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What sometimes seems like a lifetime ago, I remember a time late in the year when little kids’ excitement was reignited a few weeks after the first day of school hype had subsided. How much do you tip your cleaning lady Birthday cards and pen pal letters were great to get in the mail, but the Sears Wish Book catalog was like a novel any kid couldn’t put down for a while.

It’s a tradition started in the 1930s that still carries on today.

Cleaning maid clipart In the 1980s and early 1990s, though, I recall its pages offering nearly anything a kid could want for Christmas.

After thumbing through about 340 pages of clothes and jewelry, there were remote control race tracks, Laser Tag guns and helmets, Garfield phones and rows of video game covers.

Looking back at those catalogs from 1991 and 1992, the fashion styles definitely fit the timeframe, and you could tell through the fan gear section, the Chicago Bulls had a strong following.

In the early teen years, those pages with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memorabilia were skipped over quicker for the electronics section to find that perfect stereo rack system to play Nirvana on compact disc – the latest had to have invention of the time.

Some of the featured items taking up a full page like an AT&T video phone, with the hefty $1,500 price tag, painted the picture that the future was now for anyone enthralled by one of those catalogs. How much do cleaning ladies charge Even flight simulator joysticks to accompany computer games seemed like you could do anything from the comfort of your own home.

It’s still a lot of fun to thumb through those old Sears Wish Books and think back to my younger years. How much does a house cleaning service cost These days, though, being on the mailing list for the Harriet Carter catalog is still fun to look through and think ahead to my older years.

What seems like once every month or two, blocks full of ‘As Seen on TV’ products and clever inventions fill the pages of that catalog stuffed in my mailbox.

The solar frogs and CPap machine accessories don’t really seem as fun as rock tumblers were back in the 80s but by the time I’m in my 80s, that opinion may have changed.

As a homeowner, I’m enthralled with life hacks and homemade solutions to clean mold better than Clorox, so a catalog full of things some people probably can’t live without makes for a few good smiles.

If I had the money to blow, it’d be fun see if that Patch Perfect sod really can grow on a cinder block or if that Hydro Mousse System can really turn my yard as green and lush as the picture promises.

Even at my age, I can’t deny some of Harriet Carter’s offerings like new and improved TV trays and recliner lever extenders, meaning that there are some genius inventors out there.

One of these days, I might make it to the age when any gadget used to help grow a perfect tomato plant will spark a joy equal to getting a He-Man fortress 30 years ago. Funny cleaning lady pictures Even if I don’t make it, just thumbing through those Harriet Carter catalog pages brings a joy hard to explain.

When I get past the ridiculous pictures of people smiling wearing full-blown mosquito resistant suits and fabric circles around their neck to catch hair from a home haircut, I see pictures of my past.

Back when I was at the age of happily thumbing through my Sears Wish Book, my grandmother was happily at the age of thumbing through her Harriet Carter catalog.

She didn’t need any gadgets to go pick scuppernongs or make a better pitcher of sweet tea, but she may have dreamed about how much easier a simple, country life would be with some of that catalog’s crazy inventions.

Video phones and skipping songs with a push of a button seemed like a dream back in 1990, but now they’re the norm in an age when CDs will one day be a thing of the past. The cleaning lady from family guy What the future holds and what those catalogs will sell us is hard to fathom now but until then, I’ll keep thumbing through their pages with a smile.

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