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Tohru (??? Toru) is the main character of the manga series Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

A member of the Chaos faction, the faction of Dragons that seek destruction, Tohru grew up with a deep hatred for humans and gods, particularly the Abrahamic God, due to the crusaders who have come to kill her. Cleaning lady synonym In one battle, she was fatally injured by the Holy Sword, a weapon created by the gods, and in her last breath escaped to a world uninhabited by any mythological races. Animated cleaning lady Awaiting her death, Tohru was unexpectedly saved by Kobayashi, a drunk office worker, who drew the sword out of Tohru due to having absolutely no faith in gods (and being dead drunk). What does a cleaning lady do Moved by the kindness of the drunk Kobayashi, Tohru pleaded to serve her as her maid, and thus begins a new life for Tohru the Dragon Maid with not only the humans she used to look down on, but also her dragon friends who have also come to stay in an ordinary world.

Name: Tohru, goes by (false) full name Tohru Kobayashi in the human world

Age: Unknown, likely at least millions of years old (Dragons of the verse can live longer than Earth, and she is a late teen by dragon standards)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Magic, Energy Manipulation, Invisibility (Can erase her presence, even her voice and smell), Fire Manipulation, Immortality (Type 1), Shapeshifting (can freely switch between her dragon and human forms at will, and can also partially shapeshift her body parts into that of a dragon while in human form), Regeneration (Low-Mid; can regrow her severed tail by eating it, healed a fatal wound caused by the Holy Sword in a single night, healed from attacks that hit her vital spots several times and even pierced through her body), Curse Manipulation (Claimed to be able to curse-kill people, but has never performed it), Enhanced Senses (Can see through objects with X-Ray vision and has a strong sense of smell), Portal Creation, Can breathe underwater and survive in the vacuum of space, Teleportation, Can stop bleeding with her coagulant saliva, Creation

Attack Potency: Likely Island level ( 3 islands vanished as a result of her battle with her equal Elma, although the size of said islands and the timeframe of their battle were never specified. Tip cleaning lady home Tohru also easily dispersed the rain clouds surrounding a city with a single breath attack. Average cleaning lady cost Even while restraining her powers to the level of a human of her world, she still effortlessly created attacks comparable to nukes and even called such attacks playing. How much do you tip a cleaning lady It should be noted that Tohru can wipe out entire armies of humans with that level of power, as dragons are ranked below only gods in her world), possibly higher ( Claimed to be capable of bringing Armageddon)

Speed: Unknown, possibly at least Massively Hypersonic (Flew from Japan to another continent in a very short timeframe and even exited the atmosphere with seemingly a single jump, although she may have flew off-panel. Cleaning lady images Capable of producing a sonic boom by simply running, even while restraining her physical abilities to a level that a punch from her simply knocked a normal man out cold instead of destroying the surroundings)

Durability: Likely Island level, possibly higher (It took the Holy Sword, a weapon created by the Gods, the only beings in the verse ranked above dragons, to defeat her)

Stamina: Extremely high. How much does a maid cost Could battle entire armies of humans who are comparable to nukes, and could survive for a period of time even after being lethally wounded by a weapon created by the gods

Intelligence: Tohru has battled generations of humans and can effectively use her powers for a vast variety of purposes. Sadie the cleaning lady original However, outside of battle she has to learn everything by experience, though she is noted to be quite quick a learner

Note: There is no difference in powers and abilities between Tohru’s human and dragon forms, as the only difference between these forms is her appearance, as explained here.

Natsu Dragneel ( Fairy Tail) Natsu’s Profile (island level versions were used and speed was equalized)

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