Washing machine fault diagnosis

This short guide is designed to outline the most common problems on a washing machine, although many people that read this tutorial are looking for a quick way to find out how to repair a washing machine there are not really any shortcuts. How to wash wool sweater at home What this guide is intended to do is compliment all the other information that you will find in the site detailing individual washing machine tutorials on how to repair the faults as well as the other articles in this section to allow you to correctly diagnose the problem or, at least have a clue about what the fault is and how to go about repairing your washing machine. How to clean canvas shoes with baking soda You will always be able to ask questions in the blog for people to answer or us.

When accessing the washing machine, make sure you disconnect the washing machine from the electric supply

Please bear in mind that this washing machine and washer dryer guide is very generic and offers only rough guidance and not our expert opinion on any one appliance or brand they are all slightly different, so some common sense will be required.

There are lots of things that can cause this to happen but as with any fault diagnosis, start at the beginning and work through the problem methodically.

How to wash clothes without washing machine So begin at the plug and make sure that there is power to the socket and that the fuse is okay before looking any further.

Objects trapped in between the outer tub and drum can also be the cause of noise, things like bra wires are extremely common to be retrieved from around the heater between the drum and they can cause damage to the machine and any clothing in it. Is it better to wash clothes inside out If you can, remove the wires before washing or wash them in a special wash bag.

When machines are a few years old then it is very possible that the bearings are either faulty, or starting to collapse. How to properly wash white clothes With bearings the sooner that they are replaced the better as there is liable to do less damage, not using or minimising the use will help to avoid further damage.

Replace them as soon as you can see videos on how to change bearings.

Suspension stability can also cause excessive noise; obviously a fault with the suspension system can also produce a lot of noise from the machine shaking badly.

Generally this will be some sort of drain pump failure or blockage, see video for more help on this.

Normally when this happens people often assume that the belt is faulty and, whilst this can be one of the causes it likely,

The most common fault still is if they have fitted the carbon brushes to the motor. How to clean muddy clothes See videos on this topic.

It can also be a problem with the speed control PCB or module or even what is referred to as the “tacho generator”? on the washing machine’s motor.

Pretty easy one usually, in most cases there will be a faulty heater, thermostat, thermistor or pressure switch but there can be other causes. How to clean lululemon pants See videos on this topic.

(Also see previous ‘Washing machines drum not washing, turning or spinning.’)

Remember if the machine cannot drain within its time frame correctly then the spin will often abort so bear this in mind when looking for a problem.

• Overloaded or out of balance, can be made worse by poor installation or flooring

First, check the water supply is okay! Taps can stop working or you end up with very low water pressure.

Pressure switch is connected to the pressure chamber by a small bore air hose these can become faulty or the air passage can block.

This is most likely a new electronically controlled machine and the flashing lights will almost certainly be giving you a fault code

Washing machine leaks from the front (see video tutorial on this)

• Washing machine leaking from underneath (see video tutorial on this)

i have a ifb front loader washing machine elite 5.5kg model. How to wash clothes without them shrinking due to lock problem ,i changed my door interlock and turn it on.it working but suddenly power of machine gets stopped.i dont know why?

after sometime i started again . What should i wash baby clothes in after 2 to 3 min automatically its gets switch off.

We have an Amana top loader machine which turns on and start filling with everytime if it ever gets uplugged and then plugged back in/circuit breaker resets/and after power outages. Do i wash white clothes in cold water Do you thing its a control boar issue or something else is wrong?

Hi Paul, I have a Beko washer/dryer 9kg 6kg, WDA91440, that is just over 2 years old. When to wash clothes for new baby The drum doesn’t rotate on any wash program. How to wash cotton clothes to avoid fading The machine starts up, fills with water, although the screen says “spinning”, it isn’t and then drains and then a message comes on “safety”. How to wash tie dye shirts for the first time The drum can be moved manually and the belt is on it fine. How to whiten old clothes The “dryer” part of the machine stopped working 6months in, not sure how relevant that is to the drum not spinning now. How to hand wash clothes fast Is it worth fixing?

My bosch exxel B makes like a deep rindin noise every so often and the noise comes from within.

I am guessing from around the internal drum where the clothes go.

I do not thing there is any object as it would be continuous.

Paul – I got a burning smell and light smoke coming from the top of my washing machine while on the spin cycle last night. What do you wash dark clothes on After turning it off and pulling my clothes out, they smelt of the smoke as well. How to clean washing machine with bleach I have pulled the maching out and had a look around the inside for an obvious source of the smoke. Should you wash newborn clothes before wearing I couldn’t see much but did notice the smokey smell around the control panel on the inside. How to remove red wine stains from fabric sofa The belts and motor look fine and present no obvious signs of being the problem areas. What do you wash baby clothes with uk Any thoughts? I would be very grateful!

my beko is putting the water into the pre wash tray, not into the main wash, and the programme timer is not counting down. How to wash newborn baby clothes it only runs for about 6 mins regardless of what programme it is started on.

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