Telespar unistrut telescopic square tubing

Telespar Unistrut Telescopic Square Tubing (for seat adjustment mechanisms, etc.)

If you don’t need a whole truckload of telescopic tubing for your project, then you’ve come to the right place. Wash white clothes on hot or cold You can order as little as 24 ft of tubing from us – which is our minimum order. Natural way to wash clothes without detergent Typically, OEMs and other large manufacturers purchase these products in large quantities so that is how they are sold – which discriminates against the “little guy” – who needs a smaller quantity of the product when there isn’t a substitute.

Washing clothes with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide Ordering 2000+ ft of a single size is simply out of the question for a small shop or individual working on a one-of-a-kind project. How to wash wool pants at home So we are very happy to fill this void!

Telescopic tubing is much more expensive because there are very few mills making such a product. How to wash second hand baby clothes Adding to production costs is the use of ONLY prime material of a consistent quality. How to wash a homemade tie dye shirt The raw material is very clean and completely free of mill slag. Best way to wash clothes At first glance one could easily mistake the raw material for cold rolled steel. How do i wash baby clothes The quality control process to make telescopic tubing is much more complicated and restricted as compared to rolling standard tubing. How should you wash white clothes The final product must be STRAIGHT, and NOT twisted. How to wash wool pants dry clean only It must be

VERY square and rolled within tight dimensional tolerances. How to remove dried red wine stains from fabric Standard tubing of the same size can be produced such that the final product is bent, twisted, out of square, as well as other anomalies and still pass inspection. How to clean fabric without washing After all, the expectation of inserting a freely telescoping inner tube isn’t there to worry about.

What makes telescopic tubing work the way it does is a result of setting up the tube rolling process so that the welded seam flash is in the CORNER of the tubing rather than located somewhere along the flat side – as with standard tubing. What temperature do you wash dark clothes In the latter case, the seam weld flash will interfere in the telescoping action of an inner tube. Wash black clothes in cold water Since telescopic tubing has the welded seam flash in the corner, the inner tube has a corner radius that results in a clearance to allow telescoping with a reasonably tight tolerance between all four tube walls which is approximately .020″.

Only the outer tube needs to be telescopic. What to use to hand wash clothes The inner tube can be plain tubing you buy from any steel supplier. What temperature do you wash white clothes It is a waste of money to use telescopic tubing where it isn’t necessary because it is much more expensive.

Generally, the inner tube dimensions need to 1/4″ less than the outer telescopic tube. How to brighten white shirts For example, if you wanted to make a telescoping mechanism with the outer tube being 2″ x 2″. How to wash shirts after tie dying You would use 1.75″ x 1.75″ square tubing for the inner tube material.

There are cases where you may want three or more telescoping stages. How early should i wash baby clothes For example, you may want the first stage outer tube made from 2″ x 2″ telescopic tubing, the second stage inner tube yet again telescopic tubing but of the 1.75″ x 1.75″ variety, and the final third stage inner tube made from standard 1.5″ x 1.5″ tubing. How to wash screen printed t shirts You can design a telescopic system with up to 7 stages using the Telespar telescopic system.

You may finish the product via powder coating or paint. How to hand wash clothes in a sink It can even be chrome plated. How soon should you wash baby clothes before birth As a manufacturer employing this product for decades, we typically have the inner tubes chrome plated because paint or powder coating will scratch too easily to hold up over time. What temp to wash clothes without shrinking In some cases, 304 (weldable) stainless steel tubing is using for the inner tube so that there isn’t anything to “scratch off”. Can you wash white and black clothes together In any case, we don’t recommend powder coating the inner tube of the telescopic tube since tolerances are too tight to allow for the added thickness of powder coating. How to clean home gym equipment However, most 2-coat painting is not thick enough to cause interference. How to wash black shirts If you have any questions specific to your application, don’t hesitate to call.

Our minimum order is one length (24 ft) of a given variety. How much to wash clothes We can’t “mix and match” sizes and types to meet the minimum order. How to wash white polyester tablecloths Your order must be at least 24 ft of a given type.

Orders will ship via UPS Ground as 3 pieces that are 8 ft long (96″ long).

Sizes are available from 1.25″ x 1.25″ to 2.5″ x 2.5″ , in 1/4″ increments (see chart below for more info and specifications)

Tubing is available in plain mill finish or galvanized. How to clean washing machine smell with vinegar Or, with no holes or holes drilled every 1 inch on center. How to wash work clothes (see the below specs for more information).

Please scroll down to add items to cart and see various accessories available for telescopic tubing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are buying more than one (1) 24 ft piece (cut into 3 x 8 ft pieces), we suggest placing only one online order per 24 ft piece to save on shipping and to avoid exceeding the UPS 150 lb maximum package size.

(There is no advantage to combining multiple items on a single order since all 24 ft quantities ship separately anyway)

You can place as many separate orders as needed, and you will receive an immediate order confirmation via email for each one.

If you need quantities of more than 240 ft of a given size of telescopic tubing, please contact us for a discounted price and truck shipping quote.

The factory has discontinued 1″ telescopic tubing in all varieties.

Please click on any item below to see more detailed information for that item.

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