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In cooperation with various government regulatory agencies, HP has announced an expansion of its June 2016 worldwide voluntary safety recall and replacement program for certain notebook batteries. Printer hp deskjet 1010 specification Additional batteries are affected.

I have a DeskJet 3050 J610 printer scanner I use through a WI-FI network with Windows XP and Windows 8 computers.

Most of the time, I don’t want to use colour, so I did not replace the colour cartridge when it was empty the first time.

Now, everytime I want to print a black and white text document, the printer asks me to:

I have aligned the printer alright. Deskjet printer software My prints are of excellent quality.

Can anyone please tell me how to eliminate, turn off, get rid of the annoying pop up messages asking me to re-align the cartridges and then to buy a new one?

I have searched the internet for an answer and I haven’t found any.

Is it possible to modify the printer driver so that it does not send these messages?

If yes, alignment could be an entirely manual procedure that users would call only when they estiomate they need it.

I hope someone has a solution, otherwise I will have to throw away this printer and buy a different brand, one that gives the user the choice of how to operate the device and then respects the user choices.

Sounds like you are having an issue with error messages on this printer. Gdesklets weather First, there is not a way to remove those error messages. Desk com macros However, you can replace the color cartridge and turn off the use of color ink through the advanced properties section of your printer by right-clicking on it in the Devices and Printers folder.

This would be the best way to remove the message while maintaining the printer’s ability to perform its maintenance functions which is the purpose of those error messages.

Let me know if this is the information that you are looking for!

I don’t want to put a new colour ink cartridge. Hp deskjet 2540 scanner driver download I’d just wish the printer driver did not prompt me to buy a new one each time I want to print a black and white page.

Also, I’d wish the printer did not keep asking me to re-align the cartridge heads. Deskjet 3050 wireless setup I cancel the request with a couple of clicks every time, and the print outs are OK (so, no need for further alignment…).

Anyway, it looks like I can never get rid of these annoying messages. Computer desk online shopping india I see what you mean, that these steps were introduced by HP with a good intention. Desktop wallpaper free download for windows 8 However, they are not really needed. Desk com mobile app I say this because I have been ignoring these messages (cancelling or rejecting them) for a long time and I am still satisfied with the quality of the printed documents.

I understand how these can become odious to always encounter, but like all warning messages they activate when there is the prerequisite condition for you to be notified. Front desk tattoo shop If these notifications were disabled then the printer would not know what messages you do need to recieve and if anything were to happen to your machine you would not have a means of being notified. Odesk iphone app download Unfortunately you cannot pick which error messages should and should not be displayed.

Thanks again for trying to explain the persistance of these messages.

All what you said is correct. Hp deskjet 3050a j611 wireless setup wizard But somehow it is completely unsatisfactory.

I should be able to change the settings on the printer driver so that I do not get these messages.

The software could warn me three times that what I try to do is not the best solution, but it should leave the choice to me.

Furthermore, despite the original good intention of the programmers, these messages are totally useless. Desk com vs I have been ignoring them (click a few times here and there until the message goes away) for the last few months and the printer is working perfectly well.

So, you see, I have trouble accepting the perfectly rational answer you gave me.

I understand your frustration, and it is a frustration I share (for programs like my free anti-virus asking if I want the full-feature software). Hp deskjet 3520 install ink Unfortunately, that is just the way that the program is written. Desktop facebook login on mobile You have the option to ignore the message, as you have noted, but unless you remove the software the error message is just an automated service.

I am hopeful that this isn’t too odiuos, and that you are having a great week and you have a wonderful weekend!

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