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This new machine works by injecting nano-sized bubbles filled with the molecular products of our patented radiant catalytic ionization module, which has been certified by NASA as Space Certified technology and was originally developed to clean the air in the International Space Station. How to wash clothes without washer and dryer These “scrubbing” molecules include hydroxyl ions (OH-), hydroperoxide ions (H2O2-), Ozone (O3), Ozonide ions (O3-), and Superoxide ions (NOx-). How to get dingy white clothes clean Our laundry machine also adds silver ions to the water. What temperature to wash colored clothes This mix of ions has been found to not only clean the air but also when injected into water they will clean clothes.

You are probably familiar with using sparkling water to clean a carpet of a wine stain.

What kind of water do you wash white clothes in Dissolved carbon dioxide in the water enters the fibers of the carpet and once the fiber is wetted, the carbon dioxide effervesces, that is it begins to come out of the water starting with a very small bubble and then grows until it is visible and in the process takes very small particles on the fiber with it. Should you pre wash baby clothes This effervescent method is the same process that our laundry machine uses, except that in the case of sparkling water, the dissolved carbon dioxide is relatively inert, producing only a very weak carbonic acid, which contributes very little to the process. Washing newborn baby clothes nhs In our laundry machine, the nano-bubbles contain very strong ions that are capable of considerable cleaning action at the same time as the effervescence is occurring.

The other thing that is going on is that our laundry machine process reduces the surface tension in the water. What temperature to wash white shirts This is also something that detergent does but in a totally different way. How to wash white clothes cold or hot water The reduced surface tension makes the water “wetter” enabling it to wet the fibers of your clothing resulting in deeper cleaning. What do you wash newborn baby clothes in Reducing the surface tension in the water also allows the water to emulsify oil based substances that may be part of the “dirt” in your clothes. How to remove red wine from clothes dried in Once emulsified, oil based substances can join the other particles being effervesced out of your laundry as our process cleans your clothes.

Our laundry machine also adds Silver ions to your clothing. How to get clothes clean in front load washer Why silver ions? The short answer is that silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria. How to hand wash clothes with tide pods Once your clothes have silver ions in the fabric, they will resist bacterial growth, allowing them to be fresher, and cleaner for a longer period of time. Do you wash white clothes in hot water Since ancient times, silver has been used for medicines and household items as the non-toxic precious metal. White clothes wash It has the power to sterilize and deodorize. Can you wash white clothes in warm water Silver nitrate is used in burn units around the world to protect burn patients from infections and many common medicial formulations. How to clean washing machine baking soda Recent advancements in technology increased consumer awareness for health-promoting products have given rise to many new items that use silver for highly effective sterilization while at the same time being non-toxic to humans.

Water treated by our product retains its cleaning capabilities for approximately 2 days, so it can be used to pre-treat soiled clothes. What temperature do i wash colored clothes For extra soiled clothes, there is also an enzyme tablet available to aid the cleaning process. Do you wash baby clothes before they wear them The enzyme tablet is not needed for the process to work and is economical and biodegradable. How much does it cost to dry clean dress pants These tablets are also friendly to septic systems and break down completely protecting the environment. How to whiten dingy clothes without bleach The enzyme tablet is activated by the oxygenated water produced by out laundry machine.

Typical laundry detergents can contain up to 50% Zeolites. How to wash white clothes without washing machine Zeolites act as an abrasive to work stains out of clothing. How to wash delicate clothes by hand Zeolites also break down the fibers in clothing, causing them to break down much faster. How to dry clean clothes in the washer Our laundry machine eliminates zeolites eliminating abrasion from zeolites. How to wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar Clothes washed in water from our laundry machine will last longer than clothes washed in standard laundry detergent. Baking soda and vinegar to clean dishwasher drain New fabric after just 20 washings in standard detergent looks dull and is matted down by detergent trapped in the fabric by insufficient rinsing. What color clothes can you wash together After just 7 washings using water from our laundry machine fabric becomes volumized because entrapped detergent has been removed.

Our laundry machine senses power being drawn from the washing machine and automatically turns on stays on throughout the washing and rinsing cycles. How to keep dress shirt collars clean As a safety feature, a safety valve on the inlet to our laundry machine shuts the water off to our laundry machine as well as to the Washing Machine whenever the washer is turned off. How to wash white clothes washing machine When the Washing Machine power is turned on the the safety valve opens and water flows through an injector and then into the Reactor Chamber. How to properly wash clothes by hand The Reactor Chamber is the “heart” of the system. Do you use hot water to wash white clothes It contains two 14” high intensity UVX bulbs, a radiant catalytic ionization target and a pickup tube for the advanced oxidation gasses. How to wash clothes in bathtub These gasses include ozone, hydro peroxides, and nitrogen oxide Ions. How to wash dry clean only wool pants at home The gasses are pulled into the tube and injected upstream into the water.

The water then goes into the reaction chamber where it passes throught a quartz tube which allows the advanced oxidation gasses which are in tiny nano-bubbles in the water to be broken down into hydroxyl radicals by the 254nm light coming from the high intensity UVX bulbs. How to dry clean your own clothes at home After exiting the reactor chamber, silver Ions are created and injected into the water as it leaves our laundry machine and enters your washing machine.

If our laundry machine used nano-bubbles of ozone as the only oxidizer there may be a potential risk of harm to any of your clothes with elastic in them and to the seals of your washing machine.. How to wash clothes with white vinegar The good news is that our laundry machine uses an advanced oxidation process. Do you wash white clothes in warm or cold water The way it works is that initially quite a bit of ozone is produced by the radiant catalytic process, however almost immediately the ozone is broken down into ozonide ions, hydroperoxides, hydroxides, free oxygen molecules and super oxide ions in the Reactor Chamber. How to clean red wine stain from white shirt The Reactor Chamber contains two broad spectrum UV lamps and catalytic target material made up of the quad-metallic coating and the interaction between these creates oxidation gasses. Can i wash my clothes with dawn dish soap Initially the oxidation gasses, which include relatively high ozone levels, are pulled into a tube and injected in the water. How to wash cotton shirts This water with advanced oxidation processes gasses then passes thru the Reactor Chamber inside of a quartz tube. How to wash dirty clothes As the water filled with gas nano-bubbles passes through the chamber, the two high intensity UV bulbs shine on the water and the gas nano-bubbles allowing the UV light to break down nearly 100% of the ozone into other oxidizers including hydroxyl radicals. How wash clothes The result is undetectable ozone levels entering the washing machine and posing no risk of deteriorating gaskets or clothing with elastic.

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