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The savings – on hardware, rather than programs – are available whether a customer elects to stick or shift among deliverers of TV programs via cable or satellite.

Rogers, the cable-TV giant that claims a 65-per-cent share of markets it serves, is being aggressively challenged by two other giants of the media industry – Bell Canada and Shaw Direct. Shaw satellite tv in usa These two companies both deliver TV signals in the Ottawa area by satellite.

A few diehards still get a limited number of often-blurry TV signals for nothing out of thin air. Cable and satellite tv providers But the vast majority of television viewers buy the signals from Rogers, Bell or Shaw.

New satellite tv in south africa And it’s a good bet that some of these people are paying too much.

Buying TV programs – as most of us know – can be much more expensive than buying the large, flat-screen, this-that-and-the-other TV set on which to watch them. Satellite tv channels frequency It can easily cost $100 a month to watch TV if you purchase a wide choice of channels and rent an occasional pay-per-view movie.

It’s tough to save a great deal on the cost of packages of TV channels, as I discovered when I compared those offered by Rogers, Bell and Shaw.

Yes, it’s maddening to have to choose a package consisting mostly of channels you’ll never watch in order to get a few channels you like. Dvb s satellite tv tuner A cynic might wonder whether these packages are designed to maximize a cable or satellite company’s profits.

Not so, according to Rogers, which told me in a written statement: “Rogers’ packages offer greater value to customers than if the customer were to build the package by paying for each channel individually. Free satellite tv frequency in nigeria They are designed to provide the most value and choice possible at varying price points.”

There are differences in the packages offered by the big cable and satellite providers, but I did not find that any of the three companies was significantly cheaper than the others. Alberta satellite tv providers The only way to compare is to draw up your own list of favourite channels (PBS, the Golf Channel, BBC World News, CNN are among mine), and see what you’d pay for a package that includes them.

At present, I’m one of Rogers’ 2.3 million cable TV customers in its service area of Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Dvb s satellite tv box driver While some see Rogers as a near-monopoly, the company says: “Television distribution in Canada is a competitive market and any company can apply to the CRTC (government regulator) to get a cable licence.”

So far, I’ve stuck with Rogers – in part persuaded by its argument that “there is less weather interference with Rogers’ cable and no external equipment required on the outside of the home,” as there is with satellite.

But in looking into a switch of TV provider, I came across a fierce price war now raging among Rogers, Bell and Shaw. C band satellite tv guide In calling the customer-service departments of all three companies, I presented myself as a consumer, and did not mention that I am also a reporter.

The price war is not being fought over programming (the goose that laid the golden egg). Digital tv without satellite dish It’s being fought over the cost of the receiver box required with each television set in order to get TV signals by cable or satellite.

Such a box can cost as much as $320 to purchase, which was the pre-tax price recently given by Rogers in advertising material for its high-definition digital receiver. Free to air satellite tv channels in india Rogers’ monthly rental of such a box is $12.95 plus tax.

When I called Rogers and told a customer service representative that I might switch to satellite, he promptly offered me a free high-definition digital receiver for one year. Satellite tv online streaming free That represented a saving of $175, tax included, over the usual rental cost for one year.

Bell and Shaw both list the purchase price of a high-definition digital receiver at about $200. Direct tv satellite installation training When I checked, both were offering the box at a special price of $49. Az tv frekans hotbird 2015 That’s a saving of $150.

Bottom line: shop around, and compare. Free spanish tv channels on satellite You may be able to cut the cost of watching TV. Online satellite tv software And, if you’re thinking of purchasing more hardware, it will almost certainly pay to shop around – and perhaps to play off one supplier against the others.

After having a rough ride dealing with Bell India (formerly Bell Canada for whom I used to be a customer service rep.), I switched to Rogers, primarily because customer service is in Canada. Digital satellite dvb s usb tv receiver card tuner box I believed (and still do) that we should keep our jobs here. Satellite tv channels list I find myself really frustrated with their ‘bundles’ as I do not watch most of the channels that I am paying for. Directv satellite dish types I recently ordered HBO ‘on screen’ only to be billed for TMN as well. Digital satellite tv receiver I was horrified when I got my next bill. Free to air satellite tv receivers and dish in nigeria I don’t give a hoot about movies which I tried to explain to the Rogers Customer Service Rep., to no avail. Open box satellite tv malaysia They were unapologetic to the fact that I had ordered only HBO and got a ‘bundle) I never wished for. Satellite tv providers in sri lanka I am truly cheesed and would love to take my business elsewhere. Satellite tv box review What are my options?

After last March’s rate hike I decided to drop the HD Theme pack I was subscribed to and get rid of cable entirely by the next rate hike, to either go with FibeTV or Over The Air stations.

I’ve already converted my extra outlets to over the air DTV and have been receiving a few local channels for months. Digital satellite tv freeview receiver twh s1 The remaining channels will be up and running in digital by September 1st.

The cable providers bill in advance for their service and in fact, they can not always deliver the signal properly. Satellite tv in mexico I have had the technician check my signal many times and they are unable to improve it. Pakistani satellite channel frequency list I cancelled the service after a year.

Without turning this into a Rogers bashing, I just wanted to chime in because I had Rogers. Satellite tv in melbourne Aside from the $100+/month bill, I constantly had problems with the DVR and signal.After searching for online alternatives, I found a decent one at the TVDevo website. Satellite tv boxes for sale Have used it for a while and its reliable. Telecharger tv satellite pour pc gratuit As long as you have an internet connection, you can watch TV.

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