Was hiring a professional cleaning person worth it_

Last week I wrote about my decision to hire a professional cleaning person. Thank you note for cleaning lady Many of you commented on that post and I appreciate all the feedback as I went into the adventure ready and willing to learn. The cleaning lady hates me I said I would share my revelations. Cartoon girl cleaning Here they are:

• I felt safe having this person in my home because I had several recommendations from people I trust who have used her for several years.

How to find a cleaning lady That was important. Cleaning lady images free Getting personal recommendations is essential.

• I spent a couple of hours prior to the cleaner arriving picking up everything that I could and putting it away. Crazy cleaning lady My kitchen counters (which I usually can’t even see) were almost empty by the time the pro showed up. Cleaning lady gif This was super smart and I highly recommend it, but I should pre-clean the night before instead of getting up at 6:00 a.m.

• I continued to straighten up and put things away the entire day. Tip for cleaning lady I was exhausted by the time the cleaner left. Pink lady cleaning service I don’t know if I want to do this exactly the same again. French cleaning lady costume I was just too tired and it defeated the purpose a bit. How much do cleaning services charge I’m going to limit pre-cleaning.

• Because my kitchen was decluttered and cleaned, I finally could see that the grout on my tiled kitchen counters was not going to come clean with normal cleaning. Do you tip a maid service I was so inspired that I went to Home Depot and bought a product that allowed me to repaint my grout. Another word for barmaid My counters look magnificent. Cleaning lady in family guy Tandem cleaning is good.

• I wasn’t sure what to do about giving her a break. Tipping cleaning lady christmas She worked straight through the entire time she was at my house. How much do i tip my cleaning lady I asked her several times if she needed/wanted to take a break, but she kept saying no. The cleaning lady In the long run, I don’t think this is a good idea. Flylady cleaning checklist A break is necessary.

• I also felt awkward at the end about whether I was supposed to give her a tip above what she had quoted me. Another word for cleaning lady I’d like some feedback from readers on this one.

• Although the cleaning lady worked very hard, I wasn’t overly impressed with her. How much does a maid cost in singapore She used a swifter, not a scrub brush. Cleaning lady salary She took her a long time, pacing herself and not putting out tons of effort. How much do you tip cleaning lady After she left there were dirt stains on the bathroom floor, dirt behind the door, and stains around the toilet. Flylady sink cleaning She washed floors by bending over, but that trashes your back and makes it difficult to deep clean. Cleaning lady ads examples I hired someone to do the hard cleaning I can’t/won’t do. The cleaning lady company Therefore, I think I need to look for someone with a higher energy level and deep cleaning tools.

• My house is much cleaner now, but I am going to try out other cleaners before I settle on “my” cleaning person. Cleaning lady cost Several of the commenters on the earlier post mentioned they bring in a crew instead of just one person. Cleaning lady crossword clue I’d like to try that.

• For the 24 hours after the cleaning, I noticed that the kitchen and bathrooms stayed super clean. Pink ladies cleaning las vegas No one left even a crumb on the counter. What does your cleaning lady do A messy room leads to more mess and a clean room leads to more cleanliness. Cleaning lady 2 One can be hopeful.

For those who feel paying someone to clean is not in your budget, check if a cleaner is open to an exchange. How much does a cleaning lady charge If there something you can do that they need? For instance, I taught someone to cook who helped me clean my house. Do you tip a house cleaning service Look in the barter section of Craigslist for a possible match. Spanish cleaning lady names You can also check if any of your friends like to clean (there ARE people out there) as part of an exchange.

Bottom line: hiring a professional cleaning person WAS worth it. Sadie the cleaning lady youtube I loved having someone come and clean my house! I want to do it again and again.

I have never tipped a cleaning woman. How much should a cleaning lady cost And I feel the same about having a team as opposed to one person doing the whole job. How much do cleaning services charge per hour It just takes them too long. Another word for maiden If they need a break, they’ll take one. The cleaning lady greenville sc You don’t need to ask them. How much should i pay my cleaning lady I got rid of my cleaning company @ 2 years ago due to finances. Hotel cleaning lady called I really miss it as I can’t possible keep my whole house clean. Cleaning lady halloween costume My friend has a woman come to clean just the floors and bathrooms and I’m toying with that idea.

I absolutely love having a cleaning person. Tipping cleaning service hotel I work all day and feel I’m entitled to have some time off to myself. Old lady cleaning I do not tip her as she is getting the entire amount she quoted. How much does a cleaning lady cost per hour I won’t say she’s wonderful but she sure is better than I am

I did not tip my housekeeper (in the days when we were a two income houeshold), but I did give her a monetary gift at the holiday season. How much to tip cleaning lady at christmas I absolutely loved it. Cleaning lady adelaide I had so much more free time to spend with family by hiring a professional.

I don’t tip on a weekly basis. Cleaning lady cartoon We have a cleaning service, not just one person. How much does a maid cost per week However, around the holidays, I give a bonus to the owner of the company to split between the girls that come to my home. How much do you tip the cleaning lady at christmas It is usually the same three girls and I know that they get the tip/bonus cause they have all thanked me in the past.

The woman who cleans for me once a month for $80 does a great job with the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as the hardwood floors (not much of that). How much do you give cleaning lady for christmas I do have to tell her what NOT to do, and be specific about needs for the day. Flylady cleaning products Vilma does take a break for lunch, which she brings with her, although I’ve treated her a couple of times. How to be a cleaning lady When school’s out she brings her very well-behaved 10 year-old daughter, Angie, with her. How much do cleaning ladies charge an hour I really like her, so Angie and I usually “go out” for lunch together. How much should i tip my cleaning lady christmas We both enjoy the special treat. Cleaning lady gets house Otherwise, I don’t tip or provide extras. How much should you tip your cleaning lady I have Vilma use the supplies I have on hand, and have been weaning her over to natural cleaners (white vinegar, lemon juice or oil mixed with salt for grout, etc.). Cleaning lady forced She worked miracles with the tub in the master bath (stained with lime, etc.), which had suffered from male abuse over time. Cleaning maid costume It’s now totally white!!! Even though I’m on a very limited income as a retiree, I budget for what I consider an essential of pleasant living.

If your cleaning lady is coming from a maid service agency you can leave her a tip. How to fire a cleaning lady But if she is independent, then I think there is no need for tipping every visit. Pictures of cleaning lady I do give her extra cash at Christmas.

We have a cleaning lady that comes every 2 weeks. Cleaning lady taxes She works for a local company and we pay $80.00. Cleaning lady costume ideas I do not tip, but I do give her a tip at Christmas time.

One BIG tip I have for people that hire cleaning ladies, do not let them use their own mops. Sadie cleaning lady It is yucky when you think about them mopping other peoples hosue then mopping your house with the same mop. How much do i pay a cleaning lady Ewwww! Also try to find a cleaning person that gets on their hands and knees to mop. The cleaning lady of northwest indiana The compnay I use only uses rags to clean the floor and I love it!

I don’t tip, but I have paid extra when I had an extra project. How much to tip maid service at home I give my cleaning lady a nice Christmas monetary gift.

I also do a lot of decluttering before she gets here, I tell hubby she is there to clean, not tidy. Printable maid cleaning checklist I make a point not to be there for more than a few minutes after she first arrives. Do you tip your cleaning lady So I don’t know if she takes a break or not.

This is something I do not want to have to give up. How to become a cleaning lady When I come home to a sparkling clean house smelling wonderful, I know we are worth it!

It sounds like the initial cleaning you wanted should have required a larger team to get the deep grime and stains out first. Cleaning lady checklist i think after that is when you would bring in the single cleaning person for upkeep. Synonyms for cleaning lady but i could be wrong ?? I hired a team once a few years ago and there were 2 people doing the hard cleaning and one person managing. Cleaning lady from family guy name i think if you work hard, lack time or energy to clean weekly, and have some spare money each month, then go for it!

I have a cleaning lady every 2 weeks, and it’s fabulous. Flylady crisis cleaning list i pay $80 for t people, and it’s fine. How much do cleaning ladies make per hour They take a break when they want to and use my products, and their own vaccuum, but my mops and rags. How much does a maid cost per year My cleaning lady gives me ideas of things to buy that will help her clean better, like my stainless steel frige (a bit of a pain). How to be a good cleaning lady I don’t tip, but do give a Christmas gift. Flylady cleaning schedule I de-clutter too, because that’s not her job, and I know where I want to put things.

I don’t have a cleaning person or team, we don’t budget for it. How much does a maid cost uk By the way you describe things, it sounds as if your home was really dirty. How much to give cleaning lady for christmas I use swifters between deep cleanings in my house…Maybe you could negotiate things with the cleaning person…You may need to pay extra for the deep cleaning and use the lighter cleanings between.

We have a cleaning duo every two weeks. Sadie the cleaning lady karaoke We tip them each visit. How much do you tip your cleaning lady My feeling is, “How would you like to do that for a living?” And I am grateful I don’t do it for a living! At Christmas they get a tip equal to their cleaning fee. Cleaning maid clipart I am by no means wealthy but work full time. How much do cleaning ladies charge I feel they get 85% of the dirt, and I do the little they missed. How much does a house cleaning service cost I bought a Shark steam mop, and after the tile floors have been cleaned by them, I go over them within a day. Funny cleaning lady pictures (Very little effort required) You would be amazed how much more dirt comes off a “clean” floor. The cleaning lady from family guy I don’t know of anyone who is 100% satisfied with their cleaning people each visit.

Please please please read this. Another name for cleaning lady There are several cleaning agencies that have been busted for labor maltreatement. Do you tip maids at home On top of that, some testing showed crappy cleaning (literally–feces testing…cross over of tools, gloves, etc from bath to kitchen to elsewhere.)

I’m not trashing all agencies. Office cleaner and tea lady job description But really check it out. Molly maid cleaning tips In my area (WDC) there are a few independently-owned cleaning crews w/non-toxic, deep cleaning claims. Flylady spring cleaning checklist I intend to use one (after checking references about how they treat their workers) after work done on my apt. How much do you give your cleaning lady for christmas I’m too ill to do myself.

My grandmother & mother “tandem” cleaned with people & I liked seeing that as a kid. How to fire your cleaning lady nicely My mom liked to iron, for instance, but my grandmother did not. How much do you pay a cleaning lady So they had the same person who cleaned do different things. How much is a cleaning lady (My gram did something else while her nice lady ironed.)

We were working & then middle class…barely. Pink ladies cleaning service las vegas It’s not like we were wealthy. How much should i tip my cleaning lady for christmas But there were a lot of children, cousins, etc. Do you tip a cleaning service around. How much do you pay your cleaning lady And help was worth paying for, said my mom, rather than a bunch of stuff from a store.

I cleaned one summer before high school. Sample list for cleaning lady (Sorry this is so long…I guess I’ll post about it as it’s bringing up memories.) This was in the mid-70s but I hear it applies today. How much do cleaning services charge per square foot I have never seen such pigs in my life. How much do i give my cleaning lady for christmas I couldn’t believe people lived like that, much less thought that I would clean up for the $ they paid. The cleaning lady of nwi Seriously, I don’t have cable but I understand there are shows about hoarders, big slobs, etc. Flylady cleaning list I “fired” these people after the first cleaning.

You must be specific when ordering up cleaning services. Cleaning lady job description Deep cleaning is different than steam cleaning your rugs (I send mine out–get coupons off internet) & de-molding your dang bathroom, people.

On the other hand, some establishments have higher charges despite not being satisfactory at

all. Cleaning lady in spanish Committed to the needs of the client the Company can perform personalized projects, as they offer individualized cleaning tailored to meet

the needs and budget of each customer. Fly lady cleaning Most of these outdoor businesses

are service businesses where repeat customers and referrals through happy customers remain the mainstay for the business.

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