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This year marks the 99 th anniversary of the invention of Marshmallow Fluff. A chair for my mother reading level The marshmallow-like spread was invented in Somerville by Archibald Query, a confectioner who concocted it in 1917 and began selling it door-to-door in his neighborhood. Charlie chaplin full movie modern times Since 2006, the city of Somerville has celebrated the invention of Marshmallow Fluff with an annual “Fluff Festival” hosted in Union Square.

The theme of this year’s festival, which took place on Sept. Charlie chan youtube 24 and drew over 20 thousand visitors to Somerville, was “Fluff U: A Sweet Education.

” The goal was to turn Union Square into “our very own sticky, sweet campus,” according to the festival’s website. Esther Hanig is the executive director of Union Square Main Streets (USMS), a community development organization that works

to enhance the economic viability of the area surrounding Union Square.

Famous chair designers names USMS has hosted the Fluff Festival since its inception, according to Hanig. In keeping with this year’s theme, Hanig said the organizers of the event renamed some of the traditional aspects of the festival to fit in with “Fluff U.” Those who helped cook Fluff and other treats in the cooking contest were referred to as the “Department of Culinary Arts,” the area of the festival where storytelling took place was called the “Extension School” and the “Shenanigans Stage,” a fixture from past festivals that features comedy, was this year called the “Department of Shenanigans.

” Mike Katz, the Query impersonator who leads the festivities on the Shenanigans Stage, is fond of one festival game called Fluff Musical Chairs – musical chairs but with one chair covered in Fluff. In addition to Fluff Musical Chairs, Katz described many different events and competitions that took place on the Shenanigans Stage. Chair workouts for abs Fluff Jousting requires participants to stand on a low balance beam and hit each other with pool noodles covered in Fluff. 3 chairs discogs Additionally, during Fluff Hair Dos, participants use tubs full of Fluff and peanut butter to style each other’s hair.

Katz went on to explain more fluff-covered diversions: In Blind Man’s Fluff, one partner has to make a fluffernutter sandwich while blindfolded, and the other must eat it while singing a jingle from a 1950s Fluff commercial; d uring Fluff Lick-Offs, a volunteer holds a plate covered in Fluff must face the audience and lick the plate clean of marshmallow cream as fast as they can. Finally, Hanig praised the Fluff c ooking contest, the winner of which is granted a tour of the modern Fluff factory in Lynn, MA. According to Hanig, this is the only tour that Durkee-Mower, the company that now owns Query’s invention, offers of its facility. “Lots of the Union Square institutions were represented, and although I didn’t brave the line for Union Square Donuts, they had a fluffernutter donut that was apparently really great,” she told the Daily in an electronic message. Katz, who has been impersonating Query at the festival since its inception, said he once taught theater as the assistant technical director at Tufts.

Charlie chaplin modern times full movie free download He has also taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston). Since retiring from his teaching post at UMass Boston in August, Katz said that he has been able to take on more responsibility at the festival.

Chairman mao quotes little red book He added that his training in technical theater feeds directly into his work at the festival. “We actually got in touch with Query ’s grandson,” Katz said.

Chair design woodworking “And Archibald was a very quiet, shy man. Chair of st peter school sta rosa He was very calm and cool, and he always had candy in his pockets that he would give to the neighborhood kids for free.” Katz described himself as loud and lively, quite the opposite of the man he impersonates. Identify furniture styles antiques Although he is unlike Query in appearance and demeanor, Katz said he seems to have become the face of the festival.

Hanig said that the festival showcases Somerville’s innovations and attracts more people to the Union Square neighborhood. Cherished teddies birthday figurines She described it as another example of the city’s economic and cultural growth over the last several decades, which she attributed to its mayor Joseph Curtatone as well as to its proximity to Harvard Square and Kendall Square.

She cited Curtatone’s efforts to improve the city’s public transportation and his response to the Black Lives Matter movement as evidence of his dedication to improving Somerville. Stair climbing exercise at home In July, Curtatone refused to take down a Black Lives Matter banner outside of City Hall despite the requests of the city’s police union, arguing that, “We can fight to protect minorities and still praise the hard work of law enforcement officials.

” She also emphasized the presence of organizations and projects in Somerville today that reflect Query’s spirit of invention. Chair height inches These include the restaurant Juliet, which incorporates tips into its meal prices in order to ensure high wages for all the restaurant’s staff, and Greentown Labs, a space for clean technology hardware startups to meet and find solutions to global energy issues. While some businesses complain that the festival makes parking scarce or slows down foot traffic by their stores, Hanig believes it has positive economic outcomes overall by calling attention to the square. “It’s about us as a community saying, hey, there are some cool things that have gone on in Somerville and in Union Square, this is our chance to celebrate them,” he said.

“There were a lot of people here in the square, and everyone was smiling,” Katz said. Chair types list “I had people covered in Fluff, I mean, literally, covered in Fluff, and they had the biggest, goofiest grins on their faces and [were] just loving it. Chairlift i belong in your arms And how often can you say that happens?” Site: years ago, Dale Bryan, the assistant director of the Peace and Justice Studies Program and a Medford resident since 1993, noticed that Somerville had something that Medford lacked: adequate communication between community members.

Organizers in Somerville had been gathering for years to discuss issues relating to diversity and inclusivity in the city, according to Bryan. These meetings in Somerville inspired him to help start Medford Conversations, a project that aims to improve issues relating to sustainability, justice and quality of life in Medford through a series of conversations between different communities and stakeholders in the city. The chair of the Medford Human Rights Commission (HRC), Bryan suggested his idea for the Medford Conversations project to other members of the Medford HRC in 2014 as a way to encourage residents to communicate with one another and collectively find solutions to issues that affect different people in Medford. “Every community has a variety and diversity of opinions,” Bryan said.

Seat height adjustment “So it’s a given that there are multiple points of view. Charlie chaplin modern times full movie online So how do you promote dialogue across those multiple points of view?” Bryan detailed the most important issues facing the city in “ Medford Conversations: Anticipating Change, Fostering Solidarity, Enhancing Resiliency, Transforming Justice,” a pamphlet he wrote in 2015 to garner support for the project. Chair yoga poses pdf According to the pamphlet, these issues include gentrification influenced by development projects such as the MBTA’s Green Line Extension Project, the city’s changing ethnic demographics and the decreasing population of historically black communities, notably in West Medford.

This pamphlet was then distributed to organizations throughout the city, and those who expressed interest in getting involved with Medford Conversations eventually formed part of the steering committee that heads the project’s affairs today, according to Bryan. Alicia Hunt, the director of Medford’s energy and environment office and an environmental agent for the city, is a member of Medford Conversations’ steering committee.

Rocking chair images free Hunt is particularly interested in the many environmental issues happening in Medford, of which she said the current “hot issue” is the rising water level of the Mystic River. Chair workouts R ising water levels, along with a high tide from the Boston Harbor, could pose flooding risks for a huge portion of Medford, according to Hunt.

She said that if a natural disaster were to occur, she is unsure if residents would know their neighbors well enough to reach out to or help one another. In her opinion, this lack of communication is not unexpected or unusual. “Medford has not had a really strong history of people talking to each other,” Hunt said. Charlie cox daredevil interview “New England is known for having a ‘stiff upper lip,’ and traditionally in New England, people take care of their own but they don’t necessarily meet others.

” Hunt said that in order to talk about difficult topics, people must attempt to know their fellow citizens — regardless of race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, political leanings or existing community ties. Various organizations, including the Medford Community Coalition and the Medford Arts Council, have held events such as Envision Medford in February and the Medford Arts and Culture Summit in November 2015 on behalf of Medford Conversations.

As of now, however, Medford Conversations has primarily been attended by members of the steering committee rather than by members of the general Medford community, according to Bryan. One of the organizations that has helped the project gain footing is the Grace Episcopal Church in Medford, which has sponsored many meetings for Medford Conversations’ staff and steering committee.

Reverend Noah Evans of the Grace Episcopal Church, who is part of the steering committee, said that sponsoring some of Medford Conversations’ meetings has helped his church become the hotbed of diversity he wants it to be. Chiari 1 malformation surgery It has also allowed his church community to better reflect the diversity of Medford. “Connections between people across religious, ethnic and socioeconomic differences are weak [in Medford],” Evans told the Daily in an email. “The extraordinary diversity of Medford is a real gift and asset, and we have an extraordinary opportunity right now for a rich social fabric as we find ways to connect across our differences.

” Through his involvement in both Tufts and the city of Medford, Bryan said he aims to facilitate collaboration between residents of Medford and the Tufts community in order to address issues in which Tufts is implicated. He added that he hopes to see Tufts students get involved in the project. A chair for my mother pdf At this time, several Tufts departments and offices already serve on this steering committee, such as the Office for Community Relations, the Environmental Studies Program and the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, according to the project’s website.

According to Bryan, after the project’s first public event, there will be a call for members of the public to gather and discuss an issue of their choice or an issue that the committee deems appropriate in groups of 10 to 12 people. Electric chair wichita ks Ideally, Bryan said, there will be five to seven groups each discussing a different topic. These smaller discussions will continue for the following six weeks, during which groups will meet once every other week.

Cherish meaning in spanish After that, there will be another public event that will serve as a way for each of the small groups to share what they discussed, Bryan said. Finally, the steering committee will attempt to connect these groups to resources that will help them accomplish the goals they outlined, while also allowing the groups to seek out their own ideas for accomplishing these goals, Bryan explained. Having worked in Medford for a long time, Evans can see how the city is changing and recognizes the need for collaboration, as well as improved equity, among residents.

“I see Medford Conversations as a way to connect and learn from one another and strengthen the civic and cultural life of our city,” Evans said. Site: building is named after former Professor of Psychology Bernard Harleston, who was Tufts’ first African-American tenure-track faculty member and a former d ean of the faculty of Arts and Sciences, according to a May 2 Daily article. Over 200 members of the Tufts community as well as Harleston’s friends, family and colleagues attended the ceremony, according to event organizers.

Provost David Harris kicked off the dedication ceremony. The chairman He was followed by a range of speakers including University President Anthony Monaco, current and former Tufts faculty members and Harleston himself. Monaco related Harleston’s achievements, highlighting his commitment to increasing higher education access for students of color as well as his devotion to his students and colleagues. “ Bernie’s dedication to increasing diversity, inclusion and access to Tufts more than 50 years ago remains a priority and inspiration for us here today,” Monaco said.

“As a fellow professor and university president, I am grateful to you, Bernie, for giving so selflessly yourself on behalf of generations of students and faculty and for the many ways you have helped Tufts become the distinguished university it is today.” “I hope Harleston Hall will become the dorm that students will want to live in. I cherish the treasure of you lyrics Why? They will want to live in it because it becomes a place of inspiration for creative ideas, that creativity will be respected and enjoyed and appreciated in Harleston Hall,” he said.

“I hope they will want to live in it because it will become a diverse community of acceptance and mutual respect. A chair for my mother book pdf I hope they will want to live in Harleston Hall because it supports good and healthy fun and relaxation.” “Thank you, Bernie, on behalf of everyone in the Tufts community. Chair doctor tucson It’s an honor to dedicate Harleston Hall in recognition of your significant achievements in advancing diversity, inclusion and access to higher education.

A chair in a room For 60 years, you’ve been a pioneer, a trailblazer and a dedicated champion of the values that Tufts holds dear,” Harris said. “All I can say is, I cannot imagine a nicer day and a warmer response. Charlie countryman review I was really moved to tears by the reception and the fact that so many former students were a part of this,” he said. Site: