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I upgraded to Windows 10 and after installation I noticed that not all of my videos would play. Arabic internet satellite tv receiver I mainly use the Chrome browser and some videos would play with no problem but others would buffer the video but never start playing. Airtel digital tv installation guide I tried playing the video using Edge and that did not work either. Greek satellite tv channels australia I double checked to make sure I had the correct version of Flash player for Chrome installed and it was up to date.

I did have some issues trying to use Chromecast to stream videos to my tv but that was a firewall issue and once I opened the ports it worked like it should.

In desperation I rolled back to Windows 7 which was the original OS for my computer.

Have you tried right clicking on the start icon in the lower left corner and see if your video card has the latest driver in device manager ? Chrome browser users are running into a bunch of problems with bogging and slow-downs, especially which performing heavy tasks like streaming video.

We?ll have to wait for Google to iron out the bugs but in the meantime, killing all your extensions will help a bit. Tv satellite receiver box If that doesn?t help, try reinstalling Chrome.

Also again right click on the Start menu and click on Task Manager then click More Details to see if any unwanted processes are running.

Thank you for you reply. Satellite cable tv companies I did clear my cache in chrome and while it sped up loading of other videos, it did not solve the problem of some of the videos not playing.

I also checked for a driver update for the video card but there doesn’t seem to be an updated version for Windows 10, but I suspect that isn’t the issue (or at least the only issue) because some videos play while others do not.

I’ve tried playing the same videos on FB using Chrome and Edge. Tv satellite combiner In Chrome they just sit buffering while in Edge I get sound but with varying picture issues, mostly the pictures are just random colored pixels on the screen that look like you took a toothbrush and dipped the bristles in various colors of paint and the ran you finger across them to spatter paint on paper like a kids craft project.

I’m also having problems with various video players. Satellite direct tv free download for pc I did get Chromecast to work by downloading the Videostream extension for Chrome so I can cast to my TV (I did have to run the Videostream repair utility to open the correct ports). Satellite tv for your pc free download However I’ve had varying results with the Movies & TV option, Windows Live Movie Maker, and Windows Media player. Free satellite tv channels online Some will play sound but some do nothing at all.

I’m having the same issues. Cable and satellite tv I thought it was the video codecs, but I just installed a new pack and it’s doing the same thing. Satellite tv providers in south africa Half my streams look like scratched up paintings. Zee alwan tv frequency hotbird It seems to just be a streaming issue, I can play downloaded videos without a problem. Compare cable and satellite tv prices I don’t know if it’s that the video drivers, even the latest one, are not compat with 10 or what. Satellite tv free software I’ve seen others on the net with the same video playback issues with win 10. Tv satellite installation I’m not a happy camper with this at all.

Just solved mine. Free satellite tv channels sri lanka Uncheck enable hardware acceleration in the Flash player settings. Satellite tv pc freeware Just right click on the video, the settings box will popup. Satellite tv in pakistan It fixed mine immediately after restarting the browser.

I finally found the flash settings manager and turned off the hardware acceleration but it did not help. Matrix satellite tv indonesia Also, the videos that I’m having trouble with don’t seem to be flash videos because when I right click on them I don’t see an option for flash settings.

There’s a few things you can try. Dish tv error 303 install services Try turning off or down the hardware acceleration in your video card’s utilities. Bell tv satellite finder Try a different browser, try installing a full video and music codec pack from one of those video codec sites. What is cheaper cable or satellite tv A popular pack is K lite.

My guess is either the video drivers have an incompat with 10 right now, or the browsers do. Cheap alternative to cable or satellite tv Or there is some conflicting codec somewhere. Direct tv satellite compass heading Also, try reinstalling Flash and Divx, but make sure you turn off the hardware acceleration in Flash again if you do. Satellite tv providers in india It won’t fix Flash unless the setting saved and you restarted your browser and cleared your cache. Satellite tv for rv canada Then check the setting saved as off and try again.

Use a media player with in-built codecs. Satellite tv software 2014 free download Media players using mplayer (such as SMPlayer), or media players like VLC contain all the codecs you’d need.

Codec packs are more trouble than they’re worth and almost always include malware of some kind.

If the videos are not being played though flash, than flash player obviously isn’t the problem. Satellite tv for rv Can you provide a link to the videos that aren’t working? Without actually providing that information nobody can help you short of guessing.

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