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Whether its your boss’s birthday, or Administrative Professionals Day, its easy to get stumped in determining appropriate gifts for a co-worker or colleague. Great office party ideas In some cases, you will have to more carefully select a business gift, to ensure that it is appropriate and appreciated, than you would when shopping for a friend or relative.

Tasteful gifts are always appropriate for people at the office. Cool home office design ideas You will want to avoid raunchy greeting cards or presents that will embarrass the recipient, particularly if they are opening the gift at a gathering.

Interior design ideas for small homes in chennai Corporate gift giving should be considered an opportunity for you to showcase proper etiquette.

Having worked in a law office for 15 years, I’ve seen some wonderful and quite awful gifts exchanged between coworkers!

This business gift guide should help you plan your holiday shopping, or prepare for the next time there is an office celebration – retirement, baby shower, promotion, etc. Office area ideas Simply choose from the category below and select from a number of corporate gift ideas in a range of prices, starting with least expensive to the most generous. Office interior design ideas singapore And, if you have other ideas of well-received office gifts, be sure to share in the comment section below.

• Coffee gift certificates – be sure to at least get a pretty card!

• Homemade gifts (i.e., truffles, gingerbread, infused vodka, etc. Office organization ideas for small spaces – always include a recipe)

• Offer a service or time (e.g., babysitting for an afternoon so they can go holiday shopping, dog walking, etc.)

• Combine resources with several other coworkers to purchase a gift beyond your personal budget (group gift)

• Business Tips and Professional Etiquette for Modern Professionals

Professional etiquette guidelines and other business tips to help modern professionals get and keep a job. Tiny home office design ideas How you behave is as important as how you complete work tasks. Office design ideas on a budget Consider these tips and improve your manners at work.

• How to Prepare a Useful Self-Evaluation: Get a Raise or Promotion

Writing a self-evaluation is an important tool for a company to assess your performance and show your superiors that you should be awarded a raise or promotion. Office space decorating ideas At the very least, a performance review gives you the opportunity to determine whether yo

Women in the workplace are still not equal to men in many respects. Decorating ideas office space Here’s how the glass ceiling issue may impact womens careers.

Keep your cool in the workplace by learning how to spot, avoid, or if you wish, play office politics.

A list of gift ideas for people that love wine and wine-related items. Office reception design ideas From wine openers to wine tours, lots of options for giving gifts to wine lovers.

If you are gift shopping for someone who loves pets, here are some ideas to help you find the perfect present. Interior design ideas for home office space Whether the gift recipient owns a dog or cat, or simply loves animals, consider these gift ideas for pet lovers.

When gift shopping for women, learn to avoid these insulting or impractical gifts.

I know how hard it is to shop for 13-year old boys! Here’s a great gift guide to get you started.

Looking for gift ideas for a preteen boy? Simply pick his interests and choose among these options.

Shopping for gifts for 9-year old girls is easier when you consult this gift idea guide.

Help choose an appropriate gift for an 8-year old boy with this gift-giving guide

Yes, I have often scratched my head in trying to determine an appropriate gift for coworkers. Interior design ideas office Hopefully this hub will give people some ideas, or lead to them thinking about something they have not previously considered. Christmas decoration ideas for workplace Thanks for the vote/read. Small office decorating ideas pictures Best, Steph

I really am into gift certificates too, Stephanie. Dental clinic design ideas pdf I think they are useful, especially when we do not really know what the other party would like. Office interior design ideas for small space It gives them the freedom of choice as well. Office home ideas Thanks for the share, voted up and sharing.

Thank you midget38! I agree! Years ago, I thought they were impersonal, but these days when so many of us have a wide range of friends, co-workers, colleagues and relatives, a gift certificate allows the recipient to get something they really want, rather than an item they will not use. Small living room office ideas All the best, Steph

Amazingly, I think I’ve received every of the least appreciated gifts at office holiday gift exchanges! Those scented candles and coffee mugs usually ended up in the back of a closet or the “yard sale” box. Office room layout ideas I did love the homemade fudge that one office mate gave me each year! Useful and interesting hub!

Thanks all – I agree that office gift exchanges are so difficult. At home office decorating ideas At my law firm a few years ago, we had a White Elephant gift exchange with a limit of $10. Great christmas gift ideas for office staff It was hilarious and fun. Fun office decorating ideas But, like you, Stephanie – I’ve received my share of useless coffee mugs, candles and even printed socks! 🙂

I’ll take a $10 Starbucks card any day…. Apple office interior design ! Happy gift giving, Steph

All great ideas. Office ideas for guys I know I have followed many of the good choices you suggest. Soft board decoration ideas for office I am more thankful for the items you included that should not be gifted. Modern office interior design toronto That will prevent me from making that mistake in the future. Great home office ideas Great detailed hub, thank you!

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