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Who would have thought that shirt collars can be such a big deal? Aren’t they just the same on every shirt? Surprise! Surprise! Collar styles, though such a small element of the entire shirt, plays the leading role of making that shirt look fantastic or horrible on you! Read on to find out how.

Simply put, a collar is the part of the shirt that frames the neck, and thus its shape, cut and size has a direct effect on portraying the structure of your face. Washing clothes with baking soda and vinegar The wrong collar style can accentuate facial abnormalities, making you look awkward and tardy, while the right collar style can enhance your features, making you look dapper. How to wash burlap tablecloths There are two broad types of collar styles- the turndown and the winged collars. Can you wash colored and white clothes together The winged collars are always only worn with a tuxedo.

What temperature should you wash clothes However, within the turndown collars, there is a huge variety, so we have grouped them into three distinct categories.

Turndown collar styles that differ in their tips are commonly called the collar points. What do you wash red clothes with The largest majority of men’s dress shirt collars have a pointed tip, called the Straight Point Collars. What temperature to wash coloured clothes This neutral collar style can be worn with any suit and in any style, making it extremely versatile (as well as boring). How to wash cotton clothes without shrinking Variation to the point collar comes in terms of its spread (discussed next) and its length. How to wash hand wash clothes A moderate length encompasses the tie to give an arrow-pointing-at-the-face effect, while longer more closely set points tend to have an elongating effect that draws the eye away from the face. How to wash clothes at home A long point collar style is therefore most suitable for shorter and rounder men, but it’s a big NO-NO for tall and thin men.

Another collar type is the Rounded collar, also known as Club collar, and traces its roots to the uniforms of the prestigious Eton College in the 1800s. What happens if you wash dark clothes in hot water This type of collar is considered dressy and can be worn with an elegant suit or well-cut sports jacket. Wash dark clothes in warm or cold water Rounder men should definitely avoid this collar type as it will emphasize their circular features.

Turndown collar styles that differ in their spread are referring to the distance between collar points. How to clean clothes with gasoline on them Unlike the straight point collars seen on most shirts, the spread collars have their points cut away so that more of the shirt is revealed. How to wash white clothes in a washing machine This also makes it more suitable for bigger tie knots. How to wash woolen clothes with ezee in washing machine This type of collar style has a widening effect, thus, is most appropriate for men with thinner and taller faces. What temperature do i wash dark clothes in Men with rounder faces can manage the narrow to moderate spread collars but should avoid wearing ties.

Like the point collars, spread collars vary in their spread and length. What temperature water should you wash dark clothes in The Moderate Spread Collar is the closest to the regular point collar except that it is slightly more flared. Should i wash baby clothes before using them This type is meant for the shy men who are just venturing out. Wash white clothes in hot or cold water The Wide Spread Collar also known as the Windsor or Classic originated from the English royalty. How to clean old baby clothes The Spread Collar adds individuality to personal style and creates a confident impression.

Did you know that the Button-down Collar was inspired by the polo shirt in England? Hence, this type of collar, which is held down to the shirt with small buttonholes at the points to prevent flapping, is associated with less dressy shirts. How to dry clean shirts at home It goes perfectly with a sports jacket for a smart casual event. How do you wash clothes in the sink For a more professional look, this type of collar will look great with a bowtie, and even a tie. Black friday clothes washer The only caveat to this collar type is that it must never be worn with the buttons undone.

The Tab Collar has a buttoned or snap connection in the middle that pulls the two collar points closer together. How to wash lululemon yoga pants The tab creates a snug fit for the tie knot and pushes it forward. Wash white clothes in what water This type of collar cannot be worn without a tie and is most suitable for men with extra long faces as the tie takes the attention away.

The Eyelet and Pinned Collars are held together with a decorative collar pin that connects the points behind the tie. How to wash your white clothes This type of collar accentuates the tie knot, and therefore, looks better on men with a medium to long necks. How to wash coloured clothes without fading Regarded as dressy, this collar type is associated with the fashion-conscious men who clearly make an effort to stand out with stylish collar pins. How to keep clothes clean without washing them It is a bold collar meant for the confident men who can thrive in the extra attention.

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