Washing white slipcovers

I get so many questions about the real-life practicality of washing my white slipcovers. How to wash white clothes that has color White sofas scare everyone when it comes to stains, but before I bought our IKEA Ektorp sofa, I knew I’d love the bleachable, washable slipcovers. How to dry clean clothes in washing machine Caroline was trying to convince me yesterday to consider microfiber for a nursery glider and I said, “I only do white slipcovers, Mom! I’m morally opposed to microfiber.” Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I swear by white slipcovers.

In preparation for Spring (which regardless of what the calendar says I count as beginning on March 1st), our slipcovers needed their quarterly wash. When to wash baby clothes I generally wash them once every three months unless something is spilled in that time period.

Do you need to wash all new baby clothes But if no spills occur – or sometimes even if they do and I’m too lazy to wash them, I’ve found that a quarterly wash is sufficient – they start to look a bit dingy by the end of three months, but are good as new after a half day cleaning process. How to clean utility sink I own two sets of slipcovers (at $49 a pop it’s a no-brainer to have a spare on hand), but in general I only pull out the spare if I’m short on time and need a pristinely white sofa for company, etc. When should you wash baby clothes Otherwise, I’ve found it’s easiest to just wash and replace on cleaning day.

I wash the slipcovers in two batches – cushion covers first and the sofa body second. We have a big washing machine that could handle the whole thing, but I’ve found that they get cleaner if I wash them in two batches. How do you clean dry clean only clothes at home Over the last two years, I’ve found that two scoops of OxiClean per wash works better for getting them super white than bleach, but I know some people who swear by the bleach method.

The couch’s naked state provides an optimal time to conduct a full search for balls that your aspiring Rory Mcilroy has chipped under the couch, should that be the kind of thing that happens at your house.

For stains, I now turn to this Pinterest stain remover. Dark clothes wash in cold water In December I had a really stubborn stain on one of the seat cushions, and bleach and OxiClean pastes took the offensive portion of the stain out, but the ring residue was only removed by Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide. Dry cleaning process for clothes What did we do before Pinterest?

So anyway, I wash the slipcovers and put the cushion covers in the dryer until they’re just damp while the body cover is in the wash. How to wash baby clothes with poop on them Then I put the body back on the sofa frame right out of the washing machine (we have an HE washer that really spins out all the water and leaves them damp). Do you wash clothes inside out I put the semi-damp cushion covers on the cushions, but I dry them a bit because I like them to fit tight at first so they’ll loosen up over the course of 3 months rather than starting loose – however I’ve found that any drying of the body cover wrinkles and makes the slipcover fall a little shorter than my liking. Wash clothes before wearing Putting the slipcovers back on damp is the key to getting a good, wrinkle free fit. How to clean dingy white t shirts The corners tend to look wrinkly and messy which drove me crazy forever until I started putting the covers on damp – perfect time for straightening out the pleated corners:

And that’s it. How to wash wool trousers The wrinkles work out as the slipcovers dry, and we have a fresh clean spot to watch our evening episode of Downton Abbey. Does washing your clothes in hot water kill bed bugs We throw our shoe clad feet on the couch, Thomas and Casco climb all over it, we say “Bottoms-up” to beer and apps on the couch for the Super Bowl, and we’ve hosted many a neighbor pizza/happy hours on the couch without worrying about anything. How do i wash my clothes I love white slipcovers and can’t imagine my now child-filled life without them!

microfiber? Does your mom know you have a golden? And that basically their mission in life is to coat the world in their fur? At least that appears to be Chester’s goal.

I also have a light slip cover couch. How to hand wash white clothes with bleach I wish I had a back up slip cover, mostly because after 6 years it’s starting to become worn in spots. How to wash white clothes and make them whiter Mine isn’t perfectly white so I can’t blech it but I’ll have to try oxiclean next time. How to wash colored clothes In the summer I put it out to dry in the sun that seems to help too.

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