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Hi, Hank– I appreciate that you and your colleagues can’t review everything, but I was still struck by the fact that the ABC miniseries “When We Rise” got only a cursory mention in the Post. Awesome tattoos ideas for guys (The NY Times reviewed it, among others.) While I won’t claim it’s great TV, it is well crafted, has a strong cast and an important message. Amazing 3d leg tattoo If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, I encourage you to do so.

I did watch and it put me to sleep, over and over. Best female foot tattoos Boring, clumsy, self-important — all the things you don’t want to be when telling the great gay American story. Back of neck tattoos for females I know we’re SUPPOSED to watch it, but there is such a thing as gaysplaining, and I can’t imagine why ABC thought four nights of that was a good idea.

Awesome music tattoos for guys My time this week, both as a gay American and as a TV critic, was better spent reviewing the Oscars and the extra-incredibly fabulous “Feud: Bette and Joan.” Sorry — choices have to be made.

Episode 2 even better than the first. Most creative tattoos ever More than ever, I am appreciating the struggles, heartache and pain these folks went through. Most amazing tattoo ideas And having Sylvester in the plot line was a bonus! However, has anyone else noticed how difficult it is at times to hear the dialog over the music?

I liked the nod to Sylvester, but if you really want to enjoy a story about Sylvester’s life, I very highly recommend “The Fabulous Sylvester” by Joshua Gamson, by far one of the best-written biographies I’ve ever read, which should have been made into a very good movie. Awesome chest tattoo ideas (Someone still could.)

Hi Hank — Things that I’m tired of when it comes to the Oscars: bringing in everyday snacks for the elite (Junior Mints, pizza, etc); selfies, either with the stars getting together like regular folks for a snapshot, or stars with the commoners (can you tell I thought the tour bus routine was a bit contrived?); banter between presenters which maybe works 1 in 10 times; I’m sure I can think of others. Awesome 3d tattoos pictures I think there should be more envelope mixups in future shows, because at least it was spontaneous and created some excitement. Most awesome tattoos And give Viola Davis a lot more Oscars, too. Awesome chest tattoos Okay, I’m done.

I accidentally discovered a show called “Trapped” on the Viceland channel. Awesome angel tattoos for guys It’s a murder mystery, filmed in Iceland, with most of the dialogue in Icelandic, subtitled in English. Mens half sleeve tattoos designs It’s extremely well done, and the atmosphere and characters remind me “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

No “Timeless” news since last week’s chat. Most awesome tattoos for guys I’ll repeat what I said before, that we may have to wait a bit to see how some other new NBC dramas (“Taken” and the “Blacklist” spinoff) do in the ratings, as well as what the network has ordered up for fall and midseason pilots. Really cute tattoo ideas It might be May or somewhere close to upfronts before they cancel (or renew! maybe!) “Timeless.”

Meanwhile, you’ve landed yourself a prominent square on what Screener TV’s “Cancel Bear” long ago termed “Fan Excuse Bingo,” the widely-swept generalizations fans provide when shows they like are cancelled. Awesome 3d tattoos “It was too intellectual for a lot of people” is one of the more condescending. Awesome simple tattoos for guys I know it’s painful when a show you like gets cancelled, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is an ignoramus.

Have to disagree with you on your assessment of the miniseries. Best female back tattoos I’m a straight, white male and I’m enjoying it immensely. Back of neck tattoos quotes Of course, I’m a history geek, too. Funny tattoo ideas for guys But this is one of the advantages of how much good television there is right now. Cool man tattoo designs If you like it, great. Cool tattoo designs for guys If not, there’s almost always something else.

Hi Hank — I am thoroughly enjoying Big Little Lies, especially because the casting plays so well to each actor’s strengths: there’s Reese doing her best Tracy Flick; Nicole Kidman displaying her brittle strength; Alexander Skarsgard doing his Nordic glowering ; Shailene Woodley playing Shailene Woodley; Adam Scott as the American Everyman; and Laura Dern perfectly turning her vulnerability into chaos. First tattoos for guys Or maybe I’ve thought way too much about it…

About halfway through the episodes, I had a passing thought (which I don’t think I included in my review) that it might have been slightly more interesting if Kidman and Witherspoon had switched roles. Cool small chest tattoos Then again, because they’re both playing to their strengths, it’s just that much stronger as it is.

And this is the first time I’ve not had a negative reaction to Adam Scott, which I consider real progress! (For me.)

Thanks to the other chatter for the tip on this show. Most beautiful tattoos ever I know Iceland has a healthy film industry, but, have never checked out their TV offerings. Half sleeve tattoo designs for guys It makes sense, though. Amazing male tattoo designs When I visited Iceland, my guide told me that because the Winter is so long, “the only things to do are watch movies, and make more humans.”

I’m a little depressed that a show about a feud between two women is, in 2017, even being made. Awesome tattoos for guys tumblr All it does is feed into the myth that professional women can’t help but be catty toward each other. Tattoo ideas for guys tumblr Joan Crawford’s image already went through the wringer with “Mommie Dearest,” another show about how “crazy” she supposedly was is too much for me. Best mens half sleeve tattoos I hope TCM does a Crawford marathon the night Feud debuts so I can watch that instead.

For this very reason I encourage you to try “Bette and Joan” because it is very highly attuned to the problems you raise. Tattoo ideas for guys chest Bette and Joan were encouraged to fight by the men who controlled Hollywood and some of the women who controlled Hollywood gossip. Awesome quote tattoos There’s a whole lot of context here, as there was with “People v. Good tattoo ideas for guys O.J.” You should watch it, maybe while your high horse is busy eating hay?

There’s a trend of having a flawed/dysfunctional/antihero protagonist on television, but with a catch – he’s usually male. Guy makes best 3d tattoos ever After watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I was looking for something else with a similarly dysfunctional female main character.

I am SO excited for the return of The Americans, and your great piece today just made me more so! Question about that: I know you try to approach shows with a removed, analytical perspective. Awesome sleeve tattoo designs for guys Is it harder to do that with ones that you really like? I mean, since you’re a fan of The Americans, did you find yourself wanting to go a little fanboy when you interviewed Rhys and Russell and toured the set? I have no doubt that I would have, but then I don’t have your steely professionalism.

They didn’t have the lawyers yet. Amazing mens sleeve tattoos But the last part with the Justice story was not promising. Unusual mens tattoos It felt so disjointed. Arm sleeve tattoo ideas for guys While the Chicagos are not quite the L&O franchise they will have to do better for Justice to survive.

“Katrina,” the second “Amercian Crime Story” is in production. Cool first tattoos for guys They just Matthew Broderick as Michael (“heckuva job, Brownie”) Brown. Most unique tattoos ever My best guess is this fall or early 2018. Wrist tattoo ideas for guys They have other ones lined up and in production — after that is (reportedly) the Gianni Versace murder and Ryan Murphy has been going around saying the fourth season will somehow involve the 2016 election, though he might want to wait and see how all this Russian stuff plays out…

Here in Pittsburgh our PBS station re-ran all of the episodes to date of “Victoria,” which I watched in a back-to-back binge on Sunday. Awesome tribal tattoos for guys The good news is that they’re worth watching again (better than I realized the first time), PLUS now some of the confusion in the early episodes re who’s who has now been cleared up in my mind. Best mens sleeve tattoos I’m looking forward to the season finale this weekend, as well as the second season next year!

How can fans of this show help save it? In the past, I have been part of groups emailing, calling and letter-writing networks to influence their decisions but all of the shows for which I have strongly advocated were canceled anyway. Awesome tribal back tattoos Makes me wonder what the secret to saving a show is. Free lower back butterfly tattoo designs These included American Dreams, Ed, Moonlight and Joan of Arcadia.

I would add up your past failures and realize there’s nothing you can do. Awesome guy tattoo ideas These are business decisions, not how-many-hearfelt-letters-on-lavender-stationery-did-we-receive? decisions. Awesome small tattoos for guys A couple of summers ago, the fans of “The Borgias” tried to guilt Showtime into renewal during the press tour, even hiring an airplane to fly a banner around Beverly Hills for an afternoon. Awesome tattoos for guys arm Didn’t work.

Aside from randomly becoming a Nielsen household, where your vote really might matter, the secret to saving a show now is for there to be high enough rerun/binge potential for someone like Netflix or Hulu to pick it up, but my hunch is these streaming networks want to be known for their amazing originality, not for keeping other networks’ discarded shows on life support for a group of fans.

I’m sounding too stern, I know, but I think you really just have to enjoy a show that you like for as long you have it.

I think the math would definitely trouble them, but I think they’d also have appointments to see all the best doctors in order to avail themselves of some 21st century magic.

Listen, it was the booze (gallons of it every day) and the cigarettes.

2nd that one — If anyone here gets HBO/HBO Go – Watch it… Images of awesome tattoos It really sticks with you. Best friend tattoo ideas for guys And, while that character was flawed, at least she wasn’t toting around a child like a handbag (yes Carrie on Homeland… Back of neck tattoos meaning I mean you). Awesome tattoos with meaning That woman pays less attention to the security of her child than most people do to their carry on baggage.

I totally agree and now want to unpack some of the sexism (not yours but television’s) … Really good tattoo ideas When a female main character has a baby, viewers tend feel saddled. Awesome tattoos for guys quotes But a male character can impregnate someone and still be free to prevent the end of the world.

I know you’re a critic, not a ratings guy, but I was home sick recently, binge-watching old Law & Order reruns in the middle of the day on Ovation or whatever and wondered–what are the ratings for these types of broadcasts? Thousands? Tens of thousands? I like L&O when I’m sick because I’ve seen every episode of the first ten seasons about 15 times and it’s comforting and not challenging to me. Unique tattoo designs for guys Am I an outlier, or are a significant number of other people actually tuning in to tired afternoon reruns?

Someone somewhere measures those ratings, because a price (however low it is) must be set for the reverse-mortgage and mesothelioma ads that you’re also watching with those reruns. Awesome angel tattoo designs But I’m sure I even know how to dive that deeply into whatever data exists.

Perhaps it was a good thing that both Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers had a first season to iron out the wrinkles in their network talk shows, so they’ve be in top form when we need their political satire most. Awesome unique tattoos I confess I thought some of Colbert’s first season wasn’t very good, but he seems to have hit his stride (as has Jon Batiste, or at least he’s grown on me). Wrist tattoo designs for guys I’m an unabashed Meyers fan, and think that most of his “A Closer Segments” have been right on target, thanks to his years of experience on SNL.

We have been watching Vera, the excellent series based on an excellent series of books. Back of neck tattoos small Each show is 90 minutes, so you actually cannot binge-one is enough-though it is tempting. Awesome tattoos on back Very wroth seeking out. Awesome rib tattoo ideas for guys Brenda Blethyn is perfect. Really awesome tattoos There are 6 seasons. Cool tattoo ideas for guys arms https://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Depths/dp/B006UJVOPA/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1488475268&sr=1-1&keywords=vera+season+1

Thanks a million for this recommendation! I watched a few episodes this weekend and love how quirky it is. Cute girl foot tattoos Never thought about it before, but usually undercover government workers have it all together and seem impervious to life’s little disasters. Most badass tattoos ever This guy is so hampered by incompetent support, it is amazing he can get anything done!

I like Timeless, watched all episodes. Best man tattoos ever But, please, it is an escapist time travel romp, not an exercise in intellectualism. Awesome tattoo quotes for guys You don’t have to be a student of history or even like history to think Timeless is fun. Best male sleeve tattoos Your TV watching habits do not show that you are *better* or *smarter* than anyone else. Most beautiful small tattoos Just that you like watching certain TV shows that others may not.

Hank Stuever, The Washington Post’s TV critic since 2009, joined the paper in 1999 as a writer for the Style section, where he has covered an array of popular (and unpopular) culture across the nation. Interesting tattoo ideas for guys Stuever was born and raised in Oklahoma and previously worked at newspapers in Albuquerque and Austin. Lower back tattoo designs free He lives in Washington, D.C.

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