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I am due to give birth to my first child in about 5 weeks and would like to wash all the babies clothes and bed linen before D-day. Color clothes wash in cold water I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good washing powder for the job. Do you wash light clothes in cold water The midwife at my childbirth classes recommended Lux Flakes. How to wash the clothes The powder that i normally use is the Planet Ark one for sensitive skin which (according to the box) is low allergy and fragrance free. How to wash expensive clothes Do you think it would be ok to keep using the Planet Ark powder or should i switch or LUx flakes or something else?What does everyone else use?

I use EcoStore, but DH likes the heavily fragranced OMO so he uses that… How to clean carpet stains with baking soda DS has never shown any different skin reaction.

Mind you, we both use less than half the recommended amount. How to wash baby clothes without shrinking them They’re not usually heavily soiled, like a tradesman’s clothes, so no need to use heaps.

As long as what you are using is low fragrance and for sensitive skin you should be fine, if baby has a reaction to it then you will just need to rewash the clothes in a different powder later which is easy enough.

After spending a huge amount of money on washing powder every week for dd2 (she gets horrible eczema) and it didn’t help anyway a friend told that she uses any washing powder she like but uses vinegar instead of fabric softener gave it a try and worked a treat! Dd2s skin is better then ever! Apparently it washes away the powder residue that is left on clothes when washing them. Dark spots on clothes from washing machine Not sure how true that is but one look at DDs skin and I’m hooked

I never changed from my normal laundry powder (whatever is on special for front loaders) and DD had no reactions.

I also wouldn’t recommend washing everything in advance…they grow so much and you might find some stuff that bubs will never get to wear. Temperature to wash white shirts I was able to exchange a few items that I still had tags on when DD was born which meant not a lot went unused.

The one you are using would be more than fine. Where can i wash my clothes near me It is gentle enough and not heavily perfumed so perfect for newborns/kids sensitive skin. How to wash colored clothes with white I use both Planet Ark and Ecostore and they wash really well and they are good for the environment.

CallMeAl is right, you can’t use Lux Flakes in a front loader.

I use these instead of detergent. Carters baby washcloths You can get them from Howard’s Storage World, and could probably buy them online somewhere.

….I also wouldn’t recommend washing everything in advance…they grow so much and you might find some stuff that bubs will never get to wear. How to wash white shirt with black letters I was able to exchange a few items that I still had tags on when DD was born which meant not a lot went unused.

I wish I’d had that advice early Oct, DD was huge (9st,15oz) so went straight into 000, and into 00 at 7 weeks. How long to wash baby clothes in dreft We thought she’d be big so only had second hand 0000’s from friends anyway. What do you wash newborn clothes in But we have some brand new, never worn summer clothes in 000 that she’s too big for. How to wash t shirts without ruining the lettering Unreturnable as all are washed with tags removed.

On that note – KEEP receipts for newborn disposabkle nappies if you buy them. What temperature do you wash black clothes DD hit 5kg limit v. Hand wash clothes in washing machine early and we ended up giving 100 nappies to a friend as we couldn’t return a box.

I used Lux flakes for my first and loved the softness it gave the clothes. How to wash laundry with bleach With my second I didn’t bother changing washing powder and my DD ended up with a rash for the first few months until I worked out the connection. How to clean wool pants I would recommend the Lux flakes, if not then at least use a washing powder for sensitive skin until bubs is older.

I use soapnuts as they are cheap, eco-friendly, and cloth nappy friendly.

To the PP who said they use vinegar, beware that vinegar will slowly kill the rubber seals in your machine. How to clean dress shirt collar stains Ok for occasional use but not good for everyday use.

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