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Seleccione una cuenta donde desea almacenar sus puntos e insignias. Build a desk components Puede utilizar:

?Puedo utilizarla para crear mi perfil de Trailhead y almacenar mis insignias?

?Puedo mantener mis insignias de Trailhead si dejo mi compania?

• Describe where to add additional custom CSS styling to your web theme.

• Locate the advanced theme editor tab where you can fully customize your web theme’s pages.

We know what some of you might be thinking. Hotel front desk clerk job description resume Web theme? If that sounds a little technical for your liking, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Remote desktop connection windows 7 not working With Desk.com, you don’t need to have advanced web development skills to create a customized web theme for your business or brands. Desktop wallpaper size in inches Phew! All you need is a little patience and imagination to give the default Desk.com web theme a fresh coat of paint and a personalized feel. Deskjet 3520 ink installation And if you already have some web development experience, that’s also great. Download printer hp deskjet 2000 free This unit covers the various ways to bring your support center to life, including both beginner and advanced methods of customization.

Desk gives you a default web theme, which looks something like this:

While this web theme is functional and provides you with everything you need to display your knowledge base, it may not match the look and feel that your business is going for. Desk com vs freshdesk But we fix that with the web theme editor. Hp deskjet f4280 printer problems Check it out.

• Within the Admin console, in the top navigation, click Channels.

Scroll down from the Images section to find a list of fonts you can use in your web theme. Odesk english spelling test answers You can choose a global font and specify fonts to use for the header and body text. Hp deskjet 3050a printer copier scanner reviews You can also choose your desired font size, and in the Layout field, choose the text orientation.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of basic global style changes, we can move on to a slightly more advanced method of customization. Facebook desktop site sign in Navigate to the Customize Content tab. Company desk calendars This tab provides you with even more control over the content you present in your support center.

The header is the bar at the top of each support center page that contains your company name and logo. Inkjet printer vs laser printer vs deskjet You’ve already made some changes to this area, like adding a logo and changing the background color, but that’s just the start. Deskjet printer price in kolkata You can also add custom HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Desktop themes windows 7 ultimate free download Let’s try this out by editing the Company Name as it appears in the Header.

The footer is the bottom section of the screen that appears the same on every page. Hp deskjet 3050 wireless setup windows 8 You usually use the footer to display information that you want your customers to easily access and view, such as your sitemap, location, and more contact details. Odesk skill test answers 2013 It’s blank for now. Desk future shop Leave it blank, or, if you know HTML and CSS, you can add content to display in the footer.

CSS is a programming language that lets you style and shape the HTML that builds your support center. Indiana desk company antique desk In this tab of the Web Theme editor, you can create global CSS styles that display throughout the web theme. Desktop wallpaper hd 3d full screen download Teaching you all about CSS is beyond the scope of this module, but we’ve listed some helpful resources at the end of this unit. Desktop wallpapers hd 1920×1080 nature Check them out if you want to learn more about CSS.

This tab of the theme editor is the most advanced of the lot. Odesk app for android In advanced mode, you can completely customize not only the look and feel of your support site, but also the layout and functionality. Desktop twitter In fact, you can do so much in this section that we can’t cover it all here. Desktop themes co For now, we show you what the different elements of this tab are so you can troubleshoot any problems that arise.

On the left navigation, you see a list of files. Hp deskjet 3520 installation disk Each file represents a section of a page of your support center. Desktop themes windows 7 Click a name to see the file. Desktop publishing jobs melbourne These sections contain a combination of HTML, Liquid, and CSS.

Contains metadata, links to external files such as CSS and JavaScript and global CSS styling

This section displays the website header with company name and also the sidebar on the right

A specific topic page with a list of all articles about that topic

This page lists results from a search executed in the search bar

This page appears when you click to submit your question, displaying suggested questions that can help solve your issue and prompting you to submit your question

This page appears when you click to submit your email, displaying suggested articles that can help solve your issue, and prompting you to submit your email

This page displays a success message once your email has been submitted

This page appears when you click to submit your chat question, displaying suggested articles that can help solve your issue, and prompting you to submit your chat question

This page displays a list of your current cases (you must be logged in)

The success page that shows when your ratings have been submitted

Looks like you’ve leveled up in your technical skills! Now you know just what to do to customize your own support center.

In the next unit, we show you how to create a knowledge base for your customers.

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