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– Sheets & Pillowcases – Made in Ireland and the Czech Republic

“Linen sheets guarantee a comfortable sleep. How to wash clothes properly Studies have proven that linen is an ideal fabric for bedding because the structure of the fiber enables the fabric to wick moisture away from the body and keeps air flowing. Can you wash clothes with dish detergent Linen will regulate your body temperature, dissipate moisture and enhance restful unbroken sleep.

How to wash light colored clothes Linen is hypo – allergenic and can be washed in hot water”

The Irish bed linens are 100% fine Irish linen with all cases and top sheets hemstitched for a classical or tastefully contemporary bed

Our bed linens from the Czech Republic (shown below) are hemstitched and are available in a 100% linen white or the beautiful Amethyst light gold floral pattern which is a damask union of natural linen and unbleached cotton.

Damask Amethyst Bed Linens: Amethyst bed linens are a damask union of natural linen and unbleached cotton to create a beautiful golden tone and romantic floral pattern.

All pillow cases and top sheets are hemstitched for an added rich style. How to whiten white clothes that have yellowed The cream golden tone of these bed linens give a warm inviting tone to your bed room. How to clean white shirts collar The Amethyst bed linens are made in Czech Republic.

Crystal Linen Bed Linens: 100% pure white linen bed sheets and pillow cases, these Crystal bed linens are made in the Czech Republic. How to clean black canvas All the linen pillow cases and top sheets are hemstitched.

Many people prefer to launder linen, especially table linens, handkerchiefs and bed linen, because the more linen is washed, the softer and more luminous it becomes. How to clean laundry sink Its luminous quality is caused by nodes on the flax fibers, which reflect light. How to wash white t shirts with bleach These same people often choose to wash linen articles because they know linen, as a natural fiber, launders beautifully.

Shirts and other garments worn close to the body are easily washed. How to properly wash clothes Freshly washed linen has a naturally clean fragrance and gives one the sense of well-being. Wash white clothes in what temperature In the case of hand or machine washing use a sufficient amount of water since linen is very absorbant.

A variety of drying methods is recommended for linen: line drying, machine drying or rolling in terry towels. How to clean soiled baby clothes Whatever method you use, remember to remove the linen from the line, the dryer or the towels while it is still damp. How to wash clothes in whirlpool automatic washing machine If linen dries thoroughly, it becomes brittle and takes several hours to recover its natural moisture and full flexibility. Best time to wash clothes (The natural moisture content of linen is between 6-8%. How to brighten white clothes naturally Linen dried beyond this point will re-absorb moisture from the air.)

Most people regard ironing as a chore. How to wash shirt in washing machine But ironing linen can become a less onerous task if you do it when the linen is damp. Washing clothes with vinegar front loader If linen is taken out of the dryer or off the line while still damp and then ironed immediately, the chore ceases to be a chore at all.

Be sure the soleplate of your iron is clean and smooth for quicker and easier ironing. How to wash woolen clothes in ifb washing machine If you have a steam iron, check for mineral deposits, which can cause brown spotting.

Check your ironing board and its cover. Wash white clothes For speedy ironing, use well padded boards with smooth heat-reflective covers.

Begin with dampened linen. Should i wash baby clothes Steam ironing dry linen is less effective than dry or steam ironing dampened linens. Can white clothes be washed with colors A professional steamer is the only appliance that provides enough steam to remove wrinkles from heavier linens. Best way to wash clothes in washing machine The steam from a household iron is just not enough.

Store linen items in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer from 6 to 24 hours before ironing. Do you wash new baby clothes before use This will make them easier to iron and will prevent mildew.

Use spray starch (if desired) and iron with a steam iron at a medium to hot setting. How to wash clothes without shrinking them Starch provides extra crispness, particularly to napkins to be folded into fancy shapes. How to clean a white shirt that has yellowed For a softer look, select spray-on fabric sizing instead. What temperature to wash clothes to kill bacteria In a pinch, smooth things over with spray-on wrinkle remover.

Iron on the wrong side first, then on the right side to bring out the sheen, especially damasks and light-colored linens. How to wash clothes exposed to poison ivy Iron dark linens on the wrong side only. How to clean white clothes with bleach Choose a temperature setting compatible with the fabric weight. How to wash white clothes with bleach by hand Pure linen can withstand the highest temperature setting on your iron. What do you wash baby clothes with Test an inconspicuous corner first. How to clean gym equipment Iron linen until smooth but not dry. How to wash clothes in semi automatic washing machine video Once wrinkles are gone, hang the linen item until it is bone dry. How to remove red wine from clothes when dry When ironing embroidered linen, keep the embroidery stitches rounded and dimensional by pressing item on the wrong side atop a soft towel. Do u wash white clothes hot cold Use a press cloth to safeguard delicate lace and cutwork. What to wash newborn baby clothes in A press cloth also helps to avoid press marks over seams, hems and pockets. How to clean black fabric shoes Place a table next to the ironing board when ironing large tablecloths. Can you wash white clothes without bleach Roll finished sections of the cloth over the table rather than letting it pile up under the ironing board. How do i wash white clothes Minimize creasing ironed tablecloths by rolling them around a tube or hanging them.

With Hemstitching machines on the premises the Ulster Linen Company is proud to provide hemstitched linen tablecloths in any color and size, with custom hemstitched border widths. How to wash clothes easily These linen cloths are hand thread drawn and hemstitched with mitered corners.

As one of our most popular products, the Hemstitched Table cloth has a classic look that never grows old. How do you wash white clothes with bleach This simple elegance has an understated appeal which has made it desirable among designers and high end event planners. How to get white shirt collars clean Any size cloth can be supplied and lends itself to embroidery, printing as well as all types of embellishing. What do you wash black clothes in The Ulster Linen company can also provide custom hemstitched pure linen bed linens.

With new printing capabilities we can provide custom designs according to your production needs. How do i clean my washing machine door seal For example, if you would like a kitchen towel with the local lighthouse or other landmark that would have specific and personal significance to you. Can i wash wool sweater in washing machine (Note minimum quantities may apply). How to wash clothes with vinegar in he washer With design, manufacturing and sewing capabilites on premises, as well as the ability to print on wide width fabric (120″), we can provide virtually any textile product. Cleaning washing machine drum with vinegar Contact us and we will work with you to make your product design into a quality product

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After Hours Please leave a message, your name and a phone number and time when we can call you back

The finish and colors of these samples, as shown on our website, show approximate colors. How do you say wash clothes in spanish Because of the variation of coloring in digital photographing, and the varying qualities of computer monitors, you should be aware that there may be some color variance from these screen samples to the actual finish sample. How to wash white clothes with color We have tried to eliminate as many variables as possible to try to produce colors and shades as close to the original as possible.

Shipped yardage may vary from ordered yardage at seller’s option by approximately 10% +/- unless customer specifies exact yardage at time of order and seller agrees. Wash dark clothes in hot or cold water Full pieces are normally around 110 yards for lighter weight linens and 55 yards for heavier weight linens except where noted. How to wash hand knitted baby clothes As a courtesy we will cut pieces to 27 yards or more at no additional charge.

Below our minimum of 27 yards we must add a cutting charge of $20.00 per piece.

Make-up: rolled on tube except where marked otherwise. How to wash new clothes Some large width white linens 95″ and more are doubled

Please Note: Special Order Items Will be Charged in Full when we place the Order – No Cancelations or Exchanges or Refunds

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