The 5 best luxury tiny houses on the market

While there are still cheaper models available, tiny houses seem to have risen in price lately, reaching the kind of money that could buy a full-size home in some areas. High end bathroom remodels For those who can afford it, these higher prices do offer attractive features like off-grid tech, additional space and high quality materials. Luxury bathroom design gallery With this in mind, we’ve chosen our five favorite luxury tiny houses on the market today.

To be clear, by luxury we mean homes that cost around US$70,000 and up, with a focus on novel features, comfort, quality materials, or additional space. Luxury master bath floor plans We’re also only covering homes and firms that we’re familiar with and are available to purchase or pre-order at the time of writing.

Our selection aims to highlight the variety in the small living movement and includes a tiny house that can sleep up to eight people, another model that can operate completely off-the-grid, and a home that can expand in size at the push of a button.

Escape’s Vintage XL is based on a 25 ft (7.6 m)-long trailer and comprises 355 sq ft (32 sq m) of floorspace. Modern bathroom vanities melbourne Thanks to its three bedrooms and sofa bed, the towable tiny house can sleep an impressive eight people under its small roof.

The Vintage XL’s layout is centered around an open living space with a couch that pulls out into a double bed. Luxury bathroom showrooms Nearby lies a dining table, kitchenette and bathroom with toilet, bathtub and shower. Luxury bathroom ideas The primary bedroom is on the ground floor and includes a queen-size bed, while a maximum of two upstairs lofts are accessed by ladder and contain a double bed each.

The Greenmoxie tiny house, by the green living firm of the same name, is the first towable home we’ve seen that has an electric drawbridge. Luxury hotel bathroom images While the idea may seem a little frivolous, it actually serves a useful purpose. Modern small bathroom designs pictures The idea is, the drawbridge provides additional outdoor living space when parked up, while still keeping the home a reasonable length for towing.

Access to the 340 sq ft (31.5 sq m) home is gained by combination lock door and inside lies a colorful living area, kitchen, and a bathroom with shower, sink, and composting toilet. Luxury bathroom brands Access to the upstairs sleeping loft is gained by storage staircase.

The Greenmoxie runs totally off-the-grid and is heated with a wood burner and propane heater. Modern bathroom pictures ideas A roof-mounted solar array provides electricity, and a rainwater collection system reduces water requirements. Luxury hotel bathroom designs If you’d like to purchase the Greenmoxie, it’s currently up for sale at around $65,000.

Tiny house firms are always trying to find that sweet spot between size and portability, but Zero Squared may offer the best of both worlds with its Aurora tiny house. Luxury bathroom renovations melbourne The high-tech home borrows a trick from RV’s and is relatively svelte for easy towing, but expands in width at the push of a button to offer more living space when parked.

The Aurora offers a maximum floorspace of 337 sq ft (31 sq m) when in its expanded state, and its electrically-operated slide-out system increases its width from 8.6 ft (2.6 m) when being towed, to 15.1 ft (4.6 m) when stationary. Luxury hotel bathroom design ideas Its interior includes a dining area with seating for up to four people, a kitchenette, a small lounge, and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Luxury bathroom supplies In addition, the office space has a Murphy-style bed that can be pulled-down to turn it into a bedroom.

The Brown Bear is heated and cooled with a mini-split air-conditioning and heating unit, while power comes a roof-based solar panel array and a backup Humless solar generator. High end bathroom fixtures You can purchase one, including the solar setup, for $73,000.

That completes our look at the best luxury tiny houses for sale right now but a few more that didn’t make our list because they’re not currently for sale include the Moon Dragon, which looks like it belongs in a fairytale, and the Tiny Adventure Home, which has a neat climbing wall exterior. Bathroom luxury southall The Vintage Glam boasts a motorized platform that includes a bed, storage space and stairs, and the non-towable Koda, is a prototype prefabricated concrete micro-home that can be disassembled and moved with relative ease.

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