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I want my clothes to smell good after washing and drying them. Do i really need to wash baby clothes before wearing I usually use gain liquid detergent and snuggle fabric softener and then dryer sheets also and my clothes still don’t smell good. Wash my clothes service I am not using enough detergent/softener per load.

When should you start washing baby clothes What am I doing wrong?

Best Answer: good luck! I asked this last week & someone else is asking it today besides you! Maybe between the 3 of us, we’ll find the secret method!

So far, the best I’ve used is Gain with matching LIQUID softener. How do you wash tie dye shirts the first time However if looking for something cheaper, I know that the liquid Sauvitel softener is a decent price & the blue bottle smells just like the Downey April Fresh scent….it’s strong to be so cheap and lasts in the clothing as long as name brand stuff. How to wash soiled clothes I’ve tried ALL the cheap softeners & none of the have much smell at all (I had no luck with the Snuggle, btw).

And btw, no offense Larry….but when I’ve left something outside to dry like after handwashing or staintreating)….they positively STINK! (Must be pollution in my area, but I swear they STINK bad!). Wash white clothes with what temperature water Worth a try tho if you’ve never tried it!

You don’t need to use both fabric softener and dryer sheets. How to wash red and white clothes Use one or the other as they are both fabric softeners and the smells may be competing.

I go for the unscented detergent and either no fabric softer or a good smelling one with sweaters for static. How to wash red clothes I heard vinegar (I’ve yet to try this) is a great fabric softener used in the rinse cycle and clothes smell clean.

Washing has a lot to do with the hardness of the water. How to wash dress pants Hard water makes soap and detergent less effective. How to whiten white clothes with lemon You can find out the hardness of your water either from your city hall or the water supplier. Do you wash baby clothes separately Hard water can have a big effect on laundry. Best time to do laundry to save electricity You may need to use more detergent, or need an additive to make the detergent work better like Borax or Washing Soda, or Calgon. What to wash white clothes on And don’t put way too many clothes in the wash because they need to move around to get clean – the detergent doesn’t actually do the cleaning it just helps suspend dirt in water so it goes away. How to clean shirt without washing Getting the clothes clean is the first step to clean and good smelling clothes.

I use Gain liquid detergent, and Gain fabric softner (the sheets). White clothes wash cycle I think that using the same brand helps it smell better (so you’re not mixing smells or one cancels out the other…but that’s just what I think). How to wash lululemon shirts Then when I hang my clothes up I put a fabric softner sheet in the closet and that works really well too.

Follow the chart on the back of the detergent when adding the soap to the washer. How to clean gym equipment with what solution As your washer is filling with water, add soap before the clothing, so the soap can mix a little with the water before the clothing is added. How do you whiten white clothes Give Downy liquid softener a try. How to wash clothes in lg automatic washing machine (April Fresh scent) I used to use Snuggle but not anymore.

There is this linen spray in the cleaning isle at the Dollar Tree. Should you wash new baby clothes before using them It’s literally only a dollar and it works so good. How to wash black clothes to keep from fading After I wash my linens I always spray them down with the “Fresh” scent and hang them in the closet. When should i wash baby clothes before delivery That spray lasts for what seems like forever and you can always do a spray every now and then on your sheets and towels to keep them smelling good. How to manually wash clothes My husband loves it when he puts on his work clothes and they smell good so every time I was his stuff I make sure to do a once through with it.

It’s really cheap, so you wouldn’t think it works that well, but it does!

Recently, our hot water tank died and while waiting to get the new one installed, I started using Tide for cold water followed by fresh air scented fabric softener. How to hand wash your clothes The smell of the laundry is like it was dried on a clothes line. When can you start washing baby clothes in regular detergent We have a new water heater but I’m sticking with cold water TIDE,besides it’s better for saving on energy bills.

I add about 3 tbs. How do you wash clothes of baking soda in with my laundry. Cleaning carpet stains with bicarbonate of soda I discovered it worked really good when I tried to clean the dogs bed with just detergent and fabric softener……they smelled doggy still, but then I added the baking soda and viola! fresh!

I remembered my Mamaw’s laundry always smelling good as a kid, so I wanted my laundry to smell good. How to properly hand wash clothes I bought Tide liquid detergent and Downy fabric softner, but they still did not have a long lasting smell. What do you use to wash white clothes I figured out that it you do not overdry your clothes the fresh clean smell lasts. Do you wash white clothes in warm water I make sure I keep my drying time to a minimum. What do you use to wash baby clothes Hope this helps!

It could be your machine. Easy way to hand wash clothes Run your machine on the highest setting and add a cupful of bleach. Can you wash clothes in hot water Do the same again and add a cupful of vinegar . What temperature should you wash dark clothes This will clean the water pipes and the machine . Wash new clothes before wearing Also there is no better thing than fresh air to give your clothes a nice smell. Proper way to wash white clothes But I know many people can?t hang there clothes outside,

I have gotten use to the smell of my fabric softener, so I don’t smell it anymore, but my mom will come over and say that she can smell it and it smells good to her. How to clean shirt collar without washing Once you get use to a smell sometimes you don’t even notice it anymore

I want my clothes to smell good after washing and drying them. How to wash baby clothes with poop I usually use gain liquid detergent and snuggle fabric softener and then dryer sheets also and my clothes still don’t smell good. How to dry wash clothes at home I am not using enough detergent/softener per load. Black clothes dye washing machine What am I doing wrong?

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