsquares in a medium! I have been on your blog for the past 3 hours. Can i wash white shirts with colors Keep up the good work!

Bob I love your Element Design T-Shirts, and yes I am a stickler for paying homage to the Old School, so please don’t remove the Old School Architect from the Line up.

It did give me an idea, which maybe I could work with you to develop, a series or a line of t-shirts that are dedicated to the “old school architect”!

An image of the Bauhaus or Villa Savoye comes to mind for some reason anyone else?

Bob, you’re an inspiration to architectural buffs like myself. White clothes wash in what water Alas, I can’t request the Architect Shirt, no license. How to wash dress shirts in washing machine Can’t request the Architectural Student shirt unless it stands for school of hard knocks enrollment. Wash your clothes I would be proud to wear the Cad Ninja shirt as that is what I find myself doing 12 hours a day. How to clean leather couches with baking soda Oh, and in dark chocolate, so it wont show when my breakfast of Oreos goes crumbly. Wash white clothes hot or cold Kudos on another great idea!

Bob, you’re an inspiration to architectural buffs like myself. How to wash colored clothes first time Alas, I can’t request the Architect Shirt, no license. How to wash clothes in top load washing machine Can’t request the Architectural Student shirt unless it stands for school of hard knocks enrollment. How to wash black clothes in washing machine I would be proud to wear the Cad Ninja shirt as that is what I find myself doing 12 hours a day. What happens when you wash clothes in cold water Oh, and in dark chocolate, so it wont show when my breakfast of Oreos goes crumbly. How to wash multi colored clothes Kudos on another great idea!

Well, I wanted Architect, but I don’t drink coffee…or any hot liquids for that matter. How to wash shirts by hand I know. How do i clean my washing machine It’s weird. Black spots on clothes from washing machine Anyhoo, I think i’d go with Design. How to wash hunting clothes scent free It’s simple, clean and I do indulge in a cocktail or three. Best way to hand wash clothes Bauhaus was a consideration, but the icons are a little too intricate, especially the chair, which is not what I think of when I see the word Bauhaus.

Charcoal shirt, light grey (silver?) logo. How to dry clean clothes at home in hindi That’s the ticket.

Okay, couldn’t wait and after spending half the afternoon determining which designs were my favorites, I placed an order. How to clean white clothes without bleach Figured I read this blog too much to not support a lovely night out for Bob and his wife. Dry clean hand wash clothes Or at least a clean cat box once and a while… ?? Cheers!

The complimentary advice provided on ‘Life of an Architect’ is based on an abbreviated examination of the minimal facts given, not the typical extensive (and sometimes exhaustive) analysis I conduct when working with my clients. What temperature do you wash dark clothes in Therefore, anything you read on this site is not a substitute for actually working with me. Color clothes wash hot or cold Following my casual advice is at your own peril … How to get clean clothes in washing machine if you want my undivided attention, I would recommend hiring me. How to wash clothes correctly Cheers.

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